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One of the most valuable skills an entrepreneur or a company executive can have is the ability to talk about their product in an effective and engaging way in front of an audience. Reading this presentation will take you only 12 minutes — 12 minutes to find out how to draft a mind changing presentations and to become a more effective and convincing presenter.
Learn these 7 tips which you can use to command the audience’s attention during your presentation.

Do these things and it won't matter if your ideas are amazing and your slides stellar -- people won't listen. Nine words of wisdom to help you create memorable presentations, that will connect you to your audience and ignite their passion. Get a handle on your fear of public speaking by focusing on creating value with your content and cultivating an appreciation for your audience.

If you're in this boat, this practical list of don'ts will open your eyes and improve your next talk.

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effective presentation skills dos and donts

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