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Hospitality and Event Management considers the management of people and services in the hospitality, residential, food service, events, leisure and tourism industries.
Full-time students will be expected to arrange suitable work placements and assistance is available for this. Staff teaching on the degree have experience of working in the hospitality and event management industries. The degree teaches students a set of core principles which are essential for any management related career.
Assessment is through a combination of coursework, practical work, presentations and examinations.
As part of the Second year Food and Beverage Management module this year students  have undertaken a live case study on nutritional care with The Partnership in Care Ltd care homes. The students met head cooks from all seven Partnership in Care homes at Risby Park Nursing Home in February. Career opportunities specific to the hospitality industry include conference, event or exhibition management in organisations such as English Heritage, local councils and private companies. At UCS your tuition fees provide access to all the usual teaching and learning facilities that you would expect.
Applications are welcome from all who can benefit from and successfully complete the course.
The course covers fundamental project management techniques as well as providing useful guidelines and tips on strategic management, handing event operational issues, choosing venues and scheduling. The course is suitable for those who are new to the field or those who have some event management experience, but look forward to a more structured training. Comprehensive guidelines are provided for trainers to encourage discussions on various topics and get delegates to share their own ideas and backgrounds to foster creative thinking and inspiring ideas.
Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages.
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We have taken students on placement from the Fitzwilliam Institute Group over the past number of years and many of them have gone on to become full time employees and still work with us today.
I felt the course was very practical and engaging with expert advice and real life examples. This degree provides an opportunity for students to study the expanding and diverse hospitality sector.
Foundation degree students were asked to make recommendations based on a range of factors such as nutritional content, calorific intakes and special dietary requirements.
For the individuals living in our homes it’s a great opportunity to build relationships with the students and share memories and ideas across the generations.
Alternatively, students can progress directly to the final year of BA (Hons) Business Management, or continue to relate their study to specific aspects of the hospitality and event management sector on the final year of BA (Hons) Event Management at UCS. However, there may be additional costs associated with your course that you will need to budget for. Throughout the course, examples and case studies are provided so delegates can understand the nature and complexity of various parts of event management better. A common example event is used throughout the course so delegates can see how techniques are applied. Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses. The platform, which is cloud-based, covers a wide gamut of online needs including marketing, eCommerce and engagement. Camilyo allows users to easily add eCommerce catalogs, run social campaigns, offer multi-channel promotions and coupons, capture leads, manage contacts and even offer online appointment scheduling, all in one simple tool, with no complex coding expertise required.
All the lecturers have a vast amount of experience which gives the students a great understanding of the industry.

Art galleries, music tours, cultural festivals, sports of all kinds, corporate events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions and so on.
Event management has grown to become a comprehensive field borrowing from the creative industry, project management, leadership, logistics management and management of technical stage equipment. Numerous exercises are also provided to help delegates immediately apply the techniques to a particular event that they plan to manage. However, it aims to update participants on the latest tools and techniques used by the industry so that by the end of the course all delegates have a clear understanding of the core principles of event management.. They also consider an event of their choice and constantly work with other participants to apply the management and planning techniques to their own events. This course aims to prepare delegates for the role by covering various aspects of an event management through examples and step-by-step detailed techniques. The course can be run for 1 day or can be extended to 1.5 days as it covers a large range of topics with various optional exercises.
It is particularly helpful in discussing various issues and crisis management that event managers need to deal with as well as providing a solid structure that they can follow. This example and exercise driven approach significantly increases the knowledge throughout and helps delegates get up to scratch with the latest trends in the field. This growth has led to a competitive market where each an event is competing for our attention against other events and activities.
As there can be many types of events to organise, this course focuses on a common subset of them to increase clarity and make it easier for delegates to absorb the content quickly. The course intends to increase the awareness of participants about common mistakes made while managing events and hence save time and prevent the hassle of learning the mistakes on their own.
This competition has put pressure on event organisers to simultaneously produce more elaborate events while cutting the admission and running costs. Events include conferences, corporate hospitality, product launches, charity gala dinners, awards, exhibitions, team building, reward and appreciation events, fundraiser and workshops. This requires a systematic event management process while constantly thinking of creative ideas that can make your event stands out from the competition.

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