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Welcome to our page on Freud's theory of dreams. Before embarking on Freuda€™s means of dream analysis, we must first assess what he perceived dreams to be.
We often use them in speech to create understanding with people who share our culture or experience.
From the earliest days of psychology Freud used symbols to try to understand mental disorders.
Described as ‘the father of psychoanalysis”, Freud described the mind as being like an iceberg where we were only aware of a portion of its working – the conscious mind.
Despite people connecting dream dictionaries to Freud, he actually hated them and was very cautious about using universal symbols, such as saying water always represents emotions.
Psychoanalytical psychotherapy is the form of modern therapy whose roots are in Freudian theory. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychotherapist who knew Freud (read more in our article, Freud vs Jung), developed the use of symbology in a different direction. Jung devised the concept of archetypes, images and concepts with universal meaning that come from the shared past of humanity. Archetypes can be events, such as birth and marriage, motifs, like a flood, or the apocalypse.
For Jung, these archetypes, as they are unconscious, tend to arise in things like art, religion, old stories and myths, and, of course, our dreams. Unlike Freud, Jung did not see symbols in dreams as signs of repressed desires, but as more spiritual and personal messages. Interestingly, Jung felt it important to emphasise the difference between a symbol and a sign, with symbols being much more important. Psychoanalytical psychotherapy, with its roots in Freudian theory, is still alive and well today, as is Jungian psychotherapy. Clean Language was developed by David Grove in the 1980s as a result of his work on trying to help clients deal with traumatic memories. They naturally explored their symbols and by manipulating the symbols or their understanding of it, the client could change their relationship with it. The power of the technique lies in the fact that the client can actively engage with symbols rather than just talk about them. Art therapy, too, carries the same power because it moves beyond words into the domain of colour, shape and three dimensions. It can be interesting to take time to notice what symbols are part of your life and affect you, or perhaps you are just drawn to. About UsHarley Therapy is a psychotherapy and counselling group established in London, UK, since 2006.
The fear of judgement may trigger complexes, often of authority figures, and the performer may become overwhelmed with parental imagos. The challenge is then to be able to be oneself fully, whole, indivisible and distinct from the audience's expectations: nothing short of the Individuation Process. It is my belief that it is impossible to perform without a relationship to the collective unconscious. The lecture will draw on some visual aid - excerpts from interviews, movies and performances - to support the presentation of concepts.
Each seminar will focus on the analysis of the Fairy Tale and will present different adaptations in movies, literature and art.
The day starts with a long list of things to accomplish; we have barely time to write down a dream, let alone explore it, that we are out of the door ready to perform our tasks in the outside world.
Elisabeth PomA?s is a certified yoga instructor (Kripalu Center, Massachussetts) as well as a Jungian Analyst. We will examine the different representations of the animus in the movie and look at the impact they may have on the central character and her mission. A discussion will follow on the theme of the animus and its manifestations both in the movie and in real life. Persona and shadow are both complexes and archetypes; as such they are ubiquitous and inevitable. Shadow exists both on the subjective level, in the personal unconscious, and on the objective level, in the collective unconscious. The seminar will offer two parts: first, a lecture and discussion of the different topics and then, some exercises in self-reflection and personal exploration.
In this mini-lecture, I will explore the theme of addiction to casino gambling in three different ways: Escape, Abaissement du niveau mental (lowering of consciousness) and ego inflation. This series of seminars will look at the symbol of the Bird in literature, visual art, music and Fairy Tales. Seminar 1: The Nightingale, with a special emphasis on Hans Christian Andersen's The Nightingale, and Igor Stravinsky's opera, of the same name.
Seminar 2: The Firebird, with a look at the Folk Tale, and the ballet - Music by Igor Stravinsky. Seminar 3: The Raven, as it appears in Edgar Poe's poem and its different illustrations, in fairy tales of different cultures and in cinematography.
The Individuation Process is the process of becoming oneself, whole, indivisible and distinct from other people and from the collective. The seminar will offer several short yoga sessions, a body scan and several meditation and breathing exercises - sitting, eating and walking.
In a€?Central Stationa€? a cynical, joyless woman (Dora) crosses paths with a lonely boy (Josue) who is looking for his father. Ego isolation, ego dissolution and ego inflation: such is the world of the pathological gambler in the casino.
Jean Fournier (Claude Mann) is a young bank employee who is encouraged by his friend Caron to take an interest in gambling.
The image of my first iceberg became embedded in my memory as the boat got closer to it and that image will be with me until I die. The Space Age has finally come and it promises savings for American taxpayers, new high-quality jobs and economic opportunities we can't predict yet.
The loss of this military monopoly combined with pressure from SpaceX's efficient manufacturing processes and innovative work on rocket reusability has pressured the formerly moribund incumbent to rapidly adapt to the new competitive landscape. After years of dismissing reusability as a pipe dream, ULA has announced they will design their new Vulcan rocket with recoverable engines.

Insiders refer to the commercial spaceflight business as New Space and the Golden State leads the world in creation of New Space firms.
Most importantly, unlike their Internet peers, New Space companies are generating thousands of high-paying jobs in California. It is important to note that intelligent government policy choices did play an appropriate role here.
For years, ULA could simply profits from the legacy Delta and Atlas rockets they had inherited from Boeing and Lockheed. The immediate benefactor of all this change is the American taxpayer who will finally get competitive pricing on launches of civilian and military space payloads that our citizens and soldiers depend on every day. Greg Autry teaches technology entrepreneurship at The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Essentially in his view, dreams were made up of two principles, Wish Fulfilment, and Manifest v. If you find something of value on our Freuds Theory of Dreams page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends.
Beneath the consciousness lurked the preconscious and the unconscious the workings of which we are only partly aware (preconscious) or totally unaware (subconscious).
He called dreams “the royal road to the subconscious”, and felt that the biggest function of dreams was to show us our underlying wishes.
For example, a dream of watching a giraffe  eat the leaves of the highest trees might be about wanting to be a bigger, more ambitious person.
He believed it’s best to know someone before analysing their dreams as symbology tends to be personal.
He did not agree about the structure of the unconscious but he did agree in psychic symbols. Whereas a sign just points to something (a green light is a sign we can go, for example) a symbol has far more resonance.
Unlike psychoanalysis, the therapist takes on a facilitator role and accepts the client as expert.
This use of symbolism in this therapy is relatively quick (sometimes only one session) and easier to access in terms of cost and time.
A sandplay therapy room is more elaborate than a couch or chair, involving sand, water and miniature characters and objects which can be used together by the client to work out symbols from their unconscious and deal with past trauma or pain.
A child psychologist specialising in sandplay therapy might have an opinion, but it would depend on the child too, over any general meaning related just to the symbol of a heart. The lecture will explore the notions of authenticity versus representation, essence versus persona, sharing versus excelling and being versus performing. To be on that journey we need to access the Space Within and be present in our body, our mind and our heart. In a life of doing rather than being, how can we be present to our inner life and honor its needs? It will offer restorative yoga (gentle stretches that can be done sitting or lying down on a mat), breathing exercises as well as short meditation sessions. Together, they go on a long journey into places geographically and psychologically unknown to them. The animus figures that Alice encounters range from loving, yet distrustful, to scary and utterly dangerous. They act like two siblings, one public, one hidden; what is accepted by ego-consciousness falls into Persona, what is rejected falls into Shadow. Dostoevskya€™s, The Gambler, and excerpts from movies will be used to support the thematic analysis. Necessary steps in this process are to access the Space Within, then to pause in that inner space in order to experience awareness of the body and stillness of the mind. Together, they set off on a long journey into the countryside, into parts unknown to them both geographically and psychologically. Then, a discussion will follow on themes found in the movie and related to the individuation process. This mini-lecture will deal with these three main themes, which can all be considered as a misstep on the path of Individuation.
After winning money in a game of roulette he decides to vacation at the casino in Nice, where he falls in love with Jackie (Jeanne Moreau), divorced and mother to a child she rarely visits. A sustainable, market driven economy is emerging from the stagnant cocoon of traditional governmental contracting. It is hard to overestimate the significance of this move from expensive government specified systems to modern, reusable rockets designed by commercial firms jockeying for competitive advantage.
San Francisco based Planet Labs has raised investments of more than $160 million to launch a massive constellation of inexpensive satellites that can image the entire Earth on the daily.
National security regulations prevent these systems from being offshored and even China Aerospace and Space Technology Corporation has complained that they can't compete with SpaceX pricing. SpaceX's Falcon 9 and its Dragon capsule were developed with backing from NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program, an initiative established to secure a domestic system capable of resupplying the International Space Station after the retirement of the space shuttle. Under this monopoly, military launch prices rose to an astounding $400 million per mission. Alabama Congressman, Mike Rogers's recently said that while "he loves billionaires wanting to join the launch business," he worries that SpaceX might fail and therefore America should stick with our big budget federal rocket plans (and btw, the Russian engines they use).
Many new commercial startups will emerge to take advantage of the extra capacity and reduced pricing. He recently co-authored a report for the FAA Offices of Commercial Space Transportation entitled An Analysis of the Competitive Advantage of the United States of America in Commercial Human Orbital Spaceflight Markets.
We are familiar with the symbol, but it has layers of other meaning for us to explore that is at first hidden. The questions are minimal and helps a client discover and develop symbols and metaphors without being influenced by the facilitator’s choice of words. The lecture will address the role of the artist as a medium between the immanent and the transcendent world and will look at the relationship between Ego and Self in the creative output of the performance. Stepping on stage is an act of courage: one must be willing to face complexes, deal with fear and ride the wave of physical as well as psychological discomfort.
When one becomes overwhelmed with complexes, hundreds of negative thoughts may rush through one's mind and one may become confused, unfocused and disturbed.

How can we learn to breathe through life rather than “catch our breath” before moving on to the next thing to do? In this seminar, we will look at how the persona is built and what purpose it serves, at a personal as well as at a social level. On the objective level, the archetypal shadow is evil, the archetype of darkness, the absolute counterpart of the absolute light of God. Yoga and meditation help us to be present to ourselves, to be aware of our body and mind and to partake in Kairos rather than Chronos. Dora, a cynical, joyless woman, crosses paths with Josue, a lonely young boy who is looking for his father. Though Jackie also enjoys Jean's company, she constantly warns him that her passion for gambling will always be greater than her love for him. We are witnessing a shift in the economics of spaceflight that parallels the personal computer revolution.
Sir Richard Branson's Mojave based Virgin Galactic has opened a new facility in Long Beach and is recruiting 100 additional employees, after bouncing back from a tragic flight test accident last fall.
I must admit it's gratifying to see a Chinese product unable to compete with a Californian one on price! The new market reality created by SpaceX has put an end to this space launch inflationary spiral. While a Republican advocating a governmental monopoly as the best way to insure success sounds peculiar, one need only understand that the New Space revolution threatens the construction of an unnecessary and overpriced new NASA rocket in his home state. NASA administrator Charlie Bolden, the White House, the DOD and New Space advocates in Congress, including California's Dana Rohrabacher are to be commended for supporting this bold plan to rebuild our nation's space dreams by unleashing market forces. The expert therapist then develops a therapeutic conversation around how the person sees their mother. The artist's inner dimension is as essential to the performance as is the artist's willingness to face the world of the collective. This seminar will be an experiential seminar in which we will address problems of stage fright and creative blocks.
We will look at the positive purpose that persona may serve as well as the dangers of identification with the persona. Now, I contemplate these paintings as I would universal sources of lyric poetry, or, as a reflection of the deep abiding archetypal source of form in the human mind.
Air Force for launching military payloads, which will bolster the Hawthorne firm's already robust manifest of commercial and NASA launch contracts. The unexpected "killer apps" that emerge from inexpensive and routine access to the final frontier may well drive another Silicon Valley-esque dot com boom.
A number of entrepreneurs, including Musk and Branson are promising space based Internet networks that promise to connect everyone on Earth regardless of geographic or censorship. Musk's Hawthorne facility is packed with more than 3,500 employees building rockets literally day and night. Dynamism, innovation and entrepreneurship have returned to the skies after decades of stagnation under the dominance of a torpid military-industrial-complex. At a recent Stanford talk ULA's new CEO, Tory Bruno, promised to lower prices and in congressional testimony he labeled the new competitive reality "a wise and a healthy change in the policy." Bruno's vision includes replacing their Russian engines with a radical new domestic design from New Space firm, Blue Origin as well as a promise to "to literally transform" ULA from a slow moving bureaucracy into a hypercompetitive technology company. Roger's pork barrel politics are all the more laughable in light of the recent billion dollar investment in SpaceX from Google and Fidelity Investments. In other words, we dona€™t want to know about them so they get driven into the recesses of the subconscious. There is no performance without an audience - an audience which has the power to posit a judgement on the performance, communicate the judgement to the performer and even write about it in a review. It will also offer possibilities for self reflection and exploration of the most often experienced complexes and core negative beliefs. We will perform some simple yet powerful breathing exercises to quiet the mind and anchor ourselves. This certification breaks a long-standing monopoly held by Boeing and Lockheed's rocket company conglomerate United Launch Alliance (ULA). He's already cutting fat at the top, an essential first move in the difficult cultural change that will be required to compete with SpaceX in a real market.
Thus, with respect to the concept of wish- fulfilment and dreaming, we are a€?wishinga€? that the thing that concerns us in the subconscious, expressed via the dream, does not happen. Therefore, on this basis, both a€?negativea€? and a€?positivea€? (things we wish do happen) dreams are the result of wish-fulfilment. Not because the subconscious wants to make things difficult, but due to symbolism being ita€™s only means of communication; the conscious, if you recall, is attempting to bury these desires, instincts, and emotions.
Thus, the subconscious is unearthing them in an effort to say, a€?Hey, this is the true you and your unwillingness to acknowledge as much is causing you problems.a€? Manifest v. Latent Content Freud made a differentiation between what we actually dream (manifest content) and the unfulfilled wish that the dream represents (latent content). We develop a solution of the dream from the latter, and not from the manifest dream content. We are also confronted for the first time with a problem which has before existed, that of examining and tracing the relations between the latent dream thoughts and the manifest dream content, and the processes through which the former have grown into the latter.a€? In Freud's theory of dreams, the content of dreams is hardly ever presented in direct form that requires no coding.
The unconscious does something similar; it selects the symbols from the individuala€™s life that they will best understand.
This is then followed by arranging these symbols into a narrative structure that best represents the message.
If the subconscious perceives the timing is right to relay its secret code, it will not hold back.
Freud suggested that because of this raw production, our conscious mind attempts to reject the messages in our dreams. In other words, even when the message has been sent, opened, and read (not interpreted); our wakeful mind tries to "repress" this knowledge.

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