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Microsoft has officially announced that it will retire support on the XP operating system and Office 2003 software suite on April 8, 2014.
That means any computer with these software programs installed will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, stealing data, crashing your system and inflicting a host of other business-crippling problems you do NOT want to have to deal with. Sign Up Now To Secure Your FREE Customized Migration Plan to show you how to painlessly upgrade your XP and Office 2003 machines, with the most cost efficiency possible based on your business needs. Important: Offer only valid for businesses in the Ottawa area with 10 or more workstations and a server.
Click on the social media icons below and stay connected with us across the web and throughout your day. Infor VISUAL Support Tips & News: Is your organization prepared for Windows XP end-of-life? If you have PCs running XP, you will no longer receive software updates from Windows Update. An analysis by International Data Corporation revealed that supporting older Windows XP installations, compared with a modern Windows 7–based solution, burdens organizations with a dramatically higher cost. Think about this… On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will release the last batch of XP patches and explanations of what they fix.
Organizations that continue to retain a Windows XP environment are not only leaving themselves exposed to security risks and support challenges, but also are wasting budget dollars that would be better used in modernizing their IT investments.
To understand the best options for your organization, you need a Microsoft Partner who will assess your business needs. A little history… VISUAL Manufacturing ERP software (aka VISUAL Enterprise, VISUAL MFG and VMFG) was originally developed by Lilly Software Associates (LSA). Secondly, Microsoft will no longer provide security hotfixes or any patches for these systems. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start planning to have your systems upgraded. Microsoft has however confirmed that its activation servers will continue to be online and you will always be able to activate Windows XP again in future. Malware writers and hackers have already stocked up for the offensive, if reports are to be believed, and are expected to unleash their weapons or malware, as Windows XP will now carry a Zero-day vulnerability in perpetuity. Although Microsoft has stated that it will not be releasing and more security patches for this outdated operating system, what if there was a major outbreak? 1] If you plan to stick around with Windows XP for a while, we suggest you update your Windows XP completely, use Disk Cleanup Tool to remove junk files, run a full antivirus scan and then backup or clone your XP installation. 3] Use PCmover Express for Windows XP released by Microsoft to migrate your data to the new operating system.
Microsoft kondigde de definitieve datum aan dat de ondersteuning op Windows XP en bijbehorende diensten zou stoppen en dat er na deze datum geen updates, patches en hotfixes meer uitgebracht zouden worden. Met het vervallen van de ondersteuning op Windows XP komt ook de ondersteuning op producten als Microsoft Security Essentials, Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection, System Center Endpoint Protection, en Windows Intune voor dit besturingssysteem te vervallen.
Gisteren maakte Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center op hun blog bekend dat de softwaregigant besloten heeft om de gebruikers van Windows XP voor de laatste maal een helpende hand aan te reiken. De redactie van Tech365 zorgt iedere dag voor het laatste nieuws op het gebied van Tech, Lifestyle en Trends.

If your company is housing financial and medical information you may be required by law to upgrade any and all computer systems running XP and Office 2003 to ensure you are protected. This will not only determine what specific workstations will be affected by this change, but we will also present it to you in a customized Migration Plan for your office. Annual cost per PC per year for Windows XP is $870, while a comparable Windows 7 installation costs $168 per PC per year.
A few days after that, virus writers will have deconstructed these patches and discovered the underlying security holes. If your organization is bound by regulatory compliance policies, like HIPAA or GLBA, the end of life for XP is of particular concern. In 2004, Infor Global Solutions® purchased Lilly Software and changed the name to Infor ERP VISUAL.
End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance for these products. This means that any security vulnerabilities left in these systems will no longer be addressed by Microsoft and calls to their support will not be worked. It will definitely not be the end of the world – it could even remind many of the Y2K bug issue. You will also always be able to download the released updates for Windows XP in future too.
You could use this image in future to restore back to a good state, should the need ever arise.
Use a software like TimeFreeze, which returns your OS to a prior state every time you reboot. Microsoft’s Premium Support Services represents an option which Enterprises may want to consider. Door deze einddatum zouden er ook geen nieuwe malware signatures en engine updates beschikbaar komen wart veel gebruikers direct gevaar oplevert.
Tot 14 juli 2015 zullen er toch nog malware signatures en engine updates worden uitgebracht om gebruikers van XP iets meer tijd te geven om te migreren. One can never tell! Bowing to necessity and public pressure Microsoft may still issue some patch in case of an outbreak. Whitelisting software, taking away admin rights of other users, looking at desktop virtualisation are some other temporary solutions you may want to consider. Microsoft geeft wel aan dat dit de laatste ondersteuning zal zijn voor het besturingssysteem. De extra ondersteuning biedt echter verder geen beveiligingsupdates en patches. The major difference is there is a built in set of high powered LED lights along the rim of the visor. If you have not yet updated your computer yet, you might want to update your Windows XP one last time! But what will remain a fact is that there will be no security patches being issued for it by Microsoft, and the operating system will be for all practical purposes dead in the water! Our post on securing Windows XP after End Of Support April 2014 is sure to give you a lot of tips about this. These lights make it difficult for most cameras to capture your face in a video or on a digital camera.

You are walking along and you get a text that you need to reply to. Do you stop, step out of everyone’s way and then reply?
Most likely you continue walking, your eyes focused on the phone in your hands and not on the inevitable light pole just ahead. We all know what happens next, we have all seen the youtube videos and think that it could never happen to you.Well, walking into harms way while texting might be more common than many people think and has actually spawned some laws in some cities. This week New York has joined cities including Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills to have an actual vending machine that puts out fresh cupcakes made to order. The LG Smart Bulb can also be set to turn on and off for periods of time during the day while you are away on vacation to make house look as if someone is home.
Another cool feature allows your mobile OS to set mood lighting based on the music that it’s playing.
The TH681 boasts a bright display of 3000 lumens for a 1080p resolution picture with a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio.
It also comes with all of the standard ports such as HDMI, RGB, Composite, S-Video, Mini-Jack, RCA and USB.
Individuals that were recently nearby will show up on a map identifying where they recently were so you can go somewhere else. In fact, many are reporting to buy the console just so they can play the game.XBox One Titanfall bundles have accounted for more than 70 percent of Xbox One hardware sold since the release of the game on March 14th.
You can choose between three different sabers (or umbrella’s if you prefer to call them that). If you are feeling a little Jedi during the rain, you can choose either the Yoda or Obi-Wan. Yoda has a green shaft while Obi-Wan has a blue shaft, both have the Jedi insignia on the umbrella. If you not feeling the Jedi love that day, you can always choose the Darth Vader version the difference being it has a red shaft and the Imperial insignia on the umbrella. This new interactive device will make one of  the oldest non-tech games out there extremely high tech and you will have the most talked about game rooms in town. OpenPool takes an otherwise normal pool table and turns it into a hot bed of visual effects.
A company in Austrailia called Catlin Seaview Survey is going around the world documenting coral reefs with a 360-degree panoramic SVII camera highlighting what reefs look like now compared to what they will look like in a few years.What does this have to do with Google Maps Street View? Well, Catlin Seaview Survey is going to take its camera underwater along the coast in Australia from Manly to Bronte.
From there they will team up with Google so we can all have a look under the water in Australia.

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