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Please explore the programs, certifications and accomplishments of all the individuals that make the ELLC Department an outstanding and excellent place for all our students. The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership, Learning and Curriculum is to prepare individuals to be transformative leaders in a variety of settings. On Saturday September 20th, 2014, 16 Plymouth State doctorate students completed their doctoral externship at the Welcome Center and Ice Arena at Plymouth State University. President Sara Jane Steen presented The Dennise Maslakowski Education Award to Judith Lavoie and Pearl Sandy at the 21st annual EDies Award ceremony on June 7th, 2014.  Pearl Sandy and Judith Lavoie, who worked closely with Dennise Maslakowski to lay the foundation for, and continue the development of, the Plymouth State University Graduate Reading and Writing Programs, were honored for their lifetime achievement in the field of literacy. Jim offers lessons in personal growth and business development, along with Athletic Training and Coaching. Jim is a Business Teacher & Head Football Coach along with the Offensive Coordinator at University High School, Orlando Florida. Jim Pusateri is always looking for new opportunities where he can offer his knowledge, experience and creativity. I have found over the years If it wasn’t going to kill me or cause permanent bodily damage, why not give it a shot? COMING SOON: Self-Help online courses – Is there something you wish they would have taught you in school? Get all our updates and insider information along with a FREE at Home Exercise Program that doesn’t require any equipment or cost. The one thing that happens to many people is along the way on their journey they fail at something and let it define them, they go about changing their self and pretending to be someone their not.
Today we are going to discuss: Find your dream career– Our Goal is to help you get mentally ready to WIN the week ahead!
I struggle with this big time, but have found a few steps that I can take to improve what I hear.
Today we are going to discuss: Improving one day at a time – Our Goal is to help you get mentally ready to WIN the week ahead! Everyone can improve their life one day at a time no matter where you are in life or what you’re doing now, or how you are feeling about life now, it doesn’t matter where you are heading towards right now you can change your direction by improving one day at a time. The way to improve your life is to move forward towards your goals and desires every single day – one step at a time. Most people are afraid to try something new, embrace a new challenge, something that they have never done before. The why to me is to grow yourself, stretch to new limits, acquire new knowledge and skills. 4.Get a healthy mind and body – eat right put the proper nutrition in your body along with some form of exercise.
Looking for a no cost, no equipment form of exercise you can do from home go our home page and register to get a free home exercise program that doesn’t require any equipment or cost. Hello, everyone, this is Coach “P” your Host, Teacher & Coach – are you Looking for some inspiration? I’m a Business Teacher & Head Football Coach along with being the Offensive Coordinator at University High School, Orlando Florida. All that and more is available in the 15 minutes of inspiration Podcast with Coach “P” –  helping you jump start your week ahead.
David Cameron is an independent consultant undertaking a range of major projects and reviews and supporting national developments, particularly Curriculum for Excellence, and delivering training across theUK. He works closely with the National Parents’ Forum Scotland and is a keen supporter of parental involvement. Sara manages Cost of the School Day, a Glasgow Poverty Leadership Panel project based with Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland and working in partnership with Glasgow City Council Education Services.

Sara is working in eight Glasgow schools to learn more about where problems lie throughout the school day for children and young people from low income households. Sara has previously held research, evaluation and development posts in various youth and equalities organisations. Dr Mary Hoey is Assistant Director with responsibility for Inclusion within Education Scotland. John is also a GTCS Fitness to Teach Panel member and an Associate Tutor with Glasgow University.
Eileen Prior is Executive Director of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC), a long standing charity which offers support and information on all aspects of education to parents and carers.
Eileen heads a small staff team providing support services and, since joining SPTC in 2010, has been responsible for strengthening the organisation’s engagement with both its members and the wider educational community. Eileen spent most of her career as a PR professional, both running her own business and as a director of the Scottish operation of Weber Shandwick. Each candidate got the chance to speak on behalf of their respective topic and was recognized for their accomplishments followed by the presentations. Ann Berry, Assistant Professor who has been honored as a Faculty Fellow for her research in special education teacher retention in rural areas by the Center For Rural Partnerships.
Through Inspirational Leadership University he provides educational events, seminars, podcasts, e-courses, mentoring and personal and business development instruction and curriculum. This vision gave birth to Inspirational Leadership University where Jim uses his over 25 years of experience to help create successful students, athletes and adults in the game of life in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Personal Development and Athletic Coaching.
It’s your life mission or passion, everyone should have some sort of master plan for their life. Don’t let anyone in this world tell you who you should be or what you should do, find your passion make it your journey and don’t change for anyone.
When you learn something new you grow your skills, grow your value, create new opportunity and develop new relationships. Each day the sun comes up, it’s a new day, it’s a new start – are you prepare or just floating through the day hoping something good happens. I firmly believe that statement and live it daily, I see way to often people who never get started because they don’t think they have enough information, or the finances to dive in.
In-depth study of the key concepts, theories, practices, and procedures of teacher leaders in educational environments. Lecture course providing educators with skills and information to analyze safety data, plan safety interventions and manage crises in educational settings. In addition, students will be required to develop a school and community prevention and safety plan.
She co-authored the recent Joseph Rowntree Report CLOSING THE ATTAINMENT GAP IN SCOTTISH EDUCATION with her colleague Dr Edward Sosu. He recently reviewed arrangements for Devolved School Management for the Scottish Government.
Children and young people's experiences and ideas will inform the development of practical policy and practice solutions in each school, designed to reduce or remove poverty related stigma and exclusion and ensure that all children and young people can make the most of the school day. In a previous role at LGBT Youth Scotland she worked with Education Scotland to develop a toolkit resource which support school staff in dealing with homophobia and homophobic bullying. She is currently leading the Schools Improvement Partnership Programme which is supporting innovation in tackling inequality in educational outcomes in Scotland.
Initially he was a member of the scoping team establishing possible models for the new the Scottish College for Educational Leadership.
In addition, SPTC is recognised in the education sector as a significant reference point in relation to parental involvement and perspectives.

You must control your fear, in fact you should feed off your fear, because it’s the things your fear the most that will lead you to the higher levels of success.
We all have the same amount of time each day 1440 minutes – how we use those minutes determines if we are getting the most out of each day. They wait until the perfect situation having all the answers and so forth, what they find out is that the information or opportunity has already change, things move fast in today’s world. I call it the art of resilience, never letting yourself lose sight of the original goal, telling yourself daily it’s the goal that matters not the small stuff that happens in between.
We’ll all that and more is available with the 15 minutes of Inspiration Podcast –  We are here to help Educate and inspire people to MOVE FORWARD toward success. The study of change theory and its application in educational settings by educational leaders, teacher leaders, professional staff, support staff, students and communities to improve student achievement.14 field hours required.
Candidates will conduct curriculum alignment and development that encompasses analysis, synthesis and justification for applied curriculum. Most recently she worked at Save the Children, carrying out research and evaluation of the youth leadership and reading help elements of their child poverty programme portfolio. Since becoming an HM Inspector of Education in 2005, she has inspected across primary and secondary schools and further education colleges and was is the National Specialist for biology and science (secondary). During this secondment, he worked on many national projects including Flexible Route to Headship, Coaching and Mentoring and coordinated the CPD Network Planning group, which organises the National Network meetings and the National Conference. Eileen has served on the GTCS and as a volunteer board member with a range of organisations which promote parental involvement in children’s services. If you wait until you have all the answers before diving in an opportunity of venture it will probably be too late or you will find your still behind because the original opportunity has already changed or grown into something bigger. Many will say that’s easy for you to say, you don’t know the bad things that have happened to me. Candidates will collect, analyze, and interpret data related to the impact on student learning and make a final presentation.
She has had a lead role in advising on national policy and implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in relation to assessment and qualifications and the secondary curriculum.
John returned briefly to School before being seconded to his Local Authority as a Professional Officer where he held responsibility for Leadership, including the Flexible Route to Headship and Middle Leadership programmes, Parental involvement and Quality Improvement.
First you have to determine what the plan is that become your life journey some reach it early some take an entire life to get there.
So how do you do that: To me it’s all about the plan, what’s on my action list what needs to be done, list them and schedule the time to do them and don’t waste a single minute.
My response: I’m sure I don’t know or had to deal with many things that have happened in your lifetime, but I can tell you my story and see if you can relate and find the strength to develop a MOVE FORWARD attitude.
Prior to joining Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education, she was a Qualifications Manager with the Scottish Qualifications Authority with responsibility for the development, assessment and quality assurance of post-16 qualifications in biology, chemistry and biotechnology. He was also Vice Chair of the National Parental Officers’ Network and a member of the National Flexible Route to Headship Steering Group. She has been a teacher of biology and lecturer in science education as well as a research biochemist.
Yes, there will be some setbacks along the way but if you know the end game were you’re going the setbacks will become learning experience toward your destination.

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