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Entertainment Discuss movies, tv shows, music, arts, literature, fashion, and upcoming events, concerts, etc. As for the list itself, as usual, it was a strong year, assisted by the number of returns and reformations we've had.
Arcade Fire member ventures out on his own, and someone who is usually part of the subtext within the band, does a credible job for himself. Of course I make sure Finland gets at least one every year (last year they had two), and now the second time Satellite Stories has made the list automatically making them the premiere indie band in Finland only because I don't know what other scale I'd use, as the Suomi continues to search for their voice in the English-language, non-death metal landscape. Looks like Bethany Consantino decided to skip over the 80's, with her decade-themed albums to date. Much congratulations to the country of Latvia, as Carnival Youth is the first band to finally represent land of the late, great Karlis Skrastins on this list.
At long last, Blur reformed in his original incarnation to release a pretty weird album, in my opinion. Probably not much of a secret (or spoiler if you're reading the list as a countdown), but Beach House was more than busy, fairly productive, and consistently excellent. This is probably a good time to mention how diverse and excellent the Vancouver music scene is.
Here's one of those albums that I remembered was really, really good but needed to circle back to it.
Back in the days of the record players, it was somewhat common for band to release more than on LP a year, but it is extremely rare to see it in this day, even though it's more conducive to do so in the Internet age. Hidden deep within the crevices of CBC Radio, Braids sort of were just there for two albums before coming through on their third release and shortlisted for the Polaris Prize.
Courtney Barnett, with but two EP's, exploded to the top of the indie scene near the end of 2013.
With elements of grunge and folk, among other things, Hop Along went from a promising band on the Philadelphia scene, to its crown jewel and worldwide acclaim.
Tame Impala was one of those bands who were either going to completely fall apart a la MGMT following their acclaim of their debut album [Lonerism, or explode in their step forward. One of the more creative bands to emerge, Speedy Ortiz captures a mysterious or magical and engaging industrial sound, wrought with angst and delight, combined with master-lyricist Sadie Dupuis' writing. 2015's crown-jewel reunion (no one really paid attention to Wild Flag, but we were paying attention to Carrie Brownstein), back where everybody really belongs. As the year went on, I was content with this being the #1 album, as it was easily the most played album through the summer. Since reforming your band is all the rage these days, can someone lock those guys in a room? Receive email alerts for new properties and price changes for searches matching your criteria.

He knows very well that his job encompasses more than memorizing lines and breathing life into his character, Cassadine Prince Nikolas. With the 60's, 70's and 90's covered, it'll only be a few more albums until she invents a time machine. Now on album #5 before the age of 30, it's unlikely and unfortunate for Susanne Sundfor will catch on in the States. Beach House not only did that, but did so with two very good albums, only a few weeks apart. I even said in my comments for Mac Demarco's album (spoiler: it did not make the list) that he's what I wished he sounded like. Should be interesting to see what they come up with, given one of the producer who functions within the band is functioning perfectly fine outside of it.
It just has that kind of has that feeling that the songs were written at 4am which either drunk, high, or both, in a somewhat dark-lit room, maybe with or without windows, not unlike what you see in the album art. Now armed with a proper debut record, she's already established among the best, if not maybe the single most creative songwriter in music (extending into her music videos), and rightfully a buzz-name in the industry. Kevin Parker is likely alternative's next superstar producer apart from his expert-vocalisms.
2012's Visions left Claire Boucher in the preface of stardom, which quite gracefully she sort of eschews.
All this rekindling was exciting, starting with some reissues that were released at the end of 2014, and everything else fell in line as if they didn't take 10 years off. Katie Crutchfield has now delivered two albums placing in the top 10 of my lists (2013's Cerulean Salt being #9), but this one was, wait for it, the magic A-word: accessible, but retaining the intimacy of previous albums. I listened to a loooooot of Chvrches, Purity Ring, Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, Modest Mouse, Grimes and Jamie xx in 2015 so those are my favorite albums of the year. From 8 to about 19 represents merely great albums with at least 3 standout tracks that separates them from the rest.
The album also include Jamie's other xx bandmates, giving the feel that this is the album xx-proper fans seemingly desperately desire. Nominated for the Best New Artist at the Grammy's, if she doesn't walk out with the gold, there should be a criminal investigation. Also in that time, she decided that she was from Vancouver and not Montreal (splitting hairs, really).
A new label gave Katie more time (and with that came some longer songs that were more than 2:30) and resources to make an album that often feels like what everyone feels. They've undoubtedly joined that Radiohead-Arcade Fire echelon of paramount and important bands, and quickly went from the influenced to becoming the influence to a number of bands veteran, active, or otherwise. I didn't count, but this list probably has the least amount of new discoveries, and that is a credit to a number of the bands we already know following up with good music.

Everything here is good, even in strong years I've had some issues completing a list of 50, but I wouldn't say that is the case with this one. The band claims that the album was not done in haste, surprise, or any kind of leftover compilation, B-sides or the like, so it is to be seen apart from Depression Cherry. I don't know if it's the sound, or the writing, or my graviton to local music this year, but the connection has finally been made.
She took all the jokes, and with a dash of recognition, lucked into some credibility by turning the dance-pop realm on its ear.
If they lapped a good field in 2013, in 2015 they merely provided a precious and worthy successor. People might still like what they grew up with, but if one has the desire, time, or patience, new and good music can be found. The first few times it was brought to my attention, of course I kind of scoffed at the notion. While the gap had narrowed - this was a decision that was made as opposed to a coronation - I don't see why this album can't be considered as 'as good' or close to such after the first one.
When you're at home with your wife or your husband or whomever it may be, you're different with each other."Is it sappy?" he continues, thinking aloud. The cheese is still there, thus it is in the middle of the list, but this is assuredly a job well done. I was even eager to see that performed live, but we all know the crowd wants all-Lauren all the time. They want to look at a character and say, 'I know how you feel about Emily, because I felt that way about somebody.'"To keep a Greek royal who lives in a castle relatable to masses, the actor reminds himself that Nikolas is not as perfect as he seems. Since then, I've kept growing."Paradise FoundChristopher's happiness at home is so complete that it shows through in his work on GH.
For every time that Nikolas has looked deeply into Emily's eyes and told her that he loves her, he has probably done the same with his missus.
Catch Tyler Christopher on stage!Starting April 2, you can see the GH-er live and in-person on stage in The Boys Next Door. People treat them so badly sometimes and say things that are so wrong, yet they love them anyway much like a child would.
That's what's so endearing about these guys." The show is running Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays at 3pm and 8pm.
To order your own $20 ticket, call the box office at (323) 467-6688Quote beside a photo of Nikolas and Emily: Is Nikolas and Emily's love affair too good to be true?

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