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Make Every Second Count goes beyond the usual time-management books to bring you a broad range of strategies and tactics dozens of proven methods to get more done in less time. The typical salesperson today is overwhelmed, trapped in a chaotic, pressure-filled environment with too much to do and not enough time to do it. It's time to stop and think about it, to put into place some powerful time management strategies that uniquely address sales people's issues. Bring Dave into your organization for a two-hour or two-day customized sales time management session. To attain exceptional levels of success in the retail business, you have to be willing to go the extra mile. Large, impersonal chains don’t have to be super knowledgeable about what they sell – their low prices give them a huge edge over the competition.
If you’ve ever been harassed by a store salesperson, you know how off-putting and aggravating it can be. Asking questions is a lot more effective than pushing a product on a customer – at least, it is if you want to make lots of sales. How many times have you walked into a store, been asked if you need any help and said, “No thanks, I’m just looking?” It’s probably happened more times than you can remember. Putting stellar sales techniques and strategies to use can make an amazing difference in your overall success in the retail game. About MeaghanMeaghan is a retail expert, professional writer, and frequent contributor to the Cashier Live retail blog. Sign up for our newsletter and get fresh retail business tips delivered straight to your inbox. They have become overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at them, with the changes and expectations of their companies, and with the growing sophisticated demands of their customers. Dave offers a wide range of unique resources designed to help sales people take major steps forward in their use of time. Your sales people need to be inspired and challenged, they need to know that you value them enough to invest in their development.

A self-programmed, concentrated video course to help you, as the salesperson, work through and gain mastery of Time and Territory Management. In addition to designing a store that people want to spend time in and filling it with merchandise that they want to buy, you need to be on top of your game in terms of using effective sales strategies. To compete with the big guys, you have to have in-depth knowledge about every item that you sell.
A customer is a lot more likely to buy what you’re selling when he gets the sense that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about it. Give a customer that kind of experience and you can forget about earning any repeat business from him.
Even if you are dying to unload a lot of a particular item, you shouldn’t alienate your customers by endlessly extolling its virtues.
Asking a customer that is like handing them a card that excuses them from interacting with you. It’s even better when you can bolster those strategies with salespeople who are knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely enthusiastic. Almost everyone is working more and enjoying it less today than they did just a few years ago. His breakthrough principles, processes and tools will make a major and immediate difference in sales people's results.
This book provides powerful, practical insights and ideas that really work, including hundreds of specific, practical, effective time management tips from dozens of salespeople who are on the "front lines" every day.
Designed to be a complete small group training experience, the kit contains two DVDs, 15 participant guides and a detailed leaders guide so that anyone can facilitate the training. Once a month, your sales staff will be prodded to improve their performance in one specific aspect of their jobs. You should make your presence known and be friendly, but you shouldn’t hover over your customers or breathe down their necks.
A better way to go is to let them walk in and get the “lay of the land.” Once they’ve roamed for a minute or so, ask them a question based on where they are browsing.

Provide your sales people with breakthrough sales time management strategies that they can use immediately to increase their productivity!
You can’t hope to train them properly, though, if you’re unaware of how to maximize your store’s sales potential.
When they leave with positive thoughts about the sales staff, they are a lot more like to come back. Save expensive travel costs, eliminate time off the job, and do away with any preparation on your part.
When conducting interviews, then, try to get a feel for whether or not they care at all about the nature of what you sell.
Keep the pressure to an absolute minimum and make it clear that you genuinely want to help them find the right thing. Repeat sales are crucial to developing a robust business, so do your best to keep the above points in mind. Your novice salespeople will gain an understanding of what it takes to become successful in the unique world of sales, and your experienced reps will be challenged to take their performance up a notch. Do your best to keep your employee turnover rate low, because replacing a knowledgeable salesperson is costly and time consuming.
If possible, put a personal spin on things by relating stories about the related items that you’ve put to good use.
Happy customers develop through unaggressive, friendly sales techniques that gently steer people to buy what you have to sell.
Take a look at the schedule and bring the nation's number one sales guru into your office to inspire, motivate and educate your people.

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effective time management tips for salespeople by

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