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Hopefully you’ll have already read all about my sleep challenge and how it got me thinking about making some changes to my bedroom decor.
I chose to use a mixture of three books along with some sheet music, which would give me a variety of sizes, texts, images and page colours – each book was slightly more aged than the last. The books I used were a really old, yellowed Marilyn Monroe biography, a book on growing roses (which is where the rose images came from) and a book on feminism which had faded around the edges.
Getting back to the sleep challenge, this weekend I’ll be trying out my memory foam pillows from Dunelm and following some more of their top tips for improving your sleep below – come back soon to see how I get on!

Hi Jen, I just used normal wallpaper paste to layer the pages on the wall ?? let me know if you have a go at doing it yourself!
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It started off quite formally, working around the edges of the wall to make sure I had a neat edge, and then I began overlapping the pages and positioning the colours randomly as I worked across the room.
I picked up these books from a charity shop, so I was happy to slice out the pages and I will probably read them more now that they are on the wall than I would ever have done before!

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dream about old books kolkata

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