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The usual question is why should anyone be led by you, and there are a plethora of well used answers.
Delegates sent a short piece of pre-reading that will inform the first part of the workshop. Delegates asked to complete a reflection on some workplace practice that may offer them a different conception of those who report into them and also colleagues with whom they have a broader interaction. If you are going to become an effective communicator then it will mean you’ll have to change the way you behave. The tutor is one of the foremost authorities on leadership and management theory and it’s application to the workplace in the UK. Here students learn an introduction to public speaking and the various related terminology and vocabulary.A Learn about its importance to business, making presentations, dealing with fear, and business communication. In addition, we also have included informative public speaking and communication related articles. Students will understand the importance of ethics in public speaking and will be able to identify unethical and ethical behavior in other speakers. Students will understand the psychology of the audience and how it can be used to make a speech more effective. Students will identify effective examples of word choice, imagery, and repetition in speeches.A Students will understand how to effectively incorporate these elements into their own speeches.
Students will learn the importance of good communication skills, including written and verbal.
Students will learn basic telephone skills including scheduling calls, appropriate greetings and endings, effective listening skills, gathering information, and phone etiquette. It is incredibly important to remember some key etiquette rules when sending and receiving email. How you communicate and the words you use can have an important impact on the way people perceive you.

Learn basic business telephone skills including scheduling calls, appropriate greetings and endings, listening skills, and etiquette. Presentation Skill defines our abilities to present information to others and is a critical skill we all must develop. This program is for any professional who is called upon to make formal, informal, or team presentations. PowerPoint has become the tool of choice for designing, developing and delivering presentations. Description:- This one-day, hands-on session will explore PowerPoint skills such as working with templates, using multimedia objects and custom animations, adding interactions, and publishing completed presentations. Each participant will prepare & present a presentation again to the class and they will all be video taped and the analysis will be done by all the participants on formats discussed during class.
The basic purpose would now be to see that how much of the learning has been put into practice and what were the difficulties faced. Whether it be getting the most out of your staff  or whether it be creating and capitalising on new opportunities –  effective use of communication can help achieve your objectives.
By asking why should anyone want to be led by you, this workshop encourages self inspection and gives participants an opportunity to take an honest look at their style of interaction and how they communicate  in the workplace. There have been a great number of change management workshops, many of them are extremely effective, however if it is true that change is inevitable then it is clear that the way we develop the ability to manage change must also change.  This workshop takes a brief look at the traditional change management process before moving onto some less well known concepts. Students will also learn effective listening skills, clarity, consistency, and other communication skills. It provides corporate training and performance enhancement solutions in several areas of employee training like soft skill training, leadership training, management training, HR training etc.
Individuals with powerful effective presentation, communication, and people skills understand just how critical these skills are to their success in presenting their messages and proposals.
Our people skills and our communication presenting skills are the very tools we need to use on a daily basis to meet the ever increasing demands placed on us to present our messages and proposals effectively in our daily lives and in the business world which has changed so enormously in recent decades, with its technology and globalization pushing us to work longer, harder, smarter and faster. Because of this we will need these skills more than ever in the coming years to meet the challenges ahead of us.

This highly practical workshop will provide participants with the skills required to make and deliver effective presentations. Each participant will prepare a 5 – 10 min presentation on any relevant topic, which they will present at the beginning of workshop. This powerful application, if used appropriately, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of visually presented information in a variety of settings. Workshop participants will receive a full instruction set, tip sheets, and templates so that they can re-create all of the PowerPoint effects presented during the workshop. Emotionally Intelligent leaders are generally accepted as good communicators and as  having great success in organisations.
By taking an overview of Emotional Intelligence and combining it with some aspects of Transactional Analysis participants should gain an insight into not only how to communicate better but also an understanding of why some communication breaks down. Effective presentation skills can make the difference between an initiative that stalls, and one that moves forward with support and buy-in. The most persuasive presenters deliver their ideas clearly, demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm, and handle objections with poise. However there is a growing acceptance that EI has a ‘dark side’ and during this interactive course participants will be given the tools they will need to recognise this negative EI in themselves and others . This workshop will offer details of the participants presenting styles as well as practical guidance on how to timetable an event and keep delegates interested and involved throughout.

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effective communication skills training course outline iium

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