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My question for all of you is this – are you living your dream?  If not, what the heck are you waiting for???
The secret to living your dream is to simply understand that your mind is the only thing that really stands in your way. This is a call to all of you this week to act on your dreams!  If you don’t have any, take some time to think about it; for most of you, this step won’t be necessary.
I made the decision last week that I was far from living my dream, so I signed up for a business-related weekend seminar, and I already feel more empowered! For you, it may be making a phone call, making a connection, eating healthier, reading a book, making an investment, going for a run, signing up for a course, or simply deciding that you are going to make an effort.
Each step will get you closer, and no step is too small.  Your dreams are worth it, and so are you!!
If you know anyone else that is not living their dreams, please pass on this “secret” by posting this article on Facebook or Linkedin, or Tweet and Pin away!  You never know, you just might help someone get closer to living the dream! Christie’s career began in the field of Nursing, after completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In between travelling, seeking “foodie experiences”, and enjoying her friends and family, she is currently working on launching Modern Wellbeing™, a coaching and consulting company devoted to encouraging the wellbeing of people everywhere and inspiring a more benevolent world. Over the course of four years I quit my job in America, moved to Japan, and now I train extensively in martial arts. I hope with all my heart, today is the day that you begin the journey to turn your dream into a reality. When I think about the question: If you had a million dollars what would you do with your life? By doing what I want to do instead of what others want from me, I have been able to inspire others to follow their dreams. When you step forward to pursue your dream, you will face challenges you never could have anticipated. When people are around you, they will feel better about themselves and life because you are living proof it is possible to live a dream! It’s pretty great to hang out with people you love—especially when it’s yourself! I made the decision to follow my dream starting in October of 2009 and I started saving money on that day. Here’s a question to ponder: What is the first step you can take today to start moving forward?
In other words, managing your finances and taking responsibility for them, can become your first step to moving forward with your dream. People who have that drive and passion to achieve their dreams will find their way to do it no matter what. So this is great and all, but what do you do when your money runs out and you are forced to reintroduce yourself to your home country with no money, lost or distanced relationships, no income or work history for the past year and no new marketable skills?
Let me tell you something I am 23 years so I am not much older than you but my last two years have given me more wisdom than my first 20 years of life. Five years after graduation, Sarah found a job in Washington, DC as a member of her home state governor's staff.
Working through my leadership model, we clarified Sarah's talents, strengths and skills -- identifying whom she was and what she wanted to contribute to the world. When she was called back for her second interview she walked into the office to find her collage hanging on the wall!

In finding her dream job, Sarah not only was able to make a political difference for those she wanted to serve, she was working for an organization that also offered direct services, so she was able to regularly engage with young people through their aquatics programs the way she had as a lifeguard. If you know what they are, take one small step that will get you closer to living your dream. With a deep passion for helping individuals heal, she began to sense that there was much more to health and wellbeing than what was being practiced in the traditional medical settings. When the dream overtakes you, no matter what your fears are, you will not allow it to stop you. When you step forward with your dream, you will feel more alive and you will better appreciate all the beauty life has to offer. You truly describe what it feels like to be depressed, loss and burned out, something which I was struggling few months back. I left my stable career that I hated with a passion to freelance while transitioning into a new career.
You always hear about people following their dream, but they never give the details of how they dealt with their debt, or family, or other responsibilities.
This would mean if you are paying down your debt you can be in the midst of pursuing your dream. I appreciate your response – it’s a good reminder that looking for alternative routes to professional happiness (not just jumping from one 9-5 job to the next) can help be stepping stones toward ultimate success!
In the midst of my financial fears I forgot, I can *control* my financial destiny just as much as anything else. To those who have fear about their circumstances, regret about their life choices and feel that there is no way out, there is always a way, it would involve compromise and the love of those around you, but there is always a way.
I don’t agree that there should have been a personal step by step plan of his personal goal in order for others to believe its possible.
You would have to be lucky or have contacts that others might not have in order to avoid a crashlanding. I just can’t live in an world where my life is meaningless and worthless, while finding an answer on that question was really hard. You will find out that when you graduate your parents will most likely want you to pay and do everything for yourself regardless of how much money they make. Her home was in the South, and she spent her summers during high school and college working as a lifeguard at the beach.
In a few sessions together, it became clear that Sarah loved working with children, particularly those who were economically disadvantaged, and supporting them as individuals to excel. In one of them, she created a small collage of images to represent what she wanted her dream job to feel like.
It was a wonderful sign that not only was the job hers, they had seen what she could offer and created an even larger and more customized role for her.
When you do this, you will face experiences that will bring you closer to the force of the universe. I have woken up many nights in a cold sweat because I am not doing what I love and I am no happy where I am living. Rather than seen my financial challenges as an impediment, I saw them as the first step in the pursuit of my dream. Leaders lead lives of impact and meaning because they know whom they are and what they want to contribute.
But the glacial pace and incremental nature of change, the focus on making the governor look good politically and colleagues constantly pushing their own power agendas left her feeling drained.

Even though life inside government was not what she dreamed it would be, she still longed to improve the societal circumstances that created the challenges many children faced.
It was a stunning reflection of her passion for children, teaching, and social change; a powerful depiction of who she was as a leader and what she wanted to contribute.
It works because living our leadership creates results--happiness and fulfillment in our careers and great benefit for those we serve. She is a Chopra Center certified Vedic Master, specialized in teaching Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga. How do I switch careers, or make a big change, when it might mean being financially unstable?! Besides, this is his story, why are you trying to ‘point out’ how he can touch more lives? When she walked into my office, she was sad that her dream job, the one she had tirelessly worked to achieve, had turned into a nightmare. Because it was such a powerful reflection of her, she brought it with her to a job interview with a large organization advocating for change in federal policies for economically disadvantaged youth.
Sarah's path is for everyone who believes that organizations and the world work best when people are contributing their best.
Are you going to start developing your skills so you are more valuable to the marketplace (so you can make more money)?
That’s wonderful and commendable, so why didn’t you put THAT in your articel???
And after that i’ll keep on working to make that impossible dream a reality, but i became really hard to pursuit, because some people i know ( even my parents sadly ) keep on trying getting in my head.
You need to make those vines, get a following, start a YouTube channel where you can express yourself in your free time. I realized that my family wanted me to be a dentist but I had no desire and no passion to do it.
Why not say, “Instead of buying a home, or purchasing material goods I saved every penny I could.
But my burning flame just keep on burning, and even today i’ll keep on pursuing that dream with an even hotter flame then yesturday.
Take some acting courses whenever you can and really evaluate if that is what you want to do. On my senior year of college I changed majors and graduated a year later and now I am living my dreams everyday. I would still be in undergrad right now about to graduate and I would have had to take loans and put myself in debt just because of following someone else’s dream for me. Find one that looks appealing and follow that path while doing your Vines and any other social media along the way.
You say you’re looking into changing careers, if possible it is best to start to freelance on the side and build your network to get clients. But seriously to have savings first would be extremely useful because you will be using your savings to pay bills while your transition into the new career.

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