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Good pronunciation will help people understand your spoken English clearly, even if you don’t know many words.
Reading English texts out loud will help you with the second part without having to worry about the first part. You can study English conversations with the Practical English lessons on Espresso English. The sentence isn’t grammatically correct, but it successfully communicates your message, and an English speaker will understand you.
If you make a mistake or forget a word when you are speaking English – it’s OK!

There are three levels of pronunciation, and most English learners need some improvement in their pronunciation.
If you do this with every new English word you learn, it will help you speak English in complete sentences more naturally. If you live in an English-speaking country, pay attention to the English conversations around you.
Although grammar is important, it is less important than communication when speaking English. Thinking in English is something you can practice all the time, but it’s especially important when speaking English.

If you don’t have contact with native English speakers, watch TV shows and movies in English with English subtitles to learn English conversation patterns.
You can use the listening lessons on Espresso English as well as the reading and listening lessons – listen to the audio while you read the text, then read the text out loud (speaking), trying to imitate the pronunciation you heard in the audio.
If you are insecure when speaking English, it will be even more difficult to think of the words you know.

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