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I am a coach for international communication, and I have experience of more than one and a half years in educational institutions with a good reputation. I am willing to train in some of residence and I will not mind in the education of one student or the whole family as my actual motive is to serve. We know no one likes to listen to themselves, but if you’re able to spot your weaknesses, then you’ll be able to correct them. By listening to different accents, you’ll get to the point where you’ll be able to tell the slight differences that are obvious for natives and challenging for English learners.
Notify Me Our mission is to make all Indian literature available globally. If we apply this tool wisely, we’ll be able to improve our second language speaking skills as well. You don’t need a fancy device, if you have a phone with voice recording or anything similar, you can use that. However, if you get to this point, your oral and listening skills will have improved significantly. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. There are many things you can do to improve your English speaking skills, the good news being…all of them are fun!
There are many things you can do to meet English natives who will be willing to do a skype session with you: look for someone interested in learning your language (by joining a language-exchange Facebook page, for instance), or join any other page, for example of an English city, and start posting and talking to people. When interacting in a cross language platform, it is the language most widely and easily used to communicate. For starters, you’ll need a computer with Internet access and earplugs…here are some ideas. All the government notifications, declaration, gazette information is originally in Hindi but followed by translation in English. If at a job interview, knowing how to converse in English gives you an instant edge over others who do not know it.
Here are some ideas of keywords that will lead you to useful videos for this purpose (type them on the YouTube search engine): “English accent”, “BBC News”.

Speak endlessly: Yes, it might sound funny but the trick to perfect spoken English is to speak, speak and speak.
Learning new words and pronunciations, expressions will improve your dialect to a great extent. Hence to correct your own mistakes, all you need to do is read out the material in English to you loudly and clearly. One word per day: In vacations, the teachers used to give one homework for sure- read the dictionary and learn few new words every day, like five new words every day. Also, practice how that word would be used in different sentences, inferences and meanings. Make friends with people who are also learning the language with you or with others who speak better than you. Activities in English: You can take up something that interests you and perks up English at the same time. It could be anything like joining a library, joining a book club or simply a cooking class. Make sure the language of communication there is English and you will enjoy while progressing in your endeavor to better your language too.9. Observe People: Just like listening to people when they speak, one more thing that can be done is to observe their mouth movements, their rhythm. Slow down: People think that if you do not know a thing, saying it fast so that the other person cannot comprehend that you made a mistake is the best way but not in this case.
If you speak wrong and that too in speed, native speakers will have a tough time in understanding what you are saying. Do not worry about the fact that the listener will get frustrated and irritated at your slow speed because making them understand the meaning is more important.11. Listen to English music: Music is soothing but it may also help you to improve your oral skills. Do not think about your native language music when you listen English songs as each language has its own way of singing.12. Buy audio books: Market is flooded with books on improving English but it cannot be improved by reading alone.

When you are looking forward to improving spoken English, opt for audio books so that you can practice pronunciation along with them.13. Consult an expert: If you have difficulty in pronunciation of certain words or in understanding their exact meanings, you can make a list of such words and then consult a person who knows it.
Speak at your native speed: When you speak at your native speed, your brain becomes more receptive and it not only listens more effectively but also picks up the words quickly and remembers them for a longer time. It unconsciously mimics the inflections and nuances of speaking which are difficult to pick up for a non native.
It also reduces your stammering and breakings in between.Apart from above points there are many small tips that can be of great help in taking the level of fluency to the next level. Everyone makes errors but the one who corrects them are the people who achieve something in life. Keep a notebook of the mistakes that you made, the new words you have learnt and keep on revising them. Memorize the new words that you have learnt and try to use them as much as possible in new situations. Surround yourself with people who speak English and do not be hesitant to listen to criticisms. Do not go for words that are beyond your current level of comprehension as incorrect words will do more harm than saying the correct word in a wrong way. Give yourself a goal which is long term and do not forget to take breaks in between else it will become monotonous. Set short term goals as well and reward yourself, appreciate yourself when you achieve them. Doing these simple things will go a long way in improving your English and you will soon find yourself speaking in a confident, smooth, fluent English.

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english speaking skills in urdu

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