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EdX offers free online access to real courses offered by prestigious universities from around the world.
EdX was created by Harvard University and MIT as a platform for individuals around the world to gain free access to higher education. Many online learning sites can be isolating, since they lack the social component of traditional schools. The Linux Foundation has long offered a wide variety of online training courses for the Linux operating system for a fee.
EdX offers more than 160 courses in many areas of study, including the arts and humanities, public health, law, math and computer science. Based in Cambridge, MA, USA, EdX is a nonprofit enterprise offering online courses from the 34 global institutions of higher education that comprise the xConsortium, along with a diverse group of leading organizations around the world that also contributes courses to edx.org. This course, which offers basic Linux training for free, will help students become better equipped for the hundreds of thousands of jobs supporting the open source operating system.

This introductory class on edX.org, for Linux beginners and experts alike, will begin this summer. More than 400 faculty and staff teach on the edX platform and over 130,000 certificates have been earned by edX students. There is a discussion board where students can pose questions to their Professor and each other. Nearly 90,000 people have registered to date, and with no cap on registration, many more are expected to enroll.
Prior to enrolling in a course, a prospective student is able to view the class’s schedule, as well as its prerequisites. Since many of these courses come directly from places like Harvard and MIT, EdX ensures that you’re not jumping into anything too difficult without the proper preparation. While you’re learning on your own and at your own pace, you’re also closely connected with a vast community of likeminded, knowledge-seeking individuals.

If you do want to learn, however, the opportunity is always available.  Some courses are completely open for registration, and others (such as a relatively prestigious Harvard course on Foreign Policy) require an application. EdX courses are offered by schools such as the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Texas system and Georgetown University, as well as internationally-acclaimed institutions such as Australian National University and the Hong Kong University Of Science and Technology. They simply will not be graded and will not receive an official certificate of completion after finishing the course.
Of course, those are two of the best schools in the United States, so that’s not a bad thing at all.

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edx free online education at harvard mit uc berkeley

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