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A few weeks ago, I saw this infographic in a leadership article, and since that moment, I have not stopped thinking about the truth in its depiction. For example, in order to effectively lead in the dance studio environment, studio owners should make time to be in the classroom. In the same vein, dance industry leaders and mentors must be knowledgeable of the current, everyday happenings in the dance industry (which was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of The Dance Exec). Recent Product ReviewsBook Recommendation: The Night Before My Dance RecitalThis book is great to use in the midst of dance recital season!

How can you create your culture and curriculum, guide your instructors, or appropriately discuss situations with parents and students if you are removed from in-classroom happenings?
This knowledge cannot be presumed or fabricated; it must stem from facts, knowledge, and educational experiences at every level. Guidance should stem from sustained, direct, tangible experience versus an assumption or utopic interpretation. If you are serving in a leadership role, are you conscious of the message your actions are portraying?

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educational leadership quotes marzano

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