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Effective CommunicationAtieh Roshan Consulting has invested a great deal of time and energy to working on building effective communication and developing interpersonal skills in organisations. The eldest from a family of four, Natasha describes herself as a happy person who enjoys reading, research, travelling, teaching and learning.
Having taken on and completed 18 courses with ALISON in the past year, Natasha says her knowledge and grown vastly in a range of subjects in that time, while improving her teaching skills.

Natasha says she loves the flexibility that learning on ALISON offers so that she can study at her own pace and convenience. I would advise anyone considering studying on ALISON to embrace the opportunity to learn and achieve enlightenment on as many subjects as you desire. I have always been interested in psychology and the courses Alison has on offer has filled that gap.

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effective communication techniques in nursing

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