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The Pokemon Company has recently announced that they’re making a new game that gives you a chance to become the very best like no one ever was.
Called Pokemon Go, the game allows players to find and catch virtual Pokemon hiding in real life settings.
Made in collaboration with Nintendo and augmented reality startup Niantic, Pokemon Go is dedicated to Satoru Iwata, who had previously been working on the mobile app for two years.
For the meantime, better figure out how you’ll manage to get past small trees blocking real-life roads without having to use HM01.

It even lets you experience the feeling of throwing a Pokeball through its companion smartwatch named Pokemon Go Plus. He is a soldier of love who will carry you on his strong back of awesomeness when the zombie apocalypse arrives. Trainers can then trade, battle, and generally just be social with others as it promotes getting off the couch and going outdoors.
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dreams of real life

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