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You can benefit the most from our complete course customisation in one-to-one training with your own instructor. We have taught our students everything from basic communications skills, negotiating leveraged buy-outs and conducting shipping deals, to even religious philosophy. Our students are senior business executives, civil servants, politicians, academics, VIPs and private individuals. We have space for sixteen individual students per week, which guarantees the quality of your highly personalised training. Of the thousands of our students surveyed over the years, more than 95% rated their course and trainers at Riverdown “Very Good” to “Excellent”.
Our Instructors have extensive experience in building personalised courses for professionals with the highest expectations every single week, so we will help you to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.
All training materials, meals and coffee breaks, accommodation, sports and leisure facilities, private laundry service, daily evening activities are included.
For students staying more than one week, we also provide a weekend excursion each Saturday to an area of interest.
Your accommodation, learning centre, sporting facilities and dining room are all located within minutes of each other on our private estate, so there is no time and energy wasted on travel for you.
The lesson reviews, meal times and coffee breaks are utilised together with structured sessions as part of your learning. Your courses run weekly from Monday to Friday, with a variety of intensity options from five instructor-led sessions per day to a total of eight. For detailed information and current course prices for 2014, visit our fees page or contact us here.
Our aim is not only to give you a great English learning experience, but to give you one of the most intensive and rewarding learning experiences of your life.

At the heart of that aim is trying to make sure you learn more effectively and efficiently than anywhere else.
If you have all the information you need and you want to take the first steps to greater global success through intensive and completely customised English communications training, begin booking your course with us below now.
The UK Independence Party MEP Nigel Farage makes scandalous but rhetorically excellent speeches which are super popular on YouTube (half a million views as of today) partly due to his native speaking skills. Then there is the key concern of English taking over all other languages: a reality that the EU, long-time champion of multilingualism, must face.
Sadly, while all European Commissioners speak fluent English, it does not equal to powerful English or effective English that would capture the hearts and minds of an international audience. Each week you have a team of up to three teachers helping you concentrate on different areas and to expose you to different teaching styles and nuances of English. We aim to deliver the most effective English learning experience in an environment specially perfected to be conducive to study and language acquisition. This means that you are able to receive our absolute care and attention for every one of your needs during your stay. Many of them have worked with us for over a decade and we continue to select and employ the best and brightest for our clients. Our instructors meet at the end of each day to discuss your progress and design your learning strategy and materials for the coming days. From the moment we pick you up at the airport until we take you back at the end of your studies, everything is taken care of for you so that you can concentrate all your energy on improving your communications skills as quickly as possible. The British government has been struggling to convince its citizens to apply for EU jobs in Brussels and Luxembourg, given the ever-decreasing percentage of UK officials. If English is the most widely used second language in Europe, then Members of the European Parliament, industry lobbyists and NGO activists must aim to speak, write and communicate perfectly in Shakespeare’s language to ensure their message reaches the largest audience.

Our business depends on providing complete satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of every single one of our individual students and corporate clients.
And if you decide to learn with us, we will develop a much more detailed learning plan together.
Before you go with accent modification, or accent reduction, decide whether that’s really the solution because the better solution could be communication modification. From one-week intensive refresher courses up to long-term English development plans with blended on-line learning. So it’s also an issue of unbalanced career prospects, with effects on internal European policy-making.
Farage’s ideas requires accent training, executive presentation skills or a bit of theatre, so be it – we would all be better off in the end. Accent modification, or accent reduction, alone does not always meet communication expectations. This is where an integrated approach to language training comes in.More than accentAccent reduction and pronunciation training must often address additional needs having to do with communicating in English for business professional purposes.
Combining accent reduction and pronunciation training is just one example of the integrated approach that I use to maximize results and outcomes and to take communication skills not just to a higher level, but to the level and place that communication skills need to go.
I recommend Steve, Impact English, to companies that want to improve their employees English language skills.” Maxim Ilin Vice President-Operations and Customer Service at SMTP, Inc.

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