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First let’s agree that when we use the word communication we are referring to verbal and non-verbal communication.
Verbal and non-verbal language is an essential element for committed relationships, friendships, business relationship and virtually all other kinds of relationships. Conversely, if we fidget, sigh, roll our eyes, make any of a number of faces with our mouths and lips (you know what I mean!), we could be accurately perceived by the speaker to be in disagreement, contemptuous, critical, disapproving, etc.
We communicate verbally with the words we choose, with inflection, pitch, decibel level, and cadence.
Similarly, others express their thoughts and feelings, needs and want, likes and dislikes and their internal experiences are valid and legitimate.
If you follow these steps, you’re well on your way to being a highly effective electronic communicator.  That skill will make you more productive at work and beyond, and you’ll find people paying more attention to what you say and how you say it!
Last week I blogged about some qualities every freelancer should have to be successful – one of them being good communication skills.
If you are working online and don’t have personal meetings with your clients, you should follow some basic rules and etiquette for effective online communication. You may be used to abbreviate words or skip them altogether with your friends on Skype but remember you have business relation with your clients. If a client sends you an email with information or with questions and changes request, reply to him within the next 24 hours. Try explaining your point with other words, with screenshots, with stories, or with an example. If you notice during the interview that your client has inability to articulate his thoughts, well – maybe your daily work with them would be the same.
If you often use Skype to discuss with your clients changes, project scope and suggestions for improvement, I suggest you summarize what you have agreed on during the call and send it to the client for confirmation. I have always been amused how freelancers take up a project and then ask for help and for more details their friends and colleagues. I would avoid trying to make jokes or be humourous since not everyone has the same sense of humour. Excellent point Lorraine, humor is pretty personal, unless you know someone it always has to be gentle or not present at all. When you work at a regular job, you know after a short period exactly what your boss wants.
I love the point you made about using proper language, not only are the abbriviations irritating because they need to be deciphered, but they leave me wondering about the maturity of the writer. Make your blog posts both search-engine and readers friendly PLUS get access to other goodies!
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We depend on making ourselves understood to convey our wants and needs, likes and dislikes, thoughts and feelings, and to make requests of others. For example, when we are listening, we might tilt our heads a bit or lean forward toward the speaker. And make no mistake; a speaker’s attitude comes across loud and clear when she or he speaks.
Communicating verbally and non-verbally in a kind, responsible and respectful way furthers understanding, feeling valued, respected and cared for and increases intimacy and trust. If an email gets the better of you and stirs up passionate feelings (for better or worse), take some deep breaths and proceed with caution. They are certainly not universal and don’t guarantee your success as a freelancer, neither they are an exhaustive list. Depending on how long you have worked together or what type of business relation you have, your tone can be rather friendly than formal.
Instant communication may create an expectancy that you are always there and replying instantly, always. If your client has difficulties communicating effectively, then tell to them what is not clear. This usually leads to bad results, work in the wrong direction, sometimes even starting over, wasted time and money and a lot of disappointment for both the freelancer and the client. It doesn’t matter if the questions and lack of clarity comes during the freelance interview or after you have started working – ask, always! In my experience, it is only after months and sometimes years working with someone online when i am comfortable enough to make jokes and share humor with a client.
It’s easier than scrolling through lots of Google pages and hoping we’ve picked out the right term. After my first few editing projects, I also developed a contract that clearly outlines the scope and expectations of the project.
It is so important to communicate in a professional way to clients both external and internal clients. It amazes me how often people presume that they are understood in business exchanges without verifying.
That means identify what is going on for you inside yourself, learn to language it and find the courage to express it. Common ways to respond, although unproductive and harmful, are to complain, blame and criticize. Your truth is your recognition of what you are experiencing inside yourself and outside of yourself at any given moment.
When you are engaged in a meaningful conversation, say to you partner, “Tell me more.” This is a special invitation that conveys your interest, and intention to listen and really know them and understand the issue.

I found these tips empirically during the last few years while working as a freelancer and with other freelancers as a client. They would develop a feeling of delay if sometimes you reply within a few hours and not instantly.
If you cannot address the email within 24 hours, then email them back confirming you got the message and giving a date when you will be able to give them the required information. Bad communication can be a red flag for bad clients – follow the link to see more such signs.
This is the only way a freelancer can complete a project with the agreed quality and turnaround time. Ownership implies that you know and believe that you are okay with who you are, and how you experience and react to your inside and outside worlds.
If you are experiencing an upset or a disappointment you may know or understand less about what you are experiencing than at other times.
This way you first demonstrate your professional attitude, and secondly help your client plan their time and schedule according to your time frame.
Also, getting things confirmed in writting is crucial as it will save frustration and misunderstanding.
Other people do not have to understand or agree in order for your experiences to be valid, legitimate and respected. Identify what you need or want or what you want someone to do or say differently, then, make a request.
Focus on what you want to happen, instead of what isn’t happening or what happened that you didn’t like. What I know to be true is this: Just because there are competing priorities and tremendous external pressure on your marriage doesn’t mean your marriage has to feel the impact. The effective communication checklistView the effective communication checklist to ensure that your team benefits from effective communication. Do you need to develop your communication skills?Do you need to develop your communication skills? LMA offers a number of courses that develop and refine this much needed skill, click here to view LMA’s courses.

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