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We have all heard the statistics about the billions of people who speak or who are learning English worldwide. There has recently been a significant backlash against the perceived arrogance of English speakers and the international monopoly of the language.
By limiting the availability of our business information to one language, we are, perhaps inadvertently, excluding potential customers who are unable, or unwilling, to communicate with us in our own tongue. Just as we laugh at badly translated English on signs or menus when we are on holiday, imagine how a similar faux-pas on your company website or promotional material might be received.
It takes more than a bilingual employee, or one who speaks another language fluently, to translate. We all want to boost our company website profiles on search engines such as Google, but have you considered the country-specific versions (e.g. Exporters should perhaps consider the words of former German chancellor Willy Brandt: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. Reputable companies will only employ native speakers with proven experience and qualifications, and ensure the translations are reviewed and edited before being returned to you.
Business Language Services has been helping companies break down language and cultural barriers for over 20 years. Czech Republic Soon to be Called Czechia In 1993, a peaceful separation of the nation of Czechoslovakia resulted in the creation of two separate countries: Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Anglo Language Services offer private or group English lessons for adults and children of all levels and professional fields.
We have experience teaching English to children as young as 4 years old - making learning fun and enjoyable.
I am seeking TEFL positions anywhere from Mexico to South America, preferably with businesses - or computer-related businesses, where both my TEFL and my many years of computer training skills will come together. In fact the British Council claims that 25% of the global population speak English to some degree of competence. Studies have provided evidence that the percentage of the world population that speaks English as a native language is actually falling, and although English dominated the Internet in its early days, more and more non-English websites are now appearing.
It is also crucial to be aware of the many cultural differences between countries, which often go hand in hand with the language. Last month there was an announcement that the latter country's name would be changed to Czechia.
Our other range of clients wish to learn the basics of English to interact with friends and local anglophones. Learning English at a one-to-one or group level will enhance your knowledge of the English language and improve job prospects and interview situations. Our primary focus is on the English language, with growing demand for skills in English communication in business, leisure and aviation making excellent tuition essential.
English is indeed increasingly widely used all over the world, but does this mean we should ignore the hundreds of other languages spoken in the countries we deal with? Only by providing your company information in other languages will you reach these key audiences. It was a decision that came after much deliberation by the president, heads of parliament, the prime minister, and the country's defence and foreign ministers. The more advanced area is learning business English or the jargon related to specific fields.

At the school we offer various English programmes, including English teacher training (TEFL), and English and Activity combinations. Many companies on the French Riviera and above all in Sophia Antipolis require a certain level of English, or even use English as their official company language. In addition, we also offer English and other language courses to locals on a part and full-time basis.
But they have stressed that Czech Republic will remain as the name of the country for administrative and official matters, while Czechia is to be used abroad as an informal, geographic name. Our core focus is on communication; our objective is for every student to leave the school confident in their ability to communicate at whatever level they have attained.
Our small classes, excellent teachers and communicative and experiential methodology make us successful. Czech Republic officials have also stated that it is frustrating to have their country's name misspelled a lot of the time, and it is no secret that foreigners find it difficult to pronounce the name as well. All students are encouraged to participate in the classroom activities, creating situations in which all feel confident and relaxed, and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to maximise their learning.
The officials argue that the name "Czech Republic" only has about two decades’ worth of history, whereas "Czechia" was first used in Latin in around 1634, and in English around the mid-19th century.Arguments against the name change include the fact that the United States and the United Kingdom also have 2-word names.
However, despite their longer names, these countries are much better known on a worldwide scale compared to Czech Republic.
We encourage our students to get out and explore the city and area so that they have to use their language skills in practice. Czech Republic, on the other hand, does not have an abbreviated name.It's early days yet and things may not go smoothly for the name change campaign, as detractors have their say. In any case, the country will have to wait for the UN to approve the shorter name, even if only for commercial and marketing purposes.
There have been a number of amendments to the law since it was passed initially in 1977, some very controversial, and none more so than this latest addition.The expectation is that following the present consultation period (of 45 days) all businesses with branches in Quebec will be required by law to provide at least some French on their external signage. That may be an equivalent translation of the business name, or simply a description of the products or services they provide.
The French text would have to be given equal importance, for example if the English name is lit up, the French version would also need to be illuminated.Impact on BusinessesIt would apply to almost all businesses, including some of the most well-known brands such as Walmart, GAP and Costco, and is expected to cost firms thousands of dollars. They assert that it is a matter of politeness; companies should acknowledge where their businesses are located and respect their environment.
Nevertheless, the wheels are in motion and while companies will be given up to three years to comply, after that time substantial fines will be imposed on those refusing to observe the new legislation. And in some cases, the results can verge from being slightly embarrassing to downright catastrophicThere is no denying that Google Translate has a place in the world of translation; in fact it has come on leaps and bounds in the decade since its inception. Any professional in our industry will nonetheless happily chew your ear off about all the pitfalls of using machine translation in place of a real person.
There are countless articles and blogs warning of Google Translate ‘fails’ (you can read one of our own blogs here, written by a member of the team at Business Language Services), which just goes to show that if you’re thinking of having something translated, it always pays to use a reputable company.
But did you know that this is a constructed language (conlang) created specifically for the series?George R. When HBO turned the book into a TV series, the management team decided that the actors should use the words as they appear in the book so that fans of the novel would not be offended. HBO later partnered with the Language Creation Society to find a linguist who could create the language for the show.

He said that he did not have much to work on when he created Dothraki, although the producers told him they wanted to use all of the words from the books and to make sure that they were harsh-sounding words.
Out of the 56 words Martin penned in his books, 24 were names of things, places and people, with no guides for pronunciation. Peterson began his conlang work for this project with a phonetic inventory and later found out that changing the cadence and stress system worked well. Likewise, ending some words with "kh" gave Dothraki a very distinct sound.Mag Nuk is the language spoken by the Giants in the series. Peterson said that when creating conlangs, it is important to take the physiology of the speakers into account.
For the creation of Mag Nuk, the giants' language, the background information he received was that the giants did not have the mental capacity of humans and they would use the Old Tongue, with one-syllable words.Although the approach to creating conlangs is generally scientific, Peterson said he did add just a small personal touch, using Keli, the name of his pet, as the term for cats in High Valyrian. They were first mentioned in the Iliad and were said to be allies of the Trojans and supported them during the Trojan War. In Alcestis, Euripides said that Ares was referred to as Thrax, a patron of Thrace, which was called Europe in ancient times.Archaeological digsArchaeological excavations have taken place in Tekirdag, a province in Turkey, for sixteen years now, and archaeologists are unearthing a wide variety of Thracian artifacts. The Thracians inhabited Northern Greece, Bulgaria and Thrace and, according to Heredot, an ancient writer and Greek historian, they were the most populous tribe in the world after the Hindus. If you are interested in Greek history, you might know that Spartacus, a very well-known historical figure and gladiator, was Thracian. He was made a slave by the Romans but managed to lead a huge uprising in the southern part of Italy around 73 B.C.
Very little is known about the origins of the Thracians, thus the artifacts excavated are very important to archaeological research and in helping to piece together a better picture of the legendary tribe, according to Professor Nese Atik, head of the Archaeology Faculty of Nam?k Kemal University. Professor Atik describes the Thracian people as tribe-dwelling warriors, while at the same time it has been found that Thracian priests also served as doctors; in a holy field that was discovered, medical tools similar to those used today have been excavated.
It was particularly remarkable when a furnace was unearthed which had been used to produce medicines and included remnants of ancient medicine.
The Tekirdag Archaeology Museum has several historical data about the Thrace region; and while Turkey has been known to have several Thracian cities, the crucial findings excavated at this site in Heraion Teikhos truly illuminate the life of the ancient Thracian people.
Many parents want their children to speak another language, and many adults, young and old, are taking foreign language lessons, formally and informally. Your native tongue may be English but if you use another language more often than you do English, the more bilingual you will become.Disadvantages of bilingualismThe brain processes both languages if you are a bilingual speaker. It has been argued in certain studies that there could, therefore, be diminished verbal skills among bilingual people, while another study indicates that bilinguals tend to have a smaller vocabulary compared to monolingual speakers.Advantages of bilingualismAlthough questionably there might be certain disadvantages in speaking two languages, the benefits of bilingualism do far outweigh any disadvantages. Bilingual speakers have better cognitive skills, as the brain receives maximum exercise from processing two languages. In spatial working memory tasks, bilinguals significantly outperform monolinguals.Among the elderly, the ability to speak in different languages delays cognitive impairment for five years.
Bilingual speakers are also very good at categorising work and have the ability to learn new words easily.Bilingualism is thought to help people understand other cultures better, which in turn allows them to have and enjoy richer lives.

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