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BUT did you know that both examiners in these exams will give you a significant mark for how you handle communication?
In other words, it’s just a myth that grammar is the main thing to focus on in the Speaking exam (nb grammar is covered more in the Use of English paper, and you can practise this by going through Use of English exercises in your coursebook or by using any Cambridge Past Papers booklets). The Speaking Exam at B2 (FCE) level, for instance, specifically tests your ability to keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics, expressing opinions and presenting arguments (source: lots of information from Cambridge can be found here). So in the lead-up to your Speaking exam, you can boost your mark by improving how you go under the other criteria, especially discourse management and interactive communication, which I’ve found are easier to work on during a shorter period of time. For your short talk, you will be asked to speak on your own for about one minute (eg FCE part II) or for two minutes (in the CPE exam). Lastly, you’ll also be chatting and answering some questions with your partner and the examiner. In addition, join in discussions in English with friends or any people you speak in English with. The higher your level, the more you’re expected to be able to talk about a wider range of topics and themes. I’ve seen that even when people are advanced or higher, they may not be as quick in responding to different or difficult questions. You can get further reading on this here (on Part 2 Cambridge Speaking Exam at B2 level: speaking for a minute). Also practise with a friend or classmate, and get feedback from them on how you communicate and organise your ideas!

Some materials are also available on the Cambridge website (choose your exam from the menu up top). Practise communicating in class with others and your teacher, as well as when you’re out and about with friends: agree, disagree, ask follow up questions, give your opinion, start new discussions, interact!
Not only do you need to KNOW what you will be asked to do in the exam, but you need to DO the exam, so make sure you are an active English speaker before the big day!
I find your post interesting because further down the line I would like to do some coaching for students who want to take one of the Cambridge exams here in Spain. What Cambridge tests in the Speaking exams is similar in criteria for each level, though of course a pass grade for Cambridge First (FCE) will not satisfy the criteria to pass at Advanced or CPE level. In general though candidates are expected to interact, give reasons for their decisions, provide relevant contributions, produced extended stretches of language, and so on.
I wouldn’t help anybody prepare for an exam unless I had got a Grade A in the exam myself.
I am currently preparing for CPE, in fact I’m sitting it next Thursday, and I experience particular difficulties with the speaking part, but your post was really useful and reduced my anxiety and stress about the upcoming exam.
Get the latest stories in English and articles on idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar and exam tips! I use these verb cards for teaching the following language (generally in the following order). These are by far my favourite action pictures and I’m so glad to find them on the web as I no longer have the book.

This is a worksheet I give to my younger students when teaching some of the countries where English is spoken as first language. They should colour the flags of the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada according to the code. But knowing that you need to respond to your partner doesn’t mean that you can do it.
There is no document to download; just click on an image and it will open in a bigger window.
What this means is that when you’re asked a question (eg part 3 of FCE when you speak with your partner and the examiner), you should give a thorough answer ie a longer answer than just a few words. It’s also better when you can listen to what your partner says, and be abe to add to their contributions. I write articles on learning English especially for people wishing to live in or travel to Australia and for those who are interested in business and all kind of issues! The students must go and pick up a card, go to the teacher and say the target expression (e.g. When all the cards have been picked up by the students and passed on to the teacher, the teacher stops the timer.

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