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Give yourself greater awareness, confidence and ability as a pilot with our Emergency Manoeuvre Training course. During your course you will also be introduced to basic aerobatics in order to aid with unusual attitude recovery. At the completion of the course you'll have a much greater understanding of aircraft handling and performance at the edge of the flight envelope.
Many who complete this course elect to further enhance their skills and knowledge by doing an Aerobatic Rating. Below is an estimate based on pricing current at 1st July 2015 and includes all the training a typical trainee requires to meet the required standard.
Courses typically run on a one-to-one basis and are designed to fit in to both your schedule and budget constraints.
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Athletic trainer and EMT Wes Richardson is renewing his EMT using CentreLearn continuing education courses.
I am primarily an athletic trainer working for a group of orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists providing outreach sports medicine services to local middle and high school athletic teams in NW Alabama.
One website that you may find helpful is the National Athletic Trainers’ Association press room.
Another helpful website, especially regarding heat illnesses, is the Korey Stringer Institute, which was started by the widow of the former Minnesota Vikings player who died from exertional heat stroke during NFL training camp in 2001. If you are not up to the required standard at the completion of the course additional training will be required.
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Wes and I have been corresponding about several CE courses and he has shared several resources that I thought would be helpful to other EMTs and Paramedics. I have been a state licensed EMT-B here in Alabama since 1993, and just recently got my National Registry certification back through the Mark King initiative.
I enjoy viewing the lessons, and they are very beneficial to me not only in getting my CEUs, but in being better prepared when I encounter emergent situations.

It has the position statements, official statements, consensus statements, and support statements on a variety of topics, from exertional heat illnesses to concussions to commotio cordis to sickle cell crisis.
Doug Casa, PhD, ATC, FACSM, FNATA is the COO of the institute and has years of experience in preventing, treating, and researching sudden death related issues such as exertional heat stroke. Even though I have never worked on an ambulance or for an EMS service, my EMT skills are very useful to me when I encounter emergent situations in athletics which, thankfully, aren’t that often. I am always glad when I see athletic trainers referenced in some of the lessons, especially those that relate to topics that we are well trained in, such as exertional heat illnesses, ankle injuries, concussions, lightning safety, spine-boarding in athletics. Many references are also provided, and the research is often done by physicians, athletic trainers, EMS personnel, exercise physiologists, and research scientists. I believe that EMS personnel and athletic trainers can both benefit and learn from each other as we strive to be better healthcare providers. Honestly, I’m not quite sure I could do what most EMTs and paramedics do on a daily basis.

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