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Sociology focuses on identifying, explaining, and interpreting patterns and processes of human social relations. Our goal in this class is for you to gain a different perspective of a diverse world often taken for granted and to gain new insight into the ways that society shapes people and the way people shape their society. The UK ranked 12th out of 19 countries of similar affluence in 2010 in terms of healthy life expectancy at birth, according to a detailed analysis from the Global Burden of Disease data collected by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle. Jeremy Hunt a health secretary said that the UK was a long way behind its global counterparts and called for action by local health commissioners to tackle the five big killers’: cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory and liver diseases. The leading causes of death in the UK have changed very little over the last 20 years, says the report – with ischemic heart disease the biggest killer (for which diet and smoking are big risk factors).
The UK has lower-than-average premature death rates from diabetes, road injuries (the best of the whole group), liver cancer and chronic kidney diseases. Between the 15th and 16th centuries, a new economic system emerged that began to replace feudalism. Industrial societies rely heavily on machines powered by fuels for the production of goods. The world’s greatest physicists, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, have said, respectively, that ‘the overwhelming impression is of order… [In] the universe’ (the time of his life, Gregory Bedford, Sydney morning Herald, 28 Apr. Something that has become a big part of society and social life has been social networking and texting. A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (which is becoming less and less popular) as well as YouTube, are all forms of social networking that many of us use on a daily basis. I believe in some ways, a lot of ways depending on how you look at it, it is damaging our culture in the area of communication.
I think this social norm has become more and more of a distraction, and an easy way out of truly getting to know people. Eating healthier is another big step because people need perform at the top level for a longer period of time. Colleges make the most because they start getting sponsors and TV deals which brings in millions every year for the school.
So I believe that how the society lives their everyday lives has a lot to do with technology. Society is defined as the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community or the community of people living in a particular region and having shared customs, laws, and organizations.
With society being defined as a group of people living together in a community or a community of people living in a particular region sharing customs, laws, and organizations, I see society as a huge social group. Almost all people have a social life and that can be defined as what they do for fun or how they spend their time. A common social issue that people have today is making friends or trying to fit in in a new environment. Make sure what you are doing or joining though is for something that you are also interested in or you have just made yourself no progress and are still at stage one. There are many are many different communities in just one state of the United States of America. Society and Social Life is such a broad topic, you could literally analyze the every aspect of the world, study the group and show how they impact the world.
Looking back on high school I had a very enjoyable time in sports, but the social groups outside of sports influenced me in a negative way. For instance back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s there were usually only 3 forms of communication. Once the years past technology began to advance in such things as medical purposes and communication. So now days we have things on the computer like Myspace which was a popular social networking site in the late 90’s and early 2000’s which upgraded to face book which is said to have over a billion members using its service worldwide. There are so many different groups within the world, they way we live and act is different everywhere that you go. A great comparison of the difference of culture is the south region such as Louisiana and somewhere like Colorado. There may be two kinds of leaders but there are also different leadership styles that the leaders can apply when leading.
The transactional leader is a controlling leader that judges each person on performance and wants every- one to do their job accordingly to what they say.
A Bureaucratic leader likes to run the group by rules that have been laid down and wants those rules to be followed exactly so that things run smoothly.
The democratic leader likes the team to be cooperative and involved in making the decisions. A Laissez- Faire leader likes to let the team do everything on their own and only helps the team if absolutely necessary. Task orientated leaders just want to get the job done and will do anything to get the job done. Internal social control is, “The process of internalizing the norms of society and accepting them as valid.
Informal social control is, “Interpersonal actions between and among people to remind someone that their behavior upsets or pleases them. Formal social control is, “An effort to bring about conformity to the law by agents of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) i.e. Every society and civilization on earth is composed of individuals and each individual has a status. When people are proud of their status, they usually try to show other individuals of their success using what is called a status symbol. According to the online dictionary, social groups are defined as an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes. Our objectives are directed at building competence as a critical thinker and change agent so that you will better able to raise relevant questions about the direction in which society is moving, interpret social trends, and examine significant social problems. We can best understand the process of social interaction when we understand the person in place and in time. Despite big increases in funding for the NHS in recent years and many reform initiatives, the UK was in exactly the same place as in the league table for 1990. He will on Tuesday announce a strategy to tackle cardiovascular disease, which he says could save 30,000 lives a year. Also in the top five over two decades are stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and lower respiratory infections.
But it has not kept up with progress elsewhere in a number of areas, including heart disease, breast and esophageal cancers and preterm birth complications. In 2010, mental and behavioral disorders (mainly depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), and musculoskeletal disorders (mainly lower back pain and falls) were responsible for more than half of all years lived with disability in the UK. Capitalism is marked by open competition in a free market, in which the means of production are privately owned. We consider society as a group of people living in a stable environment creating life’s worth. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that without society, human life would be “nasty, brutish and short.” A man without society resort to violence and crime. Humans are always aggressive, competitive, and selfish that’s why life is so hard to explain. The old Christian word for love was ‘caritas’ which means charity or giving or selflessness. Society as individual has to change their ways, their attitude and the way they carry their self to draw a narrow meaning to life. But did you know that the average time a person spends on Facebook per month is fifteen hours and thirty-three minutes? I do not know many young people who can engage in conversation with an adult, or senior citizen comfortably. If you never spend time with someone, and only text them, there may only be so much information that you learn about them. Social life may be critical for people because it will help them get to where they need to be in life. Even in some sport experiences can be beneficial, teaching the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and hard work, among many other qualities. Schools are becoming nice and playing facilities are becoming bigger because they want to attract more athletes and people to they school. They are the largest ethnic group in Kenya, and speak the bantu kikuyu language as a mother tongue. They constitute the largest ethnic group in Kenya, and are concentrated in the vicinity of mount Kenya.
The members of each clan had a blood tie in common, but were not restricted to any particular geographical area, they lived side by side.
Girls were raised by their mothers, by taking care of household chores, tend sambas(farm) crops and young children, while boys were expected to help out by herding the animals.
People do things in their lives that they see on the TV and that they see celebrities doing. Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, and etc, has made some changes in the communication of our everyday life's.
From teenagers to adult, now, kids and the age over 50 are even getting the hang of media networking. Teenagers are getting bullied on Facebook by posting false information about other people and shared them with hundreds and hundreds of people. It lowers self esteems because it can impact your life negatively by comparing themselves to other peers. Personally I define society as everyone in the world but then you don’t honestly know everyone in the world, so then you have your primary and secondary groups of people. But then again its sometimes hard for people to have a solid social life because they have a hard time making friends or keeping friends. Having close long term relationships with people allows you to be able to communicate and share stuff that is bothering you that they can also relate to.
There are many different social groups, and each social group influences people in many different ways. There are many groups in society that influence the public opinion of what is right and what is wrong.
I have decided to write about Christiananity, I want to show how this has impacted my life. On the page 20 Popular Bible Verses About Life: by Pamela Rose Williams shows many inspirational verses that can help you live what in now known society as a good life. The word society means “a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.” According to Sociology in our times the 8th edition.
First there was the simple pen (feather) and a piece of paper that was sent through many different places before reaching its destination.
It took awhile for these to take off but once they did, different companies such as Apple and Dell started making different versions with different features.
The greetings in the south is completely different then the greeting that most people in the West have.

But the reality is America is a bunch of traditions from around the world combining into one, creating its own unique culture. Older generations depend more on nationalities and the traditions that have been developed in that country. Each leader has a preference on how they lead the group and leading types can be classified into two different groups. The charismatic leader tends to be focused on themselves more than the team but is supportive of the group.
They want the team to do lots of work before a decision is made but the final decision is not made by the group as a whole but rather just by the leader.
Social control is, “the rules and standards of society that circumscribe individual action through the inculcation of conventional sanctions and the imposition of formalized mechanisms.”(Merriam –Webster Dictionary). A status is a position defined by society and is characterized by certain expectations, rights, and duties (Kendall).
An individual who is a father, spouse, son, and employee, and student can easily experience role conflict. Razzmatazz events gives you what you desire, whether it's communication, practical marketing or events. Europe's exploration of the Americas served as one impetus for the development of capitalism.
The increased efficiency of production of the industrial revolution produced an even greater surplus than before.
Society is an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes, a body of individuals living as members of a community. It is in fact ineffective for ethical solutions to the problem of society and the…in life which mark our existence as well as that of others in the long and short run. While these things seem almost prehistoric to us now, when you think about it, would you rather send someone a message, or talk to them in person? Truly getting to know someone, and investing time in their lives, shows that not only are you a genuine person, but you have enough respect for that person to invest time in them. If you don’t have passing grades you can’t play, therefore kids start to try harder in school and get better grades. The term kikuyu is the Swahili form of the proper name and pronunciation of kikuyu, although group members refer to themselves as the Agikuyu.
The exact place that the kikuyu’s ancestors migrate from after the initial bantu expansion from west Africa is uncertain. Now days formal education has become of paramount importance, with an estimate of 95% of kikuyus children attending school. They also believe in a supreme God, Ngai, whom they recognized to have live in the peak of MT Kenya. Some people aren’t aware that there are predators out in the world that could attack at any moment.
Most parents are now having Facebook just to see how their kids are doing or what they are up too. With the opportunity to “share” and “like”, informations are easy and fast to spread around.
Not only that, but there are some users that are stalking other people, and yet you might not know about it. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, and how people interact within these contexts. Primary groups in this situation are defined, as are groups of people, which individuals intimately interact and cooperate over a long period of time. For example people could have trouble fitting in and have a hard time keep friends because they are to busy with their own life to hang out with their friends. There are many reasons for this like moving to a new place, going off to college, or even joining a new club or sport. Most the time the people you are trying to fit in with are a crowd or crowds that’s you don’t want to be a part of but at the same time you think you will be looked at as being cool.
Being social and having these ties with your friends is also proven to cut depression which will most likely lengthen your life. There are good social groups, but also bad social groups: high school football players are in a social group, there are also high school social groups that kids will do drugs and party. I was brought up in a religious lifestyle, my family always lived by God, but not as most Christians would.
We went from having a dinosaur phone hanging in our purse to a thin slim hand held phone that fits in our pocket. Communication with technology is growing so rapidly, but if it gets us able to talk to the ones we love, that is all that matters.
The “same” culture is completely different depending on the location of the of the person or group.
The different types of leaders mentioned above are a part of social control because they lead the groups and have set standards for the group that they lead.
Some of these are grouped by racial background, athletic abilities, hobbies, and intelligence. What I’ve noticed is, once you find your main group, another group is formed from there and another and another.
For many men, their master status is their occupation, because it shows how wealthy they may be or how successful.
We pleasure ourselves on having the necessary skills, resources and know-how to fully realize your objectives and go beyond all expectations. While life expectancy has improved by 4.2 years in the UK over the two decades, other countries have improved faster.
Our diet, our drinking and continuing smoking habits all play a part, according to one of the report's authors, Prof John Newton, chief knowledge officer of Public Health England, which assumes its responsibilities on 1 April. But there has been a startling increase, say the authors, in Alzheimer's disease, which is up by 137% to be the 10th leading cause of death; cirrhosis, which is up by 65% to ninth, and drug-use disorders – up 577% from 64th place to 21st. The introduction of foreign metals, silks, and spices stimulated great commercial activity in European societies.
The breakup of agricultural-based feudal societies caused many people to leave the land and seek employment in cities. Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau dubbed the set of rules that a society lives by “the social contract.” A leader has to be put in place to set the rules, and people have to abide by them. The average amount of time spend on YouTube world wide is two point nine billion hours a month. I believe as a society we are becoming less social amongst ourselves for the sheer fact that we always have to have some form of technology taking up our time.
Sure, young adults can talk to older adult and senior citizens but going about in a comfortable way, without fidgeting, loosing eye contact and concentration, is rare. Communication face to face shows an immense amount of respect especially to the older generation, which may I add will be our bosses when we first enter the workforce. This means that there are different types of people and they live differently based on government, religion, education, and families, they also live by culture. An example of this would be a middle school student getting bad grades because he is not getting the help he needs from teachers. They have world events such as the Olympics that brings all nations in the world together to cheer on for their country with not a care of what’s going on with other countries. Some authorities suggest that they arrive in their present mount Kenya area of inhabitation from earlier settlements further to the north and east, while others argue that the kikuyu, along with related eastern bantu people such as the embu, mbeere and meru, moved into Kenya from points further south.
Before this social networking become popular, people are emailing from their own personal emails, peoples are calling each other on the phones more often, dealing with problems personally, and having a regular face-to-face chatting. For teens, this would not be a problem because now Facebook are giving the opportunities to hide informations from whoever they want, even parents can also hide informations on what they post and hide them from their children. Even a quarter of Americans says that social media has interrupted an important capture moments of their life. I know from experience a lot of people that move a lot with their family have a lot of trouble making friends because they aren’t around long enough to make solid friends and truly get to know the people they are starting all over with and that can effect their social life. People who go to a new place most the time are so nervous about fitting in that they won’t be social at all or will be overly social and everyone will think that they are simply weird. Don’t be afraid to be yourself when hanging out with your new friends being shy when hanging out with them will make you seem socially awkward and will make your new friends not want to call you to hang out the next time. As adults in this world the same basic priciple is still applied, there are good groups that are positive, but also bad groups that will make each person struggle in today's life. The media and news have a way of impacting the public, the media chooses what they get to show citzens. Technology refers to the knowledge, techniques, and tools that allow people to transform resources into useable forms and the knowledge and skills required to use what is developed. Now days the telephone is usually only found in business setting because many people have stopped using land lines and started using cell phones.
On the phones to date we can get on the internet to research last minute questions and then use the face book app to update our status every five minutes telling everyone what they might be doing every minute of their lives. It’s been a long haul for technology and it will continue to keep advancing as the years pass.
Expressive leaders like to be in the group and have good friendly relationships with the other members in the group. Usually racial groups, people of the same tend to stick together, some make way off on their own but only when they have something else to contribute to another social group. Being as though it’s a track team, its several groups that can be made within that one group.
For example, being a parent, politician, waitress, or CEO of a company are all statuses that people may hold.
Being rich or poor is another common master status because it generally gives evidence of health, education level, and life styles.
Other people see this and think that the man must have a high income or wealthy life style. For example, as a father, he may be entitled to go to his son’s baseball game, but his job requires him to be at work during that time. Drinking and drug use have been the main issues behind the worsening of the UK's ranking in early deaths among adults aged 20-54.
This larger surplus caused all of the changes discussed earlier in the domestication revolution to become even more pronounced. This created a great surplus of labor and gave capitalists plenty of laborers who could be hired for extremely low wages. Selfishness is stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of other. It’s very rare to walk on a college campus and see a group of students talking, and not a single person is on their phone. Sometimes it’s even rare amongst young adults talking to each other, because it’s not what we are used to. Learning to communicate effectively and respectfully, without social media and multi media, is something we should invest our time doing, if we want to be successful, especially for our future. It could help because it could potentially help people find groups or cultures to live in and they will stick with them.

For example a kid could grow up in a rough neighbor hood and has a chance to go to jail r even die, they join a football, basketball team or another sports and it takes them away from the violence. The mountain later became known as Kirinyaga, his, his resting place and it was from there that he called the fourth Gikuyu the farther of the kikuyu people. Many people probably couldn’t live today without their smartphones because it is capable of doing so many things. But then again you also have secondary groups, which are defined as groups where individuals don’t interact much, they are less personal and not as emotional as primary groups. For example my social life involves hanging out with my baseball team because I literally spend four to five hours everyday with them due to the fact it is what we enjoy doing. Say you want to be looked at as cool so you do stuff and be pure pressured into something this might cause you to lose some of your friends you already had because they don’t like your new decisions. To make friends whenever someone asks you hey do you want to go to this party or to this movie make sure you show up. Many people have opinions and judgement, in reality we do not know what is right and what is wrong. And then there was the longest way ever and that was traveling from one place to another which took up to many weeks or months. There are so many different ways of life, food, religion and more all combined and wrapped up in one country. Since the pilgrims came over to what we now call America there have been the opportunities and the freedoms to create traditions and a new culture.
There is the ability to start a movement, that can change society as a whole within seconds.
A primary group of people tend to interact with each other for long periods of time and are close to each other.
The second way is the idea that statuses are achieved through choices, merit, or direct effort. Wedding rings are also symbols of the fact that the individual is married and not on the single market.
He also has an overwhelming amount of homework he has to do at night instead of paying attention to his wife. Its people could expect 70.9 years of healthy life before disease and disability began to take a toll.
In 2010, drugs were the sixth leading cause of death in this age group and alcohol was 18th – up from 32nd and 43rd place respectively 20 years earlier. The technology has no rules on society; it will be interesting to see how society is shape in the future. Consider others for once and maybe an answer can float alone as of the true meaning towards life.
The more we discover about the universe, the more we find that it is governed by rational laws.
While taking part in these things are not bad, and can be very helpful in learning something knew, by looking up a video on YouTube for example, or can help you keep in touch with family that lives far away, I think that it has drastically changed the communication of this generation.
We are among a generation, that seems uninterested in learning, and more interested in texting, all the while messaging is really shallow, asking people over and over again how they are doing, and not really getting to know people.
When people think of social life, they think of interacting with other people and getting to know them.
It has been happening this way throughout generations and it should continue to happen this way in society.
In today’s society peoples healths are getting better because they need to be in good shape for their sport.
They have to begin to realize that not everything that they see on the web is completely true. Since Facebook is really big, my focuses are going to be about Facebook and how it affects our social life. With looking over sociology and learning about what it has to do with society and life, I would say that everyone is involved in a social life even if they don’t think so because in reality everyone does something they enjoy daily and if they don’t then they really aren’t living the life they should be living. A good way to make friends is to put you out there and try new things like join a sport or a club.
It can work the other way also, like if you originally have your friends and they get into drugs or start hitting the boos you choose to leave that group this could cause them to look at you as an outsider and loose some of your friends. Putting yourself out there makes you seem available your new friends will want to hang out with you more because they know that they will not be let down.
Everyone at some point in their life will come upon new situation where they have moved or joined a new group where they don’t know how to be social. The only things we know is what social groups chose to influence the public, our government has made laws that we must follow or face the punishment of breaking the laws.
With this there are no other areas that have the resources or the opportunities to have other traditions and cultural organizations form. The secondary group of people, do not interact as much as the primary group of people would. Based on skill and sport are the greatest factor in determining where you belong or will fit best. Members of the group could have once been enemies to another but then they might feel pity for those they have beaten. Many women who compete in sports feel role conflict as a part of their role as an athlete and their womanly status.
They also think about how to possibly fit into a social group and what would fit them the best.
Through culture, people and groups define themselves, conform to society's shared values, and contribute to society. So he is not having any fun in middle school and he is not relieving the stress that he has with his grades.
You see people checking their Facebook every minute at home, work, school, every where else and possibly bathroom.
Examples of secondary groups are classes, political parties, and members of the same work force in a large cooperation. Being in a club or sport will simply make it easier for you to make friends because you will share the same interests as the people you have just now surrounded yourself with. I believe that a religion helps a human mind from traveling into the peer pressures of life.
These are two verses out of a large book that has influenced people on how to live a good life. With the ability to post a status or send a tweet and have hundreds of people, then thousands, then soon a million people see it. The primary and secondary groups can be broken down into further groups called small groups. Ladies are expected to be “lady like”, but playing basketball is a rather manly occupation. Einstein thought so…we could call order by the name of God.’ In the bible it says God is love.
More than half of the united states has at least three professional teams which brings in millions for them. Phones can do so much for people and that could have something to do with why some are so lazy. Even before you go to sleep, you logged off Facebook from your laptop, laid on the bed and signed in to Facebook from your phone. In 2009, Illinois passed a law that sex offender are banned from having any social networking. With all these social groups we also would include most of these people involved in our groups as in our social life. Once you begin making friends you will be able to expand your social life and join new groups that you knew friends are in making your social life bigger an expanding your friends by going to these new clubs. I am still young, I still make mistakes that make me shake my head, but my religion has taught me how to learn and once you learn you become wise.
This is all opinion of course, because not everyone has to believe in a religion, but this particular religon has influenced many to do what society looks at as a good and healthy life.
There is a movement, and this particular movement changed the country of Egypt and then the world. It is very important to be in a social group, no one likes to be alone and I once heard no one can survive completely on their own. An example of this would be people in a different country such as India; they have different religions, food, music, clothes, and education. In December of 2008, Internet Safety Technical Task Force reported that most users using social network are lying about their age, pictures, and interest.
Small groups are able to interact more directly towards each other because of the smallness of the group. Unlike role conflict, role strain is when there is an incompatibility inside of a single status. Having social life’s are also important in this world because it will help people to become successful and help them know what to do in the world and they will know how to interact with each other. To me, I think that not giving all of the true information is actually smart because you will never know if anyone is stalking you or any other reasons. For example a father must work enough to provide for his family, but if he works all the time he doesn't get to spend any time mentoring his son emotionally into becoming a moral and responsible adult. Scientist philosopher wrote, ‘I can see a direction and a line of progress for life, a line and a direction which are in fact so well marked that I am convinced their reality will be universally admitted by the science tomorrow.’ I agree, life can set a new direction and make progress if we all can just come together and unit as one.
Popular networking such as Facebook gives you the opportunities to get connected with friends, families and meet new people.
Even though giving false information is also bad, I think that in order for you to even have a social network account, you should only just add or communicate with the person you've already knew and not just adding random strangers because you've like how they look.
Anyone can make history and that in itself has the world in a completely different state of mind. From there you can make another group based on race, intelligence and whoever you’re just automatically attracted to. When we have the ability to change so much in a short period of time, we have the ability to change things for the worse.
You can even find out some information about a person you barely know without asking them face to face, like where they're from, what activities they like to do, birthdate, and even where they work. We all get along fairly well for the most part, but a team isn’t a team, society isn’t society, and the world wouldn’t be the world without social groups. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad because I think everybody has a place they belong and are comfortable being. Don’t try to fit in somewhere you don’t belong or don’t want to be because of your family or culture or whatever, because there’s a place for everyone.

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