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We strive to build and maintain strong links with many well known equestrian Brands, Companies and Colleges to bring you each and every position as they become available.
If you’re looking for a field based role or an office based position, Equine Careers is dedicated to advertising them here all on one easy to use site, updated daily, be the first to find your future here at Equine Careers. The curriculum balances the science of horse husbandry with essential business skills, and is capped by the creation of a comprehensive business plan.
You'll leave the program with the skills and practical knowledge you'll need to successfully manage or contribute to a horse-related business.
The program’s approach blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning opportunities and practical skills training. In second year, you build on this foundation with more advanced learning in equine science, financial management and environmental management. You’ll also be required to take Workplace Readiness certificates, including Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), First Aid, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and Equine Medicines. Courses in the Equine specialty are designed to ensure that students seeking careers in horse-related industries have the knowledge base required to succeed. Your course work will cover science-oriented topics such as equine behaviour and learning, nutrition, genetics and reproduction, as well as business-related topics like equine facilities management. Students examine production cycles, reproduction and genetics in farm animals, with a focus on care and management during breeding parturition, growth and lactaction. Students will study the physiological growth and development at every life stage from conception to old age in the horse. Students examine the behavioural and environmental considerations important in designing an equine facility, and explore the options available for ensuring a high standard of animal welfare in the facility.
In this class, you’ll examine principles and methods of organizing and analyzing financial businesses. As a graduate of the Diploma in Business Management program, you’ll be qualified to take advantage of a range of opportunities, with your specialized knowledge of equine care and management, combined with training in business. Many students graduating with this diploma aspire to be entrepreneurs in the equine industry. Your foundation in business and customer relations opens the door to working in other fields should your plans change. Applicants to the Equine concentration are expected to be experienced in the care and handling of horses.
Whether you're applying to one of our residence halls or you’re looking for help with an off-campus apartment search, Dalhousie’s Residence and Housing services can help. The Certificate in Equine Business Management is for anyone interested in working in the business and management aspects of the equine industry.
In order to obtain the Certificate in Equine Business Management, the following five core courses and one of the electives must be successfully completed. Students must either be at least 18 years of age, or have completed Grade 12 or equivalent in order to register for the courses.
The equine science and business courses at the University of Guelph are open learning continuing education courses and you do not have to apply and be accepted into the certificate program to take one of the courses. To be eligible to receive the Certificate in Equine Business Management students must successfully complete 6 courses. At minimum of 50% of your courses cannot be counted to more than one certificate or diploma.
New CourseEquine Critical CareA face-to-face practicum course on the University of Guelph campus for Veterinary Technicians. From our Facebook PageResearchers continue to look at risk factors and causes of laminitis.
In particular, deploying sensor networks to remotely monitor horses, indoors or outdoors, can help prevent illness and reduce costs in equine management.

The horse industry plays a part in national, state and local economies in Europe, North America and South America. Seeing opportunity in an under-served market, Asier Gonzalez Gomez and a fellow engineer co-founded EOIT, one of a cluster of new technology start-ups from a programme sponsored by the Basque provincial council. EOIT developed Smart Horse – an integrated technology platform that uses wireless sensor networks to monitor horses’ health, to control the condition of barns and stables, and generate alerts in real time. An avid equestrian, Asier used his background in telephony, information technology (IT), to create an equine monitoring system for use in horse stables, to monitor horses’ condition and fitness from anywhere in the world. Smart Horse and Smart Farm are modular solutions, allowing EOIT to propose a complete operating system for equine farm management, to combine sensors with wireless communications.
Using Libelium’s Waspmote allowed EOIT to focus on the Smart Horse and Smart Farm applications, rather than spending time and money on trial-and-error design and hardware development. Stable owners and equine facility operations are interested in horse monitoring and facility monitoring to save costs, save water and save energy. Applied to horse management, Smart Horse offers a mix of applications for health care monitoring, sports training, asset tracking, as well as data collection and analysis. Energy management was one of several chief requirements for the system: Waspmote nodes are ultra low power devices that can be installed anywhere in the horse facilities, indoors or outdoors. With Box Mote, environmental sensor nodes collect and transmit data from their position in the stall, in the barn, in the veterinary hospital. The encapsulated sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water levels, status of doors and gates or other controls. Do you want to find a member of staff who is experienced in their chosen field and understands the equestrian trade?
Contact us now or visit the Submit a College Course page and register your details and start promoting your College. By choosing the Business Management Technology Diploma and the Equine specialty, you're taking a big step toward that goal. And our small class sizes mean you'll get as much personalized attention from instructors as you need. And because you'll be in courses with students who share your interests in horse care, you'll also leave with life-long friends. The first year of the program covers a variety of foundation courses in business, animal science and soils. You’ll take courses such as Equine Growth and Nutrition, Equine Health, Genetics and Reproduction, Equine Behaviour and Learning, and Equine Facilities Management. On top of classroom lectures, you’ll do hands-on lab work, and participate in a range of field trips and tours. As well, you’ll complete the Health & Safety Management Certificate for Equine Related Business, a safety course directed at managers. Lectures cover the principles that are common to all species, and the labs and tutorial sessions focus on more specialized topics that are relevant to bovine, equine and other ruminant species. The nutrition component focuses on the digestive system of the horse and the requirements for specific nutrients at different stages of growth and development.
The class will enable students to design and implement protocols for managing the facility and for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements or industry standards. Practical problems associated with financial analysis, planning, capital budgeting, resource use, and credit acquisition are included. Graduates can expect, perhaps with further industry experience, to manage or own an enterprise, work with a service provider, or work in marketing or sales.
Some have gone on to start up business in horse training, hoof care, and equine therapy, working with adults and youth.
Students have found positions in sales and marketing in feed companies, as retail store managers, and in the community working in youth business development.

A Competency Form outlining practical experience and knowledge in the industry is required.
If you currently hold the Equine Science Certificate, Equine Welfare Certificate or the Diploma in Equine Studies offered at the University of Guelph please contact Open Learning and Educational Support to clarify your certificate requirements. But recent technological advances in smart sensors and wireless networks are bringing new levels of monitoring into raising livestock.
For Spanish technology start-up company EOIT, remote sensing presents a new business opportunity featuring horses, stables and equine management. The equine sector is diverse, involving agriculture, business, sport, gaming, recreation, medicine, and generating specialised skills and general employment across the board.
Iberian sport horses figure among the most talented, popular breeds and today train and compete in elite events all over the world. EOIT, an acronym for “Eyes on Inspiring Technology,” is an entrepreneurial company that views wireless sensor networks (WSN) as an opportunity for technology to improve agriculture, at a local level and internationally. Smart Horse is part of a Smart Farm application that brings together sensor data collection, alerts, and data analysis for use with other information management systems.
High technology and low power sensors add business value to the horse business, and to livestock industry in a number of ways. The modularity of Waspmote, in terms of sensor integration and radio connectivity, allowed EOIT to provide a final product to their customers in a short period, with sensor networks up and running quickly, and capable of sending alerts as needed. Libelium e-Health sensor platform is a good alternative for such biometric parameters monitoring projects, but EOIT decided not to use it in this particular case due to they needed specific sensors for big animals.
The nodes connect wirelessly with an Internet gateway; values and results are easily read on an end-user application for real-time control of the sensing parameters. Contact us now or visit the Submit A Vacancy page and register your business to start promoting your equine vacancies today. Our program offers a real-world education, through classroom lectures, hands-on labs, and field trips to local stables and agricultural enterprise - so you'll have lots of fun while you're learning. You’ll learn about business fundamentals, such as Introductory Microeconomics and Accounting. Plus, you’ll go deeper into the business side, with courses such as Financial Management and Marketing, which culminate in the completion of a comprehensive business plan. All experiences will expose you to issues facing the industry and the science behind equine health and reproduction, as well as key business skills, such as record-keeping, business planning and accounting. Analysis of different types of feeds and the formulation of diets based on life stage and level of activity will be conducted.
Others have used this diploma as a stepping stone to further education and have gone on to complete the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree here at the Dalhousie Agricultural campus. There are restrictions on counting courses in more than one certificate or diploma program and we want to be sure you plan your course of study to accommodate any restrictions. Breeding, competition and leisure activities involving horses are important business concerns, and while horses are no longer used for primary transport they remain important assets. All of Libelium’s awards for their hardware meant that they were doing something really well,” said Asier.
This is balanced with a scientific foundation in animal biology, nutrition and care – important when working with animals in a variety of situations. This class will enable the student to troubleshoot nutrition problems in a variety of equine enterprise types.

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