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If you’ve looked into the concept of manifesting before, you’ll be familiar with the idea that ‘anything that is now matter, was once thought’.
Ask And It Is Given is great because it clarifies the ‘basics’ – the nuts and bolts, if you like - of what The Law of Attraction is and how by focusing your thoughts, you can use it to create anything and everything you desire.
As far as books on the Law of Attraction go, this one pretty much has it all, background, practical exercises and an uplifting message. I have to say, I think most people would be hard pressed to not be unaffected by Ask And It is Given .
Written in an easy-to-assimilate fashion, it won’t take more than a few pages for you to be touched by the joyful spirit with which Ask and It Is Given is written. You can pick up your own copy of Ask And It Is Given – (pretty much, THE seminal work on the Law of Attraction) simply by clicking on the image below.

Plus, when you enter your info below, we'll also send you the eBook that's helping thousands of people discover their true calling and live a more fulfilled, happy life! Put it this way, if you’d never dipped your toes in the whole Law of Attraction thing before and could buy just ONE book on the subject, I’d recommend this – without question.
When I first read this book a few years ago (and I’ve returned to it many, many times since – sometimes for a ‘pick-me-up’, sometimes for a gentle reminder and sometimes for new manifestation strategy ideas) I got goose bumps and experienced the elated feeling that finally, the answers I’d been looking for and ways to specifically use the Law of Attraction to affect change in my reality, had landed in my lap. Truly an empowering offering to all those interested in creating better circumstances in their lives, expanding their happiness, peace and sense of well-being. Similarly, if you’re looking for a complete and more in-depth look at the Law of Attraction and manifestation phenomenon (one that goes way further than The Secret ever did) – you’ll find it here. Ask and It Is Given builds upon the core concept that all things material were once thought form by explaining how the Law of Attraction works from a metaphysical standpoint, as well as offering 22 practical and powerful ways to begin manifesting whatever you want in life - be it a better job, financial abundance, the partner of your dreams, your perfect body, deeper spiritual connection, greater wisdom, joy, excitement, health or vitality – you name it, this book shows you how to create it.

There are heaps of great books out there in that vein (many of which I’ll review in coming weeks and months), but Ask And It Is Given is not one of them. It’s more for those people who are looking for new ways to understand and use the Law of Attraction, along with exercises you can start putting to use right away.

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esther and jerry hicks ask and it is given pdf viewer

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