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A disheveled man - apparently a street person - was leaning from a window at the top of a tall stone tower, the most prominent feature in the view framed by the restaurant's window. The ancient role of dreams as cultural auguries has been virtually lost in the present time. However, when the world's woundedness, its sorrow, is actively entered into, when the behaviors and patterns of thought which block awareness of sorrow are allowed to drop away, the capacity to actually see what is attempting to come to form begins to awaken. Women who have given birth without the well-meaning but deadening influence of anesthesia , have experienced directly and bodily a phenomenon which has particular meaning for us now, because it relates to the breakthrough which may be attempting to make itself felt in this time of breakdown. This period, of unpredictable duration, corresponds to the physiological event of nearly compete dilation of the cervix, the gateway through which the child must pass in order to enter the world. One wonders if the prevention of this initiation in generations of women - by blocking the experience of legitimate suffering - has resulted in a loss of collective imaginal awareness of the transitional nature of the times in which we live. As we attune ourselves to the prophetic intelligence displayed in certain dreams, we may gain insight and courage for the arduous and sometimes frightening travail of birthing a new world.
What the dreaming self sees through its window onto the old world is a scene dominated by an ancient, but well-maintained stone tower.
In the dream, the man's appearance as a homeless street person reveals his marginal identification with the established order. When I reach the scene of this apparent tragedy and peer beyond the 'wall' in front of my heart, I see what I had not been able to see previously. The fact that the bureaucrat to whom I appealed for help was disinterested lets me know that the emergency team of the dream is acting outside the purview of the established order.
The man was reaching toward the ground until, finally, he reached too far and fell from the tower. The tower was several stories high, originating, I could now see, in a sunken square plaza below the street level on which I stood. Contemporary Western psychology interprets dreams in terms which relate almost exclusively to the individual psyche and its past. The tremendous labor to give birth, when experienced consciously and with full exposure to its accompanying pain and fear, is an initiatory event of great significance, not only for the individual woman, but also for culture.
This is the period of greatest danger to both mother and child, since premature pushing of the child through an incompletely dilated cervix may result in the child's entrapment and suffocation.
Not understanding this, we run the risk of losing our will and entrapping and suffocating the new world that would be born.
Are there elements in the spiritual worlds prepared to act in support of the fallen man, now lying in the realm of the feminine?
No longer the raggedy man of the first scene, the man lying at the base of the tower wears a simple blue suit. I was filled with a peculiar mixture of horror and gladness, but it wasn't until I closed my eyes again that the images of the dream returned.
I looked over the chest-high wall in front of me, expecting to see the crumpled remains of the man at the base of the tower.
As the emergency techs lifted the man into a seated position, I saw with relief that he was alive and not too badly hurt.
What interests me, however, is the relationship of dreams and dreaming to the transformation of culture. The accelerating physical and spiritual deterioration of the world has created a condition of enormous anxiety in the collective psyche.
Inwardly , the transition may be experienced by the mother as black chaos and utterly engulfing fear, the sense that one is very close to death, and the loss of will to continue laboring.

Yet those familiar with the major arcana of the Tarot will be reminded of the sixteenth card: the Tower of Destruction, depicting a stone tower struck by lightning while its inhabitants tumble from an open window to the earth below.
Here the edge-dweller reaches so far beyond the limits of the status quo that it can no longer contain him, and he falls. Had the man been stretching toward the earth in order to restore collective attention to it - and to the feminine principle - as the necessary foundation for the building of culture?
The position of the baby's legs beneath his own suggests that he is giving birth to a new being.
Rather, what the word itself suggests, taken to its Latin root: a stretching toward - as the man in the dream stretched himself from the tower toward the ground.
Rare is the person who remains capable of fully ignoring the dread that accompanies the experience of being alive in these chaotic times.
Like the Tower of Babel, the tower of the Tarot is an image of humanity's hubristic striving to elevate itself above the concerns of earth. At the same time, he is clearly on top of the baby, indicating that he precedes it evolutionarily - that the birth would not be possible without his fall. This they do by imagining future possibilities that transcend the limitations imposed by the prevailing world view.
We sense, accurately and with no little sorrow, that we have reached the end of something, and we suspect that that something is the very end of the world. One need only observe the distinguishing architectural feature of the contemporary cityscape, the skyscraper, to see how far beyond ancient Mesopotamia we have taken our psychological and spiritual separation from Earth. In this image there is a sense that here, where tower joins earth, is the place at which East and West shall finally meet, and that the spiritual vision that results may make it possible for a new world to be born.
In the Tarot's Tower of Destruction we witness the natural consequences of ambition unchecked by regard for the whole.
So, on a week day which  I think was a Wednesday, we (myself  Rajkumari Joshi, my father C.N.
We must have walked just one or two yards when we saw Mother Mary standing before us, in human form, around 5’8 in height, very delicate, almost translucent fair skin, thin, pink lips and sparkling blue eyes, so full of gentleness and love. We were so taken aback that I at once turned to my dad and said, “She is the same lady that I drew.” He said, “yes”.
I at once turned behind to ask my mother whether she had seen the vision and she said that she did. For a while, we were stunned and asked the candle seller whether she had seen anyone in front of us as she was close enough to have seen her as well.
However, she said that on weekdays not very many people visit the church so she saw no one else.
I then asked her whether she saw any lady like a nun – in white and she said that she didn’t. My father immediately felt the need to go and pray in the church to which I said, “But she has just left the church”. This incident is known to most of my acquaintances, and though I feel that we were blessed, the one regret that is constant is that I did not embrace her or touch her feet.?? Mother Mary has been part of our lives even before this incident. In 1958 when I was 9 years old, I told him to visit the church as Mother Mary would make him alright. Due to the crowd he could only stand on the outer steps of the main entrance.? He prayed there and as we moved down, he said, “My leg has stopped paining”. He is 91 now and his leg has never given him that trouble again. Another prominent incident is when we were living in a rented apartment and were being constantly harassed by the landlord.

I again told my dad that if we offer a little wax house in the church and pray for our own house, Mother Mary will give it to us.
Doubtless, she gave us an opportunity to buy a small plot of land in Khar and my dad built a little cottage. Our faith in Mother Mary is truly an undiluted faith and we do not even repeat our requests because of that. Believe it or not, if we pray to her, our house is filled with fragrance – sometimes lavender, at times sandalwood and even frankincense. I suddenly heard her tell me that before I returned next week I should get a mammography done. She was insistent that I don’t get it checked with a doctor but get myself tested on a machine.
But I found I could not leave the church until I gave her an assurance that I would obey. So I did the test and suffered a bigger shock when the doctor discovered the beginnings of a tumour. Immediately, my life and my world that had been stable, steady and safe until then, turned upside down. All my achievements and relationships seemed unimportant, almost illusory in the face of death.
There was no person or power that could console and support me. My doctor advised that no time should be lost and the surgery was fixed for 25 May. Three days before the surgery, a young boy who was praying for me got a message to be given to me.
He was not able to understand it himself but he was told to give me the message exactly the way he got it. I want your life.” The young boy was initially hesitant to give me the message because he thought it was contradictory.
He wanted my talents, my abilities, my attributes and my time for the advancement of His kingdom.
I had disregarded them because at that time, I was fully caught up in the professional challenges of my career, completely involved in the process of rising in the ranks of a large organisation.
While I was a regular church goer, I was unwilling to give up all the material benefits I had received and hoped to receive to devote my life to God. The boy’s message seemed to disentangle several knots in my heart.
I remained anxious about surgery but I no longer felt that my life and all existence was fleeting, fickle and meaningless. The day I received the boy’s message, I went before Our Lady and promised her that after my recovery I would not return to the position that I was holding but would offer my services for the work of her Son. My recovery was just as quick as the detection.
In fact the oncologist who is a leading doctor in Mumbai called me aside and asked me which doctor had detected the cancer.
I told her that it was no human being but divine intervention and narrated the entire incident.
She said she could fully believe it because it was beyond human detection at such an early stage. She said very few people get the chance I did. That is the power of Mount Mary and I consider it a privilege that she has chosen me as her humble servant to work for her Son my Saviour and Lord.

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