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Learning the art of presentation of research findings is very important for graduate students. Audience: The success of a presentation lies on your ability to understand your audience and accordingly make the presentation. Choose background color and text color in such a way so that it would be visible in more or less any interior lighting. Choose font and font size so that it should be visible from the last row of audience in a standard size of lecture room. Tagged effective communication, oral presentation, Planning an oral presentation, presentation, research, science, tips for planning an effective oral presentation.
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Club the similar type of results together instead of showing single graph for each parameter.
For heading choose one size and another for text, but be consistent throughout the document. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. Too much information on every slide makes a boring and painful experience for your audience. On my website you will find thousands of clean, topical cartoons to help you communicate your message with humor and a smile.
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This article discusses how to make an effective oral presentation; it can be a conference presentation or in-house symposium presentation or thesis presentation.
Overshooting presentation time is not only against professional courtesy, but also reflects lack of preparation.
Before deciding the content, think about the “take home message” you want to give the audience.
After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon! You need to work on few basic aspects to deliver a good lecture: Timing, Audience, Content, Organization, Presentation tool, and Tone and body-language of the speaker. Therefore, it is extremely important to plan your presentation according to the recommended duration.
To make your presentation interesting, take a step back and think what made you interested to take up this project, while working on this project what are the new things you learnt, and what are the main points you want the audience to remember after you finish your presentation.

On the other hand, if you are presenting in conferences, like American Chemical Society or Royal Society of Chemistry, you may expect general audiences from various fields of Chemistry. For the short talk, you only have to show the key points without discussing much on the individual research methods. When you are presenting in front of peers or experts of a particular field, you need not have to bother about jargons or acronyms or technical terms regularly used in your field. However, for a 60 min lecture, you may elaborate on important research methods used for your study. However, for general audience, you need to define them or restricting yourself not to use much jargons. You may expect more general audience when you are going to deliver a talk in a college or in a university set up, where students and teachers from diverse fields of science may be present. However, it is okay to say “I don’t know” rather trying to give a vague answer which actually you do not know. Always remember that the objective of your presentation is to communicate your research findings effectively with your audience, and they should at least understand the overall implication of your work. Practice makes one much refined and confident, but never be overconfident or aggressive to prove your point.

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effective public speaking skills worksheets

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