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Help & Guidance for owners and users of the Dream Multimedia Dreambox series of satellite receivers and compatibles. The purpose of this guide is to provide a backup which is made with the purpose of restoring your Dreambox back to a state preferred by you. This type of backup is ideal for situation when you have lost network communications to your Dreambox through a corrupt image.
Ensure your Dreambox is switched off before making cable connection and leave it powered of till later. Parents, you can surprise your kids by setting the DreamBox Learning characters as your computer screen’s background image (or you can display the DreamBox logo).

TestimonialsCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools unrolled Dreambox this year across our elementary schools.
Click on the connect button and wait for the Connection prepared now switch on your Dreambox prompt.
Now click the backup button and enter a name for your Dreambox Backup in the file name box ending the file name with .img then click save.
Since established in 2005, we had integrated the R & D, design, production and marketing together and gained much trust from our customers based on the wide range of excellent quality products. With the faith of 'making friends before doing business', we had almost exported our goods to the overseas market such as USA, Mexico, Germany, spain, UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, spain, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

And if you have suggestions for which DreamBox Adventure Friends you’d like to see turned into wallpaper, let us know that too! Panels on closing opportunity gaps and the  discussion of equity in STEM really stuck with us.

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dreambox loader

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