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The 1st pressing of the US CD contained a 20 page booklet, with each song getting its own page with barely decipherable handwritten lyrics.
When you get hungry, you can eat a variety of flavored popcorn; like strawberry, chocolate, caramel, or black pepper. For the thrill seeker, there is pretty much only two or three rides here that would make you thirst for more. Lot of people with Micky Mouse headbands, or Disney themed hats walking around – funny thing was I saw them heading to Disney, they were wearing them before reaching the grounds of Disney! It really isn’t worth it if you come here expecting a lot of rides, but it is worth it for the experience. Now I hope going to Disney Land would be a different experience, no volcano erupting fire there right? Sounds really cool, u are sooo lucky to be spending a year in Japan, and you’re really really brave.

They also have themed performances, currently there is an additional performance for Christmas. It’s about 5500yen, give or take a little more with or without discounts, for the day. The lines are horrid, varies from 10 min – 80min, depending on which ride you want to get on. That is right, right after class I headed straight to Disney Sea, took the train and got there in about an hour or so. Take advantage of it with the fast pass system, closes at 6pm to prevent the late comers from using it as well.
The regular version lists all song titles on the back, and the "clean version", manufactured to sell in stores like Wal-Mart, lists no track information, presumably to keep the title "Silverfuck" from corrupting the Youth of America or offending the Blue Hairs. You have to scan your ticket into a machine of the ride you want to go on, and you can reserve a time.

You have to do that to all the rides you want to go on, hopefully they would have more fast pass tickets available for you. This is not a hard and fast rule however, as my US version has the segment on the end of Spaceboy. Lyrics misprint Luna as Juna, although it is correct on the outside sleeve and cassette.
The artwork is a poor reproduction of the original, and the sound quality is lesser than the standard US release.

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dream about japan meaning

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