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The study of leadership allows individuals to examine the fundamental institutions in society, to develop skills in research and analysis, and to prepare to enter challenging and influential roles in many areas. Our K-12 graduates have become school principals, program coordinators and central office administrators, district superintendents, state superintendents and directors of state and national organizations - one has served as Assistant Secretary of Education for the United States Department of Education.
Abstract Fostering global leaders for the next generation is an important mission of universities. Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. See the online catalog for the official course requirements and general education requirements.
Leadership for Learning attracts a diverse student population, each of whom brings their own personal and professional experiences and abilities to the cohort group. Click on a student’s name to learn more about their academic and professional background. I began my career in public education as a teacher in programs that served students with special needs and emotional-behavioral disabilities. To apply my leadership skills to working collaboratively with other leaders, schools and communities to create high performing systems that successfully educate and prepare each student for life after leaving K-12 education. To work as a High School Principal and then possibly pursue other opportunities in the field of education. Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a logistics and finance specialist in the Navy and in private industry. To serve as a principal and superintendent in a multicultural learning community learning and leading in the struggle for social justice, freedom and human dignity for all people across the fabric of our community. How do our political, economic, and environmental policies affect marginalized students and their academic achievement? To continue developing my capacity for teaching, learning, and leading while serving to improve the education of ALL students. I am currently the principal of Cottage Lake Elementary in the Northshore School District, where I’ve been since 2008. Districts impact student learning through thoughtful management of resources, professional development and support of teachers, and targeted instruction based on assessment results. Professional Goal: I plan to continue to work in a leadership capacity in the public school system and eventually help prepare future teachers. To enhance, develop and implement instructional practices that recognizes all learners and increases student achievement for all students by leveraging my skills, abilities and training in a prominent district leadership role. In August, 2011, I began coordinating teacher candidates seeking a K-8 teaching certificate in the Master in Teaching program at Whitworth University. In the short term, my goal is to partner pre-service teachers with successful educators to build capacity as future teacher leaders. To continue my growth as an educational leader to provide increased opportunities for all students to learn and to gain the skills and experience necessary to someday serve as a superintendent. In October 2011 I joined the math-science team at Puget Sound ESD as the Science Program Manager.
My goal upon entering the Leadership for Learning program is to learn what it is going to take to support the system-wide shift that finally provides children of all racial and socioeconomic groups with the opportunity to learn the skills of a 21st century citizen which includes the opportunity to ask questions of personal interest and to participate in a community of learners to find their own answers. To continue working towards the day when background characteristics such as socio-economic level, race, ethnicity, and gender are meaningless when it comes to educational outcomes.
I am a National Board Certified Teacher currently working at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. I am passionate about supporting the growth and development of students through the growth and development of educators. I am currently work at Kentlake High School in Kent Washington where I have served as an Assistant Principal for 2 years. I am currently serving students, teachers, and administrators in the Puyallup School District as the Director of Instructional Leadership. Empowering teachers, administrators, and colleagues to use researched best practices and self-reflect on their own instructional practice with the intent on continuous improvement is among my primary goals. To identify and take advantage of learning opportunities that support my continual growth as an educational leader. I am currently the principal of Seattle World School in Seattle Public Schools; an international middle and high school where students represent fifty languages. I am excited to work with an organization that is committed to equity education and willing to intentionally analyze and align each layer of the organization from policies, procedures, finances and curriculum into a common vision and practice that successfully tackles the achievement and opportunity gap that exists.
Before coming into education, I worked in transportation (Metro Transit, Seattle), did an internship at Health and Human Services in DC, and spent 4 years in international banking (BankAmerican Travelers Cheques, San Francisco). I would like to help develop a model of learning that encompasses the most cutting edge pedagogies and ensure that underserved students in rural isolated school districts are as well served with educational opportunities as the most advantaged of their peers.
From the higher education program, our graduates have had distinguished careers in both academics and administration in Nevada and across the nation.

In Japan, Leading Programs in Doctoral Education (LP) has been implemented in many graduate schools. Role of Leading Programs in Doctoral Education: A New Type of Leadership Education in the Sciences at University of Hyogo, Japan. One of the hallmarks of the L4L program is that students collaborate with and learn from each other as well as from the faculty as they proceed through their educational experience. I have served as a principal in three different schools: Taft Elementary in Redwood City, CA, Bailey Gatzert Elementary in the Seattle Public Schools and West Mercer Elementary in the Mercer Island School District.
I have traveled extensively, volunteering in places such as the Philippines, Guam and Brasil, with a specific interest in the global conditions that permit or prohibit access to education for youth, adults and entire communities. I lead with a focus on inquiry-based learning to improve instructional practice and create opportunities for strategic and collaborative governance. Because a dominant culture creates our educational system, what are the effects of this system on students of marginalized cultures? I am motivated to improve systems-level leadership to positively influence student-centered instruction. At Cottage Lake, we are proud to work as a Professional Learning Community, grounding our practice in the recognition that all students can achieve at high levels, and that it is our responsibility to ensure that it happens. My goal is to build capacity at the district and building level for professional development of teachers, focusing on measurable student achievement. My goal, as a school principal, is to work collaboratively to influence and lead others in the creation of inviting and safe learning communities where rigorous instruction produces evidence of effective student learning for each student.
During the past year I taught courses in Literacy and Language Arts, the Writing Rally, and General Methods, Assessment, and Management.
My long term goal is to apply leadership skills that can change systems, reduce inequities, and help all students reach their potential. Prior to this position I worked as the statewide math-science director for all nine Educational Service Districts supporting their collaborative efforts and partnerships with OSPI. Prior to Odle, I served as the Assistant Principal at Highland Middle School for one year, served as the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Developer for the Bellevue School District for 8 years, served as the Activities Director and Head Coach for both Boys and Girls Tennis at Bellevue High for 15 years, and I taught mathematics and statistics at both Bellevue High and at a private high school for 10 years. As the Director of the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project, the National Board Certification Program and the Beginning Educator Support Program, I oversee the support of state programs that support the ongoing professional growth of educators.
I have spent the last five years of my career bridging the gap between policy and practice. Prior to this opportunity I was a mathematics teacher at Federal Way High School, my alma mater.
Returning to the Pacific Northwest after San Francisco, I worked for 12 years as a policy analyst at the Higher Education Coordinating Board conducting academic, financial aid, and technology policy work especially at the intersection between the K-12 and higher education systems.
They have held such positions as professor, department chair, program director, financial aid officer, dean, university vice president and college president.
The main goal of this program is to foster PhDs with deep specialization and peer leadership who will be able to compete well internationally. Using TMO ALPs Programs has received the.A  The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The work I have done with children extends through my formative years and into my adulthood through the YMCA. I want to engage staff, students and the community as partners in learning for equity, excellence and justice oriented practice in our growing and ever-complex global community.
As our nation grows more diverse, and we wrestle with pressing economic and environmental issues, I am interested in the success of place-based community schools that strive for full collaboration, trust, rigor, and engagement.
My classroom experience includes middle and high school coursework, teaching AP Government, U.S. My intent is to serve students, educators, families and community members in the position of a school district superintendent. Prior to coming to Northshore, I served as an administrator in the Edmonds and Renton School Districts, a teacher in Lake Washington School District, and a teacher in a private school. Before coming to Washington State, I worked for eleven years as both a teacher and counselor in Chicago (my hometown) and Michigan. 21st Century Skills include, but are not limited to: technology, collaboration, media literacy, and adaptability. In 2005, I began a three-year sojourn to Colorado where I first served as an assistant principal for West Middle school in Aurora, Colorado and then served as the elementary science coordinator for Denver Public Schools. I spent 12 years as a teacher leader in the North Thurston Public Schools prior to coming to OSPI in 2007.
I have learned the critical importance of blending the real work of teaching and leading with the education policy world.
I have also taught online summer school for several years with Internet Academy and a private tutoring company. I have particular interests in working toward institutionalized changes that will better serve and prepare diverse student populations for success after graduation.

I began my career in Puyallup as a science and math instructor at the junior high for seven years and then taught high school math and chemistry for an additional eight years. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in Seattle Public Schools at the intermediate grade levels in both ELL and general education classrooms.
I co-wrote a college outreach grant for low income students for the state which led into my co-founding an educational nonprofit, the Northwest Learning and Achievement Group (NLA) in 199 which has served low income students in school districts from Walla Walla to the Canadian border.
The Graduate School of Life Science, University of Hyogo is implementing a LP to foster global leaders using cutting-edge technology. I also have experience with various other programs such as Title I, ELL and Health Services. History, European History, Language Arts, Web Design, Video Production and Student Leadership in both rural and suburban schools. I have enjoyed coaching youth and high school soccer teams in all three states during this time.
It is my goal to develop the skills necessary to teach adults about those skills and how to integrate those skills into their teaching practice. Prior to this I work for the Pacific Science Center in a variety of capacities including Washington State LASER program director and teacher education manager. I attained my Washington State principal certification in 2009 and renewed my National Board Certification in 2011. In the future, I hope to lead at the district or state level and continue to bring that vision to life.
This position also allowed me to write secondary math curriculum for Internet Academy’s course offerings.
In 2003, I took an overseas teaching position in Shanghai, China at the Shanghai Community International Schools. NLA provided enrichment and remedial afterschool programs and college outreach programs to more than 4,000 students in 2011-12 alone.
They are also trying to create new evaluation criteria of human resource development with their corporate sponsors.
More recently, I served students and families as a Teacher, Activity Coordinator and House Administrator at Denny International Middle School.
Coaching has been a pleasure, as well as working with student leadership and multiple other student clubs. I was a classroom teacher in kindergarten, first, and second grades, a Reading Recovery teacher, a literacy teacher, and an elementary librarian. I began my career as a middle school science and math teacher in two different K-8 schools. During that time, I completed my Educational Administration certificate as a principal and was Dean of Students for a year and then Associate Principal in my final year in Shanghai.
The success of LP depends not only on how many graduates can play leading roles globally, but also how university staff can create a superior new evaluation criteria of human resource development and how much it can be shared with universities and industry. The skills needed for good leadership are present in all of us, but not all of us are natural leaders. My personal and professional experiences continue to inspire me as a leader-learner in a complex world.
Over my 19 years in education I have enjoyed teaching numerous staff development courses on curriculum, instruction and educational technology in Washington, Alaska, Tennessee, Puerto Rico and Cairo, Egypt.
Upon returning to the United States and the Puyallup School District in 2006, I was re-hired as an instructional coach-a position I held for three years. Development of students and graduates with a high level of ability takes time, thus it is important to consider the continuous development of LP.
Our ALPs series is designed to identify, embrace and and strengthen our ALPs participants leadership abilities.
TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment. Our challenges are experiential in nature and we encourage continued teamwork, realistic goal setting, honest feedback and shared learning in a experiential process which stimulates our creative thinking and problem solving skill sets. TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment. These are quality adult programs designed for Outdoor Leadership & Professional Development.

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