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SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.. Some experts think that dreams are full of symbolic messages that mean something which is deep inside us. With production from Tone the Beat Bully, who has done work for MMG in the past, the song sees a plethora of sounds thrown into the depths of our cochleas. From an intro consisting of a light piano and synth mix to a tempo change of deeper chords and rapid snares, Mill absolutely SHITS EVERYWHERE on the beat. At the end of the 19th century he found out that a part of our brain is the subconscious .

On the other hand a person who was born blind does not see pictures in dreams, but they can hear, smell and taste in them. It also may mean that you have failed in something that you have done, like your work or at school. A while back the Philly MC claimed his intro to this album would grab everyone’s attention, cock-slapping the nation in the face with eargazmic talents. You can go to a therapists who tries to find out why you have nightmares and how to deal with them. While I did make up the latter half of that statement, Mill‘s hypothesis has been well proven-this record is out of control and Meek is here to fuck up the game with a big pillow case full of several bars of soap.

Another reason may be that dreams are never the same , they have to be repeated in order for us to remember them.

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dreams and nightmares gestalt

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