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The Government of India has launched the Smart Cities programme as a flagship programme under the Ministry of Urban Development, with a view to meet the challenge of urbanisation in the country. The programme of smart cities aims to help cities acquire better infrastructure including water supply, electricity, sanitation, mobility, affordable housing, digital connectivity, sustainable environment, safety and security, health, education and good governance with citizen participation.
In addition to this funding which is to come from the Central Government, funds can be mobilised from various other sources as well.
In the entire process, efficiency is the key and in order to achieve efficiency, use of modern technology is imperative.
Efficient water management is one of the key areas of intervention as this is an element of basic infrastructure.
The development of alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal, are currently being harnessed to help prepare the world for the next generation of challenges in the energy industry. Since most MBA candidates are busy professionals, you may not have time to search every college’s website that sparks your interest.
At society becomes more environmentally aware, the demand for people with extensive knowledge about alternative energy sources will continue to increase. According to the BLS in 2010, Energy Management Analysts earned an average annual salary of $78,000. If you have earned your Bachelor’s degree in business or management and have a keen interest in renewable energy, you could be an ideal candidate to earn your MBA in Energy Management.
Typical requirements for an online MBA program include proof of your Bachelor’s degree, a certain minimum grade point average during your undergraduate studies, one or more letters of recommendation and taking an aptitude test to determine your readiness for graduate school. Once you have graduated from your MBA program, you may wish to seek employment as an energy consultant or auditor.
In addition to specific energy coursework, your Energy Management MBA program may consist of data analysis, financial accounting and reporting, management of energy markets, public relations, and other coursework at a broader level. At the end of your program, you will complete a Capstone project that encompasses everything you have learned. Some energy management MBA programs allow students to specialize in one or more specific areas.
Explore the highlighted schools to learn more about the online MBA program in Energy Management that fits your professional ambitions. People who are considering obtaining an MBA in Energy Management have typically worked in the field for several years after receiving their Bachelor’s degree. Once you have completed your MBA in Energy Management, you may be able to advance to a management position in an electrical, oil or gas company. Because these careers are still new, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has not compiled separate salary and outlook data on them. But I believe the challenge is huge to get this implemented in each and every building, in a cost effective manner. In fact it is unlikely to happen unless a change of paradigm takes place: switch from on-site solutions to online energy management.
Yes, nobody can get away utilization of Energy, and Manging itcan be done remotely with advent of Building Management Systems, Electronic controllers, computerize system and Power quality solutions. Within the building or the building complex a number of sections in the electrical system will have to be provided with tele-metering system and the corresponding branch will also have the automated or remote controlled switchgear. Desire for energy independence and cleaner energy sources along with the growing interest in climate change are driving a fundamental shift toward the use of smart technologies such as meters. 2) taking advantage of new opportunities a smart energy ecosystem enables; and 3) doing it all while still keeping the lights on. PJM Interconnection also recently completed one of the largest and most sophisticated demand response software system deployments in the world for its wholesale electricity markets. Home energy management tools enable active and convenient consumer participation in the smart grid for the first time. A man works atop a wind turbine at the Delaware Mountain Wind Farm in Culberson County, Texas. Utilities must also consider that it takes more than units and geographi­cal diversity to generate wind or solar power.
In fact, the Microsoft survey revealed 36 percent of respondents antici­pate their organizations will need to be completely restructured if the vision of a fully integrated smart grid occurs. These figures imply a staggering number of utilities will soon pre­pare to operate in the smart energy ecosystem. The real art is making data intelli­gent and presenting information in ways that utility employees can access and use.
As long as information is managed and aggregated well, the right people will be able to access information in a man­ner and format that works for them.
Utilities are generally unwilling to risk swapping out wholesale parts of their infrastructure. There are pragmatic integration approaches that allow utilities to deploy new components without custom integration thus realizing value more quickly. New visibility, diversity from addi­tional generation sources and the broader integration across the value chain will provide many new levers to control the power system. The industry is beginning a journey certain to be full of new regula­tions, challenges and opportunities. Scott Neuman is chief technology officer of Utility Integration Solutions (UISOL), an information technology integrator. From streamlining the SME sales contract process, to enabling energy brokers to compete in the competitive and lucrative corporate energy procurement process we’ve been helping energy brokerages across the UK to re-energise their businesses since 1997*. We have a matchless mixture of dedicated account support and leading edge technology, combined with a shared vision to help make business gas and electricity brokers’ lives easier and their businesses more profitable. Join the UK’s largest independent energy sales network and access the fastest quotes, best commissions and the widest choice of suppliers.
Our premier status relationship with suppliers means that we can access lower rates, faster quote turnaround and dedicated support. We have over 1,000 UK energy brokers regularly transacting through our network, and have fulfilled more than 200,000 b2b energy contracts. With free access to EnergyEngine®, a state of the art, cloud-based software platform you can control your business like never before. While only 31 per cent of the population of India lives in urban areas, it contributes as much as 63 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product as of the year 2011 and this is slated to rise to 75 per cent by 2030. While efforts would be needed to identify and procure new additional sources of water for drinking, it is equally important to first manage the existing supplies properly.
In the collection, transportation, treatment, recycling, reuse, etc., there are many new technologies which can be employed by urban local bodies in order to not only keep cities clean and healthy but also make the system commercially viable for private operators to play a meaningful role. A lot of energy is to be used for a variety of purposes, particularly in air-conditioning and vertical transportation.
All segments of the population, be it school going children, office going people, women, elderly or the physically challenged need to move in the city.
The huge demand – supply gap in housing is partly due to the fact that we are unable to enhance the supply in a speedy manner.
Published since 2005 in both print and online formats, the monthly magazine is focused to promoting the use of ICT for bringing efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance. With your Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Energy Management, you can prepare to make an impact in this innovative industry.
That’s why we make it easy to request the information you need from the programs that offer the learning outcomes that will enhance your potential. American citizens in the early 21st century are more concerned about their contribution to environmental decline than previous generations. These degree programs are growing in popularity and attracting thousands of new students every year.

Most programs can be completed in less than two years if you have the ability to study full-time. Another possibility is to work as a manager of an electrical, gas, utilities or oil company.
People who choose a career in energy management need to have strong leadership skills, a thorough understanding of economics, professional communication skills and a strong ethical base.
This involves written research outlining how you would use the energy concepts you have learned in managing your own company or working as an energy consultant. If you are interested in energy trading, energy regulation, global economics or renewable energy, look for an MBA program that provides you with enough coursework in one of these areas to meet your eventual career goals. With a majority of colleges now offering online degree programs, you have the opportunity to complete your education from home without ever stepping on campus. If you are an energy management professional already, you may work as a land negotiator or an energy analyst. This will come to a hub within the building and from there it would have to be transmitted thro internet. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday. If time-varying retail electricity prices are not directly linked to real-time wholesale prices, then retail consum­ers will not react to the right signals. The new system expands its demand-side resources and improves demand-side operational efficiency by linking and automating whole­sale powermarket transactions that involve PJM, utilities and demand response curtailment service providers. While the com­mercial side may be more open to direct utility control, more and more consumers will actively participate in decisions. Utilities should seek out and offer things like home energy management tools for their customers. While only in early stages, Vidya Vankayala, BC Hydro’s chief IT architect believes the new system will help ensure their customers have a safe, secure and reliable energy supply. To ensure the lights remain on, these distributed generation sources require storage, sophisticated energy balancing as often as every minute, and transmission enhancements to transport power. Since renewables do not provide reliable capacity, grid operators need the ability to predict availability and respond to unavailability better. No matter how many units are built at sites like State Line in the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River Gorge where units are highly correlated, when the wind dies, it dies for all. A significant part of the journey is integrating across the full scope of the ecosystem – from fuels to homes.
It starts with mapping the flow of information through the enterprise to establish data master­ship and, where possible, consolidate master data. While the information technol­ogy department would have a copy of that data, the operations data store is the common location where users would access and use that data even though the mastership resides with operations in the control center. Wind tur­bines and solar farms feed data almost by the minute, significantly changing the data management landscape. This is a huge leap from the country only getting 1.3 percent of energy from renewables in 2005. One strategy is to use a content management system as the utility’s repository for structured and unstructured data. For example, users should be able to gather information using familiar tools such as spreadsheets and mash-ups that can be accessed in a virtual con­tainer where the data is stored.
For example, utility workers can access asset histories and collaborate directly with subject matter experts to solve problems saving time and effort. Without interoperability, the smart energy ecosystem would be too expensive, too complex and will go unfulfilled.
Therefore, they need to begin the journey with a planned migration to reach full inte­gration. By developing interfaces between systems that are easy to extend, and simple to start and stop from the source, utilities can avoid unnecessary re-engineering.
And, there is guidance available from industry solution providers that have researched and documented how to make this happen.
Utilities embarking on this journey will achieve better reliability and efficiency to meet their needs for the next decade and beyond.
He brings with him two decades of utilities information technology and operations systems R&D, product development and support experience. He has 30 years of experience in system design and architecture related to transmission, markets, distribution operations and demand response for electric utilities.
Plus you can power your brokerage for free using EnergyEngine® our revolutionary energy management platform. With our purchasing power Online Direct brokers can level the playing field and tender competitively for business they were previously shut out of. We also offer a fully managed sales service for corporate energy brokers, from tender to completion. Our consistently high volumes added to our levels of integrity have made us the network of choice to the supplier community.
Manage the sales process, improve customer relationships, access detailed management reports and much, much more.
EnergyEngine® already ensures the highest degrees of professionalism across the whole energy sales process, and will provide a turnkey solution for compliance once regulation is introduced. Rising energy bills, tough economic conditions and environmental pressures – the business case for having an energy management strategy has never been clearer, yet many businesses don’t know where to start. Obviously, this requires comprehensive development of physical, social, economic and institutional infrastructure so as to prepare and manage the challenges posed by this kind of growth. This works out to nearly `100 crores for each city every year, for 5 years, for 100 cities.
Mechanisms could be devised for making public-private partnerships happen, maybe with some subsidy from the government as well. Proper design of buildings, use of appropriate materials and techniques can help to a great extent in saving energy consumption. For this, there are many prefabrication technologies which can speed up the process of construction of housing.
Public information portals, grievance redressal mechanisms using web portals, electronic service delivery, property tax management, citizen engagement, participation, safety management and urban policing, etc., are all possible by using modern technologies.
No matter what your goals in the field of Energy Management, earning your MBA can greatly increase your chances of experiencing success.
This means they are open to considering alternative forms of energy, such as solar and wind power. An online MBA degree program is an attractive option if your work, family or other obligations prevent you from attending college as a traditional student. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), energy management analysts earned an average annual salary of $78,000 in 2010.
If you are already employed in a related field, you may be able to complete this portion of your coursework with your employer. You have probably always had a keen interest in how energy works and are willing to research different forms of alternative energy uses. The federal government is constantly looking for qualified people to study energy use and propose alternative solutions, and the need for these people is only growing. We appreciate your help in making this the best directory of online MBA programs on the web. Then those data will be safely stored and processed by the service provider and the facility manager will access his dashboards and reports through his browser, from anywhere. Do we have to some gimmick just because it is possible even if there is no tangible benefit?

Its goals are two-fold: more accurately meter retail electricity consumption and enable retail consumers to react to changing real-time electricity prices. How do utilities interact with customers as they become active participants within this ecosys­tem? This connectivity must take place across the entire smart energy ecosystem – from generation to transmission, across to distribution and all the way to consumption. Then utilities can complement these tools with their own services to help customers use energy in smarter ways. Real-time decision tools provide information that guides workers to a more optimal and fiscally and socially responsible generation mix. However, with the use of wind, base-loaded units such as gas and coal have to be put offline, an expensive process. To do this, utilities need to look at three strategic areas: how data flows through the enterprise, business processes and workflows and the best ways to help people use information. By moving from one customer billing sample per month to 15-minute sam­ples for a 30-day month, smart meters supply a 2,880-fold increase in data. In this scenario, extracting and storing data and trans­lating it into usable information to help utilities optimize performance and make better decisions will be a daunting task. Utility workers then use enterprise search to navigate the information in a manner consis­tent with their role. In a report called Smart2020 the consulting firm McKinsey identifies ways to apply information technology to reduce energy use in factories, buildings, transportation and homes. This approach allows utili­ties to carefully maneuver changing business models, market structures and varying starting points where utilities begin the journey. Cochrane holds Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering and a Master of Business Administration, all from the University of Washington. Neumann is the technical advisor for IEC TC57 and co-leader of the group’s Smart Grid Task Force.
What’s more it’s operating system and device agnostic – so it works the same whether you’re accessing it from Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac or any Smartphone. Our energy management tools enable you to get a foot in the door and offer more than just a standard energy sales service. Use of solar, wind and biogas can also contribute to saving energy from the grid and thereby cut down costs. In fact, the key to the success of the smart city programme is the way we start adapting ourselves to more efficient systems of technology and management. Although there were no specific salary figures for energy company managers, people with higher degrees typically receive higher salaries than those with lesser degrees.
When you are enrolled in an online degree program, you will interact with staff and peers nationwide who share your interest in energy management. To be successful in an Energy Management MBA program, you should have broad scientific knowledge, good problem-solving skills, research aptitude and a willingness to see projects through to completion.
At this level of education, you are more likely to be involved in research and implementation of new policies than in the hands-on work you may be performing currently.
While billing is a vital function, there are multiple processes and system connections beyond billing to address. While utilities may have programs in place and are progressing faster on the commercial and industrial side, achieving the depths required for the con­sumer side is more complex.
They can also add services such as solar panel installations, replacing major appli­ances or insulation upgrade programs.
As a result, generators offer negative price energy bids to guarantee their base-load units remain running until the next day when they will be needed again.
This move reduces network data loading and improves data processing responsiveness – even if the data is eventually passed and stored for historical purposes. Then information aggregation can enable users to ana­lyze information to create business intelligence. This means establishing the proper balance between integrating a business process to the fullest extent possible, versus the resulting complexity and potential short life resulting from the inability to modify the process without breaking the initial deployment. He is also secretary of the D2.24 CIGRE working group focusing on next-generation EMS, market and DMS architectures.
Add a profitable new revenue stream to your business, improve your customer loyalty and start helping your customers save money, tomorrow. Further, there are many technologies available and these need to be encouraged for smart building. In order to meet this needs that this increase in general awareness has created, companies need to hire individuals with experience in clean and renewable energy systems and those with experience managing energy markets. By having such a large network of like-minded people, you set yourself up for an advantage when you wish to obtain letters of reference, find out about job openings or look for other opportunities related to energy management.
This approach is practical because it addresses and allows flexibility for business pro­cesses that change often. Neumann has an electrical engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and is a senior member of the IEEE.
Rainwater harvesting is another area where technology would play a major role in saving this precious resource. However, a combination of various types of mass public transportation systems can help one achieve safe, speedy, comfortable and affordable public transportation systems. The goal in hiring such individuals is to create a future in the energy markets that is sustainable for everyone.
Further, recycling and reuse of waste water is another area where modern technology could be profitably employed. By proper articulation of openings in walls and intelligent use of daylight, use of lighting during day time can be cut down substantially. Once this kind of infrastructure is put in place, private modes, particularly cars, will automatically go off the roads. High density housing can help in more compact developments and reduce the land component per apartment and thereby reduce costs of housing. Do customer relationship management systems and call center staff have real-time data access to answer customers’ billing questions? Even the use of indoor color has a major role to play in the amount of artificial lighting needed inside buildings.
Further, personal modes such as cycles need to be provided for so that youngsters could be encouraged to use bicycle as a means of transport. Mixed use developments also help in cross subsidy which can also contribute in reduction of costs. Use of modern glazing systems to keep solar heat out and allow natural light in is possible.
Whether it is a high speed train system, a metro, monorail, bus rapid transit or electric cars, technology has a major role to play in easing the problems posed by transportation in urban areas. By integrating housing into a transit oriented development (TOD), even far off residential hubs would get occupied quickly and the gestation period of housing projects could be reduced.
Use of modern meters can help in monitoring water use and also help in charging in an appropriate manner. Further, by integrating mobility with landuse by way of transit oriented development (TOD), efficiencies could be achieved.

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