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The last time you woke up from a dream, you may have wondered why exactly you were back at high school, standing in front of your locker, unable for the life of you to remember the combination.
But after recent research highlighted a potential link between acting out dreams and a common form of dementia, perhaps there is more we can learn about our physical health from our dreams.
The research, presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, found that men with a risk factor for dementia with Lewy bodies, in addition to what's known as REM sleep behavior disorder, are five times more likely to have this type of dementia.
Anecdotally, some say that dreams have predicted cancer, alerted a patient to tuberculosis or even warned of a heart attack. If you're the type to ignore the signs that you're under the weather, maybe a freaky nightmare will prove the point.
If people with diabetes experience a serious dip in blood sugar, one possible symptom can be bad dreams and nightmares, according to WebMD. If stress and anxiety can cause such strange and often upsetting dreams, it should come as no surprise that more serious mental health conditions can similarly interrupt your sleep. If you've ever drifted off to sleep or just woken up from sleep but were unable to move any part of your body -- spurring a sense that you are frozen in your bed -- you may have experienced sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is more common in the seconds to minutes when we're first waking up, whether in the morning or in the middle of the night, Gehrman said. However, sleep paralysis isn't dangerous despite the unsettling feeling experienced by people who have been through it, according to Stanford University.
Here we are explaining the astrological aspect but we also try to present the Psychological aspect of dream here because to differentiate the astrological dream and psychological dream. Astrology said dreams caused by dasa(period) of planets ( the graha) indicate the influences appropriate to them. Recent Commentsrishidit on ????? ??????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ????(Surya Namaskara means salutations to Lord Surya“The Sun”, who gives unabated energy to us)nilesh on ????? ??????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ????(Surya Namaskara means salutations to Lord Surya“The Sun”, who gives unabated energy to us)AR SURIAMOORTHY. To a Hindu the elephant headed god Ganesha represents God's power to remove obstacles.
If you dream about riding an elephant it is said to bring great good luck in all matters and particularly regards finances.
Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for lively debates about Dreams, Psychology and Spiritual Insights. Dream interpretation or dream analysis is the method used to uncover the meaning of dreams. Does it matter if I don't remember everything?Whatever way you choose to record your dreams, to begin with you will probably only be recording fragmentary images, and vague memories. If you would like to create your own journal be sure to check out our dream journaling page which has some excellent tips and techniques for creating your own dream journal.Be Creative! When it comes to dream meanings, most of us expect those visions to reveal mental health truths, whether they be feelings about a life event, relationship or simply a memory.

The same sleep disorder has also been linked to Parkinson's disease, symptoms of which are similar to those of dementia with Lewy bodies. There's little -- if any -- scientific evidence that certain dream symbols can be interpreted to predict any real health symptoms.
Being sick can trigger nightmares, according to the Mayo Clinic, especially if your illness is accompanied by a fever. Over those nine months, dreams seem to increase in general, but strange or vivid dreams can become particularly common. Bipolar disorder is known to cause vivid or bizarre dreams in some people, according to WebMD.
But with sleep paralysis, a part of the brain wakes sooner than the rest, giving a sense of wakefulness and alertness -- even though the body's muscles are still paralyzed, Gehrman explained.
To decrease the number of sleep paralysis episodes you have, stress reduction, getting enough hours of sleep a night and making sure you have a good sleep schedule could help. Or            we can say thinking process of a man who wants to program his activity for the        future.
Family ties are broken by death—quarrels in family and fear everywhere, heart breaking agony and disaster from all sides.
If you fall in love with another woman’s husband, it indicates that you are growing vicious.
Refer to this example often as we move through the steps of the tutorial and you will gain a deeper understanding of the process involved. But there is some concrete proof that more dreams, stranger dreams or recurring dreams could have important meaning when it comes to your physical health. If you weren't paying attention to what your body was trying to tell you before, the morning after that weird nightmare is the time to tune in!
Of course, most people with diabetes will learn to recognize early symptoms of low blood sugar before nightmares point out the problem.
Although more -- and scarier -- dreams aren't necessarily pleasant, a mom-to-be with strange or upsetting dreams might actually be in luck: An Israeli study of 166 pregnant women found that the more harrowing dreams a woman had, the less likely she was to develop postpartum depression. And a study of Vietnam veterans found that 52 percent of combat vets with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) had nightmares fairly often, compared to only 3 percent of civilians, according to the U.S. If an elephant blocks your path this may relate to some seemingly impossible issue to be resolved. No government, no legislature, has a right to limit your dreams.
However, once you have grasped the principles of dream interpretation it will become, as they say, a€?as easy as falling off a loga€?.
And for those of us who so seldom call upon our imagination in daily life, this is a precious skill to practice.If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, click here to read some valuable insights on how to improve your dream recall.

The longer you are recording and interpreting dreams the more and more you will begin to recall. Identifying Dream SymbolsThe next important step of dream interpretation is to identify your dream symbols.
And an Italian study of 290 women linked more dreams (and more upsetting dreams) with shorter labor times. Note your emotional response in the dream and introspection may reveal the root of the issue. In other words, fairly easy!You just need to have the desire and the willingness to learn and you will become a dream expert in no time!
The most important point at this stage of your dream interpretation career is that you start! Some say that stress dreams might actually be helpful if they reveal what's truly bothering you and point to why you're feeling that way.
If you find yourself experiencing nightmares or very vivid dreams frequently, considering discussing your sleep with your doctor.
On commencing dream analysis, it is important to understand that your dreams convey your underlying feelings and thoughts. Dona€™t be too hard on yourself if you are having trouble remembering everything!Over time, your ability to recall dreams will become stronger and ultimately your dream interpretation skills will improve.Step 2.
The dream may also relate to memories as we often associate elephants with never forgetting as well as strength and forbearance. Your dreams and the people who star in them, the actions, settings and feelings are all personal to you.Many dream researchers believe in universal dream symbols, that the images we see in our dreams are the same for everybody.
You were.By taking a closer look at your dreams and by trying to understand what particular images mean to you, and by trying to find some parallels between these images and your waking life, you will begin to understand the meaning of dreams.
Did you know them or were they strangers?Write in as much detail as you can.Feel free to express yourself in any way that is natural to you with your dream description. At first, when you have just started out interpreting dreams the more information you include the better off you will be able to discover the meaning of dreams.Step 5. Understanding Dream Symbols(i) Dream ThemeOnce you have your descriptions done, you can focus on identifying the theme of your dream.Every dream has a theme, and without understanding the theme you will be at a loss to understand the individual elements within.
Doing so too early on in the piece could lead to false conclusions and lead you in the wrong direction.These images show some creative ways to approach dream recording and that ultimately aid dream interpretation and definitely make it more fun!
The more you analyse the more obvious your dream symbols will be.I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

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