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Page ContentThe purpose of the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (ADC) is to administer and enforce the statutory authority and to monitor the needs of the consuming public. The board is a self-supporting agency and receives no General Fund tax appropriation.  It is funded entirely through fees assessed for licensing its professionals. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for additional announcements and training opportunities.
NEW USER ID and PASSWORD Creation is Required: As part of this new system, you will be required to create a new User ID and password that you will keep indefinitely.
The Office of Occupations and Professions suggests completing your renewal at least two weeks prior to your expiration date. ADACBGA is committed to public protection through the establishment of quality, competency-based certification programs for professionals engaged in the prevention and treatment of addictions and related problems. ADACBGA Newsletter helps you stay current with industry trends and ADACBGA accomplishments. ADACBGA Career Corner: The place for addiction professionals or professionals in training to locate permanent employment or internship opportunities. With alarming statistics relating to drug and alcohol abuse in the UK, the need for drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is becoming more and more apparent in a number of occupations. Random - To promote yourselves as a drug and alcohol free company by carrying out random, on-going tests.

For cause - In response to a drug or alcohol related incident within or out with your workplace. Topstaff Employment can assist companies in creating and implementing a drug and alcohol monitoring system in the workplace. Our service can be offered either in-house or on premises elsewhere, with minimum disruption to the day-to-day business of the company. Topstaff Employment provides drug and alcohol testing to the largest maritime training company in the UK as well as providing drug monitoring for Officers and Ratings in many UK shipping companies. The board examines and certifies all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Alcohol and Drug Counseling. This will be the only User ID and password required for renewal applications, checking historical data, changing addresses, name, email, and for all business and personal information.
This practice carried over into the last two failed systems which is part of the problems and costs licensees and O&P have had within our old system. As additional information become available, our office will communicate to licensees via emails you have created above. Drug and alcohol abuse is not only detrimental to the individuals partaking, but it can also have a large impact on employers as there are a number of costs involved including loss of productivity, high absence rates, theft, loss of employee morale, increased health insurance claims, and many more. Drug and alcohol testing is increasing in a number of workplaces and Topstaff Employment can carry out drug and alcohol testing on site at a number of work places.

This can include the creation of a drug and alcohol policy for pre-employment screening, random and for cause testing.
Additionally we provide drug and alcohol testing for companies in Glasgow and throughout the rest of the UK in various business sectors.
Please take a moment to create a new user account and password located under the Online Services - eServices link at the top of this webpage. The second issue is 25,000 license numbers ranging from 4 digits to 14 digits, where some had 2 to 4 prefix letters, some were hyphened and others not, thus creating too many variations to manage, display or run necessary Board reports such as audits. Furthermore, the third problem solved, with this immediate change, is to allow those license holders with payers, requiring a licensee to provide an active license number, the opportunity to make those changes today.  Although the Occupations and Professions system will display both numbers, we cannot guarantee some payers will accept the Legacy Number terminology as the same thing as an Active License Number.
The fourth issue is computer systems cannot route a program using two different terms to mean the same thing, therefore the old number will now be a Legacy License Number available for search purposes, letterhead or other uses not involved in medical payer requirements.

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drug and alcohol certification programs in pa

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