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Other Languages (In collaboration with translators, natives in other languages) - Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese,French,Chinese (Simplified Chinese - The Official Language). Having only registered very recently on ProZ (May, 2001), this profile is slowly being built up. Excellent fluency in Arabic & English (bilingual - Age 8-12 USA, Age 13-18 American Schooling, Age 18-23 UK College Education). Assistant Director of WHO (World Health Organisation - UN) Regional Training Center, (Middle East Area).
For overseas payments they are to be made direct to “Auday Hatim Abdul Sahib” (name as spelt in passport), Current Account Number, 0697445573, Riqqa Branch, Mashreq Bank, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. All transfer fees, charges, commissions, fax (where needed) charges, courier (for floppy, CD, printout etc.) and any non translation extras, to be borne by the client requiring the translation service.
If the job is to be faxed the estimated fax charges will be accepted and paid by the client.
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The latter are sites by an independent organisation and the latter two will lead you to downloading the first site if not immediately downloadable. The following below is in Arabic and may not reproduce on some monitors (depending on the operating system of your computer). As a supervisor, your ability to understand your employees can improve your communication with them. Getting your message across clearly the first time can eliminate confusion and allow you to make a plan of action that effectively directs your employees. In order to adapt your style to your audience, it may be helpful to recognize that there is more than one right way to convey your message. Communications is more than just transmitting your beliefs and opinions about events that anyone can look up on the Internet.
With an clear understanding of what communication is, coupled with the courage to speak and practice, you will know everything you need to know about how to improve your communication skills. Municipality, Police Headquarters etc.) and individuals for translation of contracts, letters, degree, training and school certificates, curriculum vitae, medical reports, marriage certificates, translated official transactions and petitions, labour agreements etc.
Municipality, Police Headquarters etc.), translation of contracts, letters, degrees, training and school certificates, curriculum vitae, medical reports, marriage certificates, translated official transactions, petitions, labour agreements etc. Teaching & Training Instructor for electronics, basics of digital electronics, maintenance and service of X-Ray Machines, switchgear and electrical wiring of buildings. X-Ray Machines and full range of accessories (Cut Film Changer, Angiography & Catheterisation measurement equipment), building wiring and control eqpt.

Depending on the size of the translation payments may be required in installments as the work gets emailed (within two days from being submitted by email). It will provide you with the basic guidelines on the matter of choosing the translator for your requirements. Presently we are working at discounted prices from $ 0.15 per word downwards, at $ 50 minimum total for short text. This includes gaining an understanding of their work habits, learning styles and individual preferences.
Effective communication skills are key goals to obtaining the productivity and results you desire. That’s why it’s important that you know how to improve your communications skills so you can develop favorable relationships with the people you care about most. Therefore, it’s imperative that you’re consciously aware of the words you use when you engage in conversation with others. I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.Words can make or break relationships.
Frontline staff spend most of their communication with customers, therefore good communication skill over the telephone is essential to business success and first impression is important. Sales Team and Tele-marketers who wish to have breakthrough in their sales performance are strongly recommended to attend this WorkShop. It may be somewhat deformed from copy pasting it from original Word document into the entry box on ProZ, but will be attended to as opportunity allows for modifications. Small jobs of less than 4000 words must be paid within two days from being submitted by email. Without an overall understanding of your employees, it can be difficult to effectively convey your intended message.However, if you do understand these aspects, communicating effectively can be expressed much easier. Which can allow you spend more time improving results.When addressing your team, speak clearly and be articulate. Having a plan can guide your communication in a way that helps avoid repetition and hesitation. As long as you are consciously aware of your own beliefs and opinions, you’ll be fully equipped to convey your true person to others. In order to keep your communication skills samurai sharp, you must make a conscious effort to discipline yourself to practice using new words and phrases on a daily basis. What might seem like a simple word to you might make the world of a difference to someone else.
This course is designed with practical handles to improve the staff telephone communication skills.

He has trained hundreds of local companies and MNC in English Language Communication Skills. Fax charges, where necessary and unless alternatively agreed on, to be borne by the client (see CONDITIONS below). Client accepts that once a translation is commissioned and emailed back as "done", no excuses will be accepted or considered valid to cover up any failure or delay to pay in full.
Upon communication a price or discount is quoted, which will stand for the duration of your tender or for one week only or as stated in our reply. If they cannot understand what you are saying, they cannot understand what you expect of them. This can improve the flow of your presentation and allow your employees to understand what you are trying to communicate.
If you aren’t use to sharing how you feel with others, it might seem a bit weird in the beginning to do so. If there are certain pieces of information that you need, but do not have, simply ask questions.Getting to know your employees contributes to the level at which you can understand them. One of the best ways to practice your communications skills is to join your local Toastmasters club. All that means is that you must know whom you’re talking to and the best words to use to convey yourself to that person at that point in time.
With his wealth knowledge and experiences, he is also able to transfer life skills in a seamless manner in his workshop and assist the participants to achieve a breakthrough. If they feel that you are genuinely interested in them and what they have to say, they will likely be more open to discussion. Visual aids can help your employees to remember what has been said without having to reevaluate every detail.
So today, we’re going to learn some effective communication skills to convey the details of your life. Just like an athlete needs a gym and coaching staff to provide them with feedback on their performance to get better, you need the same type of environment to improve your communication skills, which is what Toastmaster offers. Observing teamwork displayed by your employees can also help you give you further insight into their habits and tendencies. In addition, be sure to answer any questions that may arise.When you take the time to clarify at the point of discussion, you reduce the chances of having faulty or negative results.

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