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The dual master’s program in School Counseling and Educational Leadership is a 57-credit hour non-thesis program that prepares candidates who have strong interests in both school counseling and campus leadership positions. In order to pursue a Dual Master's Degree program, the applicant must apply to, meet the existing admission requirements for, and be accepted into each of the master's degrees which comprise the dual degree program.
Entrance requirements for both programs must be met, including having at least two years of acceptable teaching experience at an accredited public or private school by the time the candidate has completed the necessary coursework and is ready to take the appropriate certification examinations. Newly admitted candidates will meet with the Program Director, at which time the Master of Education in School Counseling Agreement Contract will be explained and discussed. Because of Dallas Baptist University’s quest for meaningful assessment of graduate candidates, a defense of degree is required in all College of Education Graduate Programs.
A digital format will be utilized by the candidate to enhance the presentation and to justify why the degree should be awarded to the candidate. It is recommended that candidates attend a Defense of Degree workshop held each semester.
Candidates must register for the Defense of Degree course as prescribed in their degree plan during the semester in which they will present their defense of degree to the Educator Preparation Board.
Dallas Baptist University’s educator preparation programs strive to provide a quality learning experience that enables all candidates to impact P-12 learning.
The Defense of Degree will be used to assess your development as you proceed through your designated program.

Attend graduate classes that fit your working schedule during the summer, over weekends, and online. Graduate from a nationally-recognized and ranked educational leadership program in only 15 months.
This degree is partially online and includes up to 9 credit hours of internship based on certification specialty.
During the fall and spring semesters, you will have online course work and meet face-to-face three or four Saturdays each semester.
Online Doctorate Degrees Get EducatedGet Educated reviews 4 factors for selecting the top online PhD among 100 online doctoral programs. Upon program completion, candidates will receive a Master of Education degree in School Counseling and a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership, along with having the preparation that can lead to the state certification in both areas.
By signing this agreement contract, new candidates are stating their willingness to be evaluated on nine characteristics deemed necessary for the development of an ethical and competent counselor. The defense of degree is a capstone collection of signature assessments and artifacts with reflections that demonstrate a candidate’s personal growth, development, and acquisition of knowledge, skills and dispositions.
The candidate’s formal defense will be presented to members of the Educator Preparation Board and will take place on the main campus each semester. It is also the candidate’s responsibility to schedule a meeting with their designated program director who will provide additional information regarding objectives, service-learning, artifacts, reflections, presentation format, and evaluative criteria and scoring.

The EPB is a group of experienced and widely successful educators from Dallas Baptist University and the Metroplex. A copy of the teacher candidate's service record will be required to substantiate the teaching experience requirement prior to recommending the teacher candidate to register for the state certification examinations.
Practicing teachers, administrators, consultants, superintendents, guidance directors, personnel directors, and Educational Region Service Center personnel as well as DBU professors and administrators volunteer their time for this highly selective process. All graduate candidates are required to compile and maintain an electronic, developmental Defense of Degree. Please note that meeting dates and times change each semester and are dependent on the individual instructor of the course. There are three types of documents that must be included in the Defense of Degree: required documents, foundational elements, and competency artifacts.
Throughout the program, the candidate will collect these documents and upload them to their designed TaskStream account.

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