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UltraMAX(TM) carries full-duplex High Definition video-conferencing over IP while On-The-Move. UltraMAX(TM) can conservatively span a range of 20 km in a nomadic Point-to-Multipoint configuration.

Up to 8 Base Station sectors can be deployed per Tactical Node providing for wide area coverage and flexible deployment configurations.About Ultra ElectronicsUltra Electronics is a group of specialist businesses designing, manufacturing, and supporting electronic and electromechanical systems, sub-systems and products for defense, security and aerospace applications worldwide. Ultra Electronics, which employs 3,500 people in the UK and North America, focuses on high integrity sensing, control, communication and display systems with an emphasis on integrated information technology solutions. The Group also focuses on obtaining a technological edge in niche markets, with many of its products and technologies being market leaders in their field.About Ultra Electronics - Tactical Communication SystemsUltra-TCS is one of 26 companies within the Ultra Electronics Group. It has been delivering tactical radios for more nearly 50 years and has fielded more than 30,000 radios over its history, making Ultra-TCS the premier global supplier of high-reliability, re-deployable tactical radios and integrated shelterized communication systems.

Through its Telemus subsidiary, Ultra-TCS also manufactures and supplies a suite of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems.

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electronics and communication online courses

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