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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Food giant Nestle in India, is currently battling to preserve its instant noodles brand Maggi. Surprising evidence the noodles contained unsafe levels of lead and traces of monosodium glutamate (MSG) has proved a direct challenge to the ethical leadership of the company.
Ethical leadership is about doing what’s right, not just following rules or conforming to codes or regulations. Faced with difficult choices, ethical leadership asks tough questions, such as “what is the right thing to do? They kept quiet about the issue for three whole weeks, even though facing a demand from regulators to recall the product.  Three weeks later Nestle’s leadership bowed to the inevitable after facing a social media storm. Doing the right thing and having integrity in your business practices is the best protection of a company and is brand.  It is also why employees remain highly motivated and want to remain with their company. Today the risks associated with unethical business behaviour are becoming stratospheric, especially if you are a bank or a financial institution. There is now extensive evidence showing companies with ethical leadership that acting in a responsible, or principled way is likely to be far more successful, long lasting and and indeed profitable than less ethical ones. The price paid by companies for behaving badly keeps on rising, as Nestle in India is discovering.
Apart from a stream of enforced exits by CEOs, mounting fines, priceless damage to reputation and loss of customer goodwill, we’ve seen a steady drop in society’s trust in business leaders. No matter what type of organisation you run, every business leader needs to be able to answer just seven basic questions about the ethics of their business.
Despite evidence that being ethical makes sound business sense, there  remains a steady stream of people questioning whether business and ethics are compatible. This partly reflects an obsession with short termism which is partly what undid Jenkins at Barclays—the benefits did not come quick enough for the most driven money men. One the most well known assessments is by Ethisphere, a decade old consulting firm based in the US. To qualify for this list a company must have robust corporate compliance programs and strong social responsibility policies.
In 2015 132 companies made the list spanning 21 countries and five continents and representing over 50 industries. Download and printFor a hard copy click HERE add your details and the subject: White Paper.
If you ‘ve completed the Leadership Litmus Test here you may also like to try Roger Steare’s Moral DNA profile.
Complete a detailed questionnaire to receive feedback on how you relate to Law, Logic and Love. You receive a scoring on issues such as your wisdom, fairness, courage, self-control, trust and so on. If you'd like to be told of new postings enter your e-mail address using the SUBSCRIBE button. You may use some or all of the material appearing here without cost--kindly quote the source for others to reach the site too. Without a common set of values, an organization is merely a collection of individuals coexisting (perhaps uneasily) within common boundaries.
This piece helps you understand the essence of ethical leadership and the ways in which you can practice it.
Value sharing: As an ethical leader, it is your responsibility to set the standard of truth.
Quality orientation: Business ethics is all about providing value for the customers and other stakeholders. Openness: It is but natural that leaders will depend upon a core advisor group for key decisions. Participation: Although you have the power to take decisions, allow your employees to contribute to the process. Succession planning: All leaders, including independent entrepreneurs must plan on handing over the reins someday to a worthy candidate. If you’re going to hurl humans thousands and eventually millions of miles into space, they’d better be mentally strong and capable of handling intense stress and pressure.

REPUTATIONS [1] “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” warned Warren Buffet, renowned for his long-term investment perspectives.
Is there an ethical global company anywhere? Currently we see vast swathes of the corporate world wilfully avoiding paying their proper share of taxes through avoidance schemes, mainly centred around Luxembourg. What’s another €94m fine between friends?  The latest penalties on several banks for fiddling interest rates by running a cartel, is hardly the stuff of headlines. As you face challenges in areas like decision-making, strategic planning, cultural transformation and leadership development, your ethical framework will reveal itself, particularly under pressure. I confess that I do not like what I see in the mirror sometimes when I am frustrated, tired and weary of battling the challenges I face in work, life and personal growth. Whether navigating a consultation, teaching students, or marketing my leadership development services to groups, teams and organizations, how I do this and the motives behind my actions sends signals about what I believe.
Since the time of Aristotle, says Peter Northouse, these discussions have focused on 5 core areas that have been the focus of many ethical systems.
Respects Others: We might think we have this mastered, but we disrespect others when we interrupt them, show up late to meetings, only seek advice from our kind of people, or ignore the input of people lower in status or rank. We would like to encourage your feedback as it helps us to identify the issues that are important to you.
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Consequently this has created a new case study on how not to handle an ethical crisis.  A secondary story arises over what it means to be an ethical leader. A company might be acting entirely within the law, yet still be doing something entirely wrong. Rather than answering the obvious question : “Should we withdraw this product since some tests show it’s not safe?” the leaders appeared to hope the issue would somehow go away. Responding to public anger, several states ordered tests and started issuing bans on the sale of Maggi noodles. Almost simultaneously, the national food safety regulator ordered Nestle to recall all Maggi noodles from store shelves. Nor would it have tried to deny the problem, when clearly evidence suggested there was a case to answer. With the recent departure of Antony Jenkins from Barclays where he was attempting to change the entire culture of the organisation to be more ethical, it is tempting to give in to a degree of depression. In our hyper speed world, where keeping secrets seems increasingly difficult, there’s growing awareness that being ethical is not just being risk averse, it makes absolutely business sense.
In financial services for example, even some senior leaders seem luke warm about their ability to stay ethical while still making money. Those on the list also need to comply with other guidelines, and should be monitoring their supply chain to ensure it meets international law and labour standards. It also summaries what sort of person you are, such as a philosopher, judge, angel, teacher, enforce and Guardian.
A well defined value system creates a common understanding within the group of what constitutes acceptable behavior.
Since you are the one in control, you can set the benchmarks for doing business the right way. Often, this group is small and creates a coterie, which is not necessarily in the larger interests of the organization.
Support and guide your team members wherever necessary, so that they will be able to utilize their capabilities to the fullest. From disinterest to being over busy, from being self-absorbed to not realising its importance. CEO of a tiny company  Turing Pharmaceuticals, he had bought the lifesaving prescription drug Daraprim from its owner Impax Laboratories. A little known, fascinating study about NASA describes how it chose astronauts during the 1980s.
Soon Barclays will soon have one of its most senior bankers devoting—wait for it—half his time to managing talent.

If you are involved in this kind of work you quickly discover its potential for good or harm.
Some years back the answer would probably have been “not much.” Today, the situation is entirely different. He argued for a reverse of the normal presumption of innocence for those who travel to Iraq and Syria.[1] Let’s not stop at terrorists though. So it is important that I keep exposing myself to resources and people that deepen my ethical foundation and promote character growth. These are also described, bolstered or expanded personal beliefs, faith systems, and one’s philosophical or religious worldview. And a dishonest culture at work or anywhere else is an emotional drain to our people, a black eye on the organization and leaves scars on our families and communities.
Community is the result of shaping an honest, caring, truthful, engaging, fun and authentic culture. They are able to think long term and shape laws and regulations as well as societal attitudes.
Being an ethical leader is therefore not just a case of staying legal, as the Starbucks, Google and Amazon tax saga  showed.
The resulting damage inflicted on the brand and the company has yet to be fully quantified, but it is clearly significant and likely to be long lasting.
It is your responsibility to champion this cause, and drive the quality program throughout your firm.
Adopting this practice of ethical leadership is especially effective when you wish to implement change or minimize risk.
Succession planning is an integral part of ethical leadership, and must begin during the current leader’s tenure. The chairman of the bank’s global finance and risk solutions will be acquiring this new role in March.
For example, a line manager who conducts faulty or biased appraisals can fundamentally damage someone’s life. Silence when an issue arises, silence when choices are being made, silence after they’ve been made and the effects reverberate. Morgan, no paragon of ethical performance in recent years, must pay €61m for crooked behaviour involving Libor, from 2008-9.
What I read, who I meet with, and how I go about my work all shape my approach to ethical situations.
He really did not care about the people – he saw us as a platform for his expanding his network, selling his resources, and gaining notoriety. You notice a minority person or woman gets shut down repeatedly in meetings because someone has a cultural bias (perhaps without even being aware of it). You need to pass on a clear message to the rest of your organization about the standards they must adhere to. Well respected organizations like GE have demonstrated ethical leadership by pursuing a relentless quality ethic.
A larger and more fluid influencing group, put together depending on the needs of a specific situation is likely to result in a more unbiased decision making process. What makes him stand out is that he does not lose sight of the organization’s cherished values in the process of leading.
Leaders must themselves be ethical in their decisions and actions in order to influence others to behave accordingly.
Closely linked to this is the question of how long a leader must stay at the helm of affairs.
You see a clear violation of HR practices or basic laws (like a banker I knew who was cleverly skimming fee income into his own personal account). Regardless of a mandatory retirement age, an ethical leader must choose to stay on only as long as the community around him feels that this is in the larger interests of the organization.

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