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No doubt you and your mentor spent the majority of your first meeting getting to know each other and developing your Mentoring Partnership Agreement. Creating your personal vision statement is one of the most powerful and significant things you will ever do to take leadership of your life. Goals support your personal vision statement and must be specific and realistically obtainable depending on your capabilities. Why are you trying to achieve those objectives and are they consistent with your philosophy of life?
After writing down all of your goals, assign each a priority and begin to think about what you need to do to achieve your goals. Your action plan describes, step by step, how you are planning to reach your goals by the deadlines you have set.
Once the resources are identified and recorded, your mentor can often aid you in acquiring the proper tools, equipment and human resources that you need to accomplish your objectives by your deadline. Putting it all together is a complex process because, although this course of action provides the greatest opportunity for nurturing learning and development, the mentoring partners experience vulnerability to misunderstandings and road blocks that can derail the relationship. As soon as it is determined that the goals and objectives of your partnership have been met, it is time to reflect on what has been learned, celebrate and move on. Now is the time for you, as a “retiring” mentee to focus on what you have learned, what made the mentoring succeed, and how you can apply those reflections to future mentoring relationships. In your own life as well as your work as a ministry leader, you intuitively know mentoring is important.
Programs using adult mentors show similar outcomes to those using older teens (though most churches we’ve worked with find that pairing teenage leaders with adults is an even greater win-win). Have some that are amazing at building a small group of middle schoolers into a tight-knit community? Have a few incredible senior girls who can co-lead a freshman small group with a few adult women before going off to college next year? Whatever your strengths, resources, or opportunities in your particular setting, use them to build into the lives of teens in intentional ways without worrying that some other model would be better. The research team found that the longer a mentoring relationship continued, the more influential it was in the life of the young person. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has ever, well, had any relationship with another human being.
While there is evidence that shorter relationships can work when both mentor and mentee know up-front how long the mentoring will last, not enough research has been done to draw any air-tight conclusions. When setting up a mentoring program, then, do whatever it takes to maximize the consistency and longevity of the relationships. One of the most important aspects of an effective mentoring program is matching mentors and mentees well. This could be as superficial as a shared love of sports or video games, or something more substantial like a mentor working in a career the teen aspires to. One likely reason is that shared interests give the relationship room to breathe and grow in its earliest, most fragile stages, providing an easy topic of conversation or activity to engage in together.
The secret to any effective mentoring program is the process by which you find great mentors, train them so they can do a great job, and then support them so they continue to do a great job.
At the same time, it is extremely important that all your mentors share the maturity of character to positively influence and consistently engage the teenagers you pair them with.
Research shows that when mentors are given a specific role to play in a teen’s life they are more satisfied and the teen shows better outcomes.
Meet with mentors regularly to build them up and remind them of the importance of their mission.
Since a mentoring relationship that is cut short can be worse than no mentoring relationship at all (key #2), take care not to put together an unsustainable program that will collapse soon after it begins. So build off the strengths and assets of your community to find as diverse and large a group of mature, consistent mentors as you can.

If you’re starting from scratch, come up with a list of great potential mentors, the best you can imagine in your context. Curtis Miller grew up in suburban Northern California and rural Michigan, and after a (very cold) four years in Boston made his way to L.A. From key skill-building to employee retention, mentoring is an effective method for achieving a variety of talent business objectives within an enterprise.
Winny is currently the Director of the McNair Scholars Program, the Director of Projects and Undergraduate Research for the College of Engineering, a Co-PI on an NSF STEP grant to increase graduation rates in STEM, and serves on the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation’s Executive Board. If communicated and implemented well, it can achieve drastic changes in an individual, thus impacting the company's performance.
The form that a mentoring contract or agreement takes is not as important as its contents and its intent.
Our next step, the Mentoring Action Plan helps the you translate your goals into easily executable and attainable steps. A personal vision statement is to be used as a frame of reference to make life's decisions.
Included in your list should be your personal perceptions about your unique capacities and limitations.
Deadlines can be set for different periods of time, such as daily, short-term, and long-term, and a realistically set deadline allows you to measure your performance. Even if you have followed the steps in this training and, as a result, your goals are clearly articulated, the objectives well defined, and the action steps identified, every relationship must find its own path.
By their very definition, mentoring relationships are developmental and focused on the transformation of the mentee from novice to professional in their chosen field. Depending on your experiences, some of those images are incredible while others evoke disappointment or painful memories. What’s less clear is what kinds of mentoring relationships or program models best help to support young people. Programs utilizing a one-on-one approach to mentoring show similar outcomes when compared with group mentoring models. Unlike my dog, Flop, who is happy to immediately make friends with whomever comes around the next bend, most teenagers take time to warm up to a mentor. What research has shown is that when a mentoring relationship is broken off prematurely and unexpectedly, it can have a net-negative impact on the teens involved.
Whatever criteria are used, shared interests correlate to stronger mentor-mentee ties and better outcomes overall.
In other words, they allow the relationship to develop naturally rather than being forced, something that other research has shown is of great importance in mentoring.
Back to the first key above, they don’t have to fit any particular template to be great. Having high standards for the type of mentor you recruit is one of the best ways you can improve the outcomes of your mentoring program.
This role might be listening and giving advice in certain areas of life, or it might be a teaching or information-providing role such as leading a Bible study. Quality leaders who are trained and supported well (key #4) and share interests with the kids they mentor (key #3) are so important.
Insist on finding the attributes you need, and don’t water down the effectiveness of the whole program by compromising. He likes California because the weather doesn't drive you indoors for four months out of the year.
Organizations interested in discovering the right mentoring approach to develop talent can join Chronus’ Client Services expert Kira Fickenscher as she provides guidelines and best practices for use in planning and designing a talent development mentoring program. Although a formal contract is not necessary, the very act of putting something in writing can help the partners better understand what the relationship is to accomplish, and agree on the practicalities of how it will actually work. You will find that goal setting increases your chances for success because your goals will serve as self-motivators helping you to focus your efforts in a consistent direction.

They are intended to be a clear, concise expression of an individual's main purpose in life. These steps are recorded on your Mentoring Action Plan and will be reviewed with your mentor. When this has occurred, an integral part of the closure experience is a highly focused conversation about the specific learning that has taken place as a result of the mentoring relationship.
What can we do to assure volunteers actually serve as reliable guides on the path toward maturity?
The location where the mentoring takes place doesn’t appear to matter either (whether in a coffee shop or over a game of basketball).
In other words, if a small group was supposed to last the whole school year but the leader flakes out in November, the kids might have been better off with no group at all. 3  This is one of the reasons we recommend pairing older teenage mentors with adult co-leaders who can support them as they continue to navigate their own maturing process.
In fact, they are the difference between mentoring that makes a difference and mentoring that might look good but accomplishes nothing. Match them up with one teen or a group of teens with whom they share some interests, and provide ongoing support and encouragement through the bumps in the road.
What sorts of goals for improvement might you have based on these five research-based keys?  Do you need to expand or cut back the scope of your program in order to be more effective? Curtis completed an MDiv at Fuller, is currently pursuing a DMin at Duke, and is an associate pastor at Hillside Community Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
This informative presentation includes a variety of examples of successful mentoring programs with results and metrics on meeting mentoring program goals. Generally used as a starting point and motivational tool for personal growth, an effective personal vision statement requires plenty of thought and meditation. Your vision statement should address any improvements you wish to make on existing weaknesses, and the overall conditioning of your current strengths. Read job descriptions for positions you would like to hold in the next three to five years and ascertain what skills you would need to qualify for these positions. Finding mentors with different interests, personalities, and experiences will give you the best chance to match them up well with mentees.
Your mentors need ongoing support and encouragement to stay fired up about the impact they can have in the lives of teens. If you do these things well, you can rest assured that the young people in your ministry will have the best possible chance to experience the incredible benefits of effective mentoring. Note that it is the role of your mentor to tactfully encourage you to set goals that represent a challenge for you but that will not lead to the frustration of failure. This, in turn, will help both mentor and mentee feel better about the relationship, and will make it more likely they will want it to continue. Create a plan from recruitment to ongoing support, and start inviting these adults to consider investing in the life of a young person.
Remember that it is a picture of how you see yourself after you have achieved your objective, but written in the present tense. Keeping church a safe place is worth the extra effort of setting up these procedures if your church doesn’t already have them in place. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMEWORK & CAREER SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "Five ways to seek effective mentoring" slideshow?

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