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Risk Communication, as it applies to organizational change, gives leadership a powerful problem solving communication toolkit that builds trust and fosters informed support among stakeholders. The Center’s communication practitioners provide science-based collaborative techniques one-on-one or in groups with organizational leaders.
Utilizing proven science-based collaborative techniques, we excel at identifying key issues with high impact, producing strategies that prevent or mitigate high stress situations. The Center’s counsel and support is tailored to the unique and specific needs of your situation. Pioneers in the development and application of advanced communication methods, we specialize in effective communication strategies during high stress, emotionally charged situations.
While it is essential to convey facts clearly, that alone is often insufficient to quell people’s concerns. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. NLP is a relatively new field, created in the 1970’s by Richard Bundler, and John Grindler in the States. They found out the following while studying the 3 therapists called geniuses at that time, businesspeople with top sales, athletes who were able to use their power to the fullest and later on people who had good results in dealings with all kinds of communications. That by determining the individual patterns for “thinking” and “behavior (acting)”?these people had, other people could copy (model) them. Today, NLP is studied all over the world and has grown in the fields such as coaching, business, sports and also education.

Description of NLP – Finding a better self and having a happier life through thinking and acting effectively. From a human resources development perspective, NLP is a way to model effective ways of thinking and communicating used by successful people. NLP training is aimed at giving your thoughts and actions more flexibility and making “a sensory system in your mind” that automatically allows adjustments and changes. NLP has been studied by more than 1 million people in 42 countries and has become a highly recognized field in the world. Excellent businessman, doctors and leaders all over the world have already proven the effectiveness of this leading-edge psychology. And Trainer course where you will be certified as a trainer who can hold NLP Certified Seminars. When concern is high and trust is low, conditions consistent with organizational change, a departure from traditional communication models becomes necessary. Our senior consultants are experts in behavioral science, and are committed for the duration of the project. Research shows that public concerns typically are based 95 percent on perceptions and only five percent on facts. They were interested in “The top people in different fields” and studied fully the secret of their success.
In other words, to have the same kind of achievements as someone brilliant, it is possible to learn from their patterns. NLP teaches us how to deal with these situations and people instead of trying to change the situation or person.

By studying NLP, you will naturally demonstrate communication skills with others in a desirable way by changing your action patterns, according to the way you observe another person’s state, actions, or expressions. By sharpening your awareness of even small things, your sensitivity and creativity will also heighten.
Flexibility: Managing ability of your condition so that it is always flexible in any situation. Research studies on Risk Communication explain why this is so and suggest how to change the communication model for more effective results during difficult times.
People’s behavior usually is predicated on perceptions – often misperceptions – that differ substantially from reality (facts).
NLP also focuses on the mechanism of the brain, and is an epoch-making psychology that includes the notion of conscious and unconscious in yourself and others. You need the sensitivity to notice if what you are doing is getting you nearer to your goal. The Practitioner License course will give you the basic concept of what NLP is; the Master Practitioner Course develops the ability in you to change others and groups through NLP skills. In NLP, people who have flexibility have many opportunities and also have the abilities to control situations.

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effective change communication in the workplace

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