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On Tuesday (April 26), Syrian refugee Ibrahim Al-Hussein will carry the Olympic flame in Athens as part of the torch relay ahead of the 2016 Rio games. A swimmer, his friends and coaches say he has shown more strength and perseverance than most. He says he is carrying the flame “for myself, but also for Syrians, for refugees everywhere, for Greece, for sports, for my swimming and basketball teams. Krista Enbysk, left, and Tori Doell, both from Boise, Idaho, embrace as Space Shuttle Endeavour lifts off. Space shuttle Endeavour roared into orbit Wednesday carrying teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan, who was finally fulfilling the dream of Christa McAuliffe and the rest of the fallen Challenger crew. Morgan was McAuliffe's backup for Challenger's doomed launch in 1986 and, even after two space shuttle disasters, never swayed in her dedication to NASA and the agency's on-and-off quest to send a schoolteacher into space. McAuliffe's mother, Grace Corrigan, watched the launch on TV from her home in Massachusetts.
More than half of NASA's 114 Teacher-in-Space nominees in 1985 gathered at the launch site, along with hundreds of other educators, all of them thrilled to see Morgan continue what McAuliffe began. Also on hand was the widow of Challenger's commander, who said earlier in the day that she would be praying and pacing at liftoff and would not relax until Morgan was safely back on Earth in two weeks. Midway through the flight, Morgan, 55, will speak with students in Idaho, where she taught elementary classes before moving to Houston in 1998 to train as a full-fledged astronaut, the first teacher to do so. Endeavour's astronauts also will use a 50-foot laser boom on the end of the robot arm to inspect the shuttle's wings, nose and belly. NASA is hoping a successful flight will draw some attention away from the rash of embarrassments it's faced this year, most recently a NASA-commissioned medical panel's report suggesting astronauts were intoxicated on launch day on at least two occasions.
Endeavour's liftoff had been scheduled for Tuesday, but last week NASA delayed the flight by a day because of a leaky valve in the crew cabin that needed to be replaced.

The Dream Chaser, capable of carrying a crew of up to seven and cargo, will exit Earth’s atmosphere vertically, atop an Atlas V launch vehicle.
This test article, now in the assembly stage at Sierra Nevada’s plant in Louisville, Colo., will undergo runway tow testing and then a test-drop from a helicopter to demonstrate its runway landing capability. The Dream Chaser is designed to make flights of seven-day duration and to dock at the International Space Station and remain there for as long as 210 days. Initially landing on the island of Samos, he later moved to Athens, where he now has a job and an intense sports schedule. She rocketed away in the center seat of the cabin's lower compartment, the same seat that had been occupied by McAuliffe. If the mission is extended from 11 days to 14 days as planned, thanks to a new station-to-shuttle power converter, she'll have a chance to answer questions from students in two other states.
The scan for damage from fuel-tank insulating foam and other debris from launch, or micrometeorites in space, has been standard procedure ever since Columbia's catastrophic re-entry in 2003. By the time Endeavour leaves, the station will have several more tons permanently attached to its frame. The space agency's top safety official has gone back 10 years through every shuttle flight and can find no flight surgeon, astronaut or document hinting at launch day drinking by a crew member, he said. The shuttle underwent a massive overhaul and was outfitted with complete satellite navigation, improved main engine monitoring equipment, and a new system for transferring power from the station to the shuttle. When the Obama Administration canceled Constellation in 2011, NASA shifted gears and instituted a new space exploration program aimed at sending humans deeper into space than ever before. She'll help operate Endeavour's robot arm and oversee the transfer of cargo from the shuttle to the station.
We just watched them having breakfast," Griffin said, referring to the Endeavour astronauts.

The extra power will allow the shuttle to remain docked at the space station longer than ever before. The rest of the crew will be busy installing a huge square-shaped beam to the exterior of the station and replacing a broken gyroscope.
Similar to the ceramic tiles and blanket materials used on the Space Shuttles, the heat shield minimizes the thermal strains imposed on the vehicle by extreme thermal gradients during reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. Further, they offer familiar, epoxy-like autoclave processing.In LEO, structural materials also must be shielded from atomic oxygen, single oxygen atoms (O) that, like peroxide, are extremely reactive oxidizers. Impact resistance is another requirement for protection against damage from the occasional micrometeoroid.Taylor also cites the time and cost savings that have accrued to the program through the use of composites, due to their flexibility in manufacturing. For example, the crew cabin comprises only two shells, or skins, cobonded with multiple internal frames. The fins, too, are cobonded parts that combine upper and lower skins with three spars and multiple ribs. Further, as the vehicle’s structural design matures, tooling changes for composites can be made more rapidly than is possible in metals fabrication. In structural assembly operations, Sierra Nevada will minimize the need for fasteners by employing a combination of cocuring and cobonding in an autoclave, incorporating the honeycomb core and advanced 3-D woven preforms. The 3-D preforms will be cobonded at most joints to further strengthen the structure.Sierra Nevada is working with partner organizations in more than 15 states to develop the Dream Chaser.
Lockheed Martin brings to the partnership extensive experience in building composite structures for spacecraft and high-performance aircraft.

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