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The Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (known as the RIM Professionals Australasia) offers a wide range of activities supporting the profession of records and information management. These activities include courses, conventions, seminars, specialised studies, projects, workshops, field trips, and publications. Preaching to the converted: Knives, Listeria, and drug dogs, government social mediaDecelerated curriculum is here.
Although we try, we're not perfect so if you find something not working or out of date, please click this link and let us know. The purpose of the B4 School Check is to promote health and wellbeing in preschool children and identify behavioural, developmental or other health concerns that may adversely affect the child’s ability to learn in the school environment. The National Health Index (NHI) is the master source of patient identity for health in New Zealand. This is a resource primarily for community health workers and primary care and public health nurses who work with families who may be at risk of developing rheumatic fever. Improving Together is a national learning programme looking at quality improvement for staff from participating social sector agencies (Ministries of Education, Health and Social Development and the Health Safety & Quality Commission). This course has been developed for health workers, especially those who work with pregnant women, mothers and carers of infants, to increase their knowledge of the Code of Practice for Health Workers and their responsibilities under it. This course has been approved by the Midwifery Council of New Zealand as one elective education point for midwives. The Foundation Course in Cultural Competency – supports you to build your understanding of cultural competency and health literacy in New Zealand, with a focus on improving Maori health outcomes.
The National Cervical Screening Programme has produced a new learning module aimed at smear takers, GPs, practice nurses and immunisation providers. The National Screening Unit has updated Module 1 of the Antenatal and Newborn Screening E-learning Resource. In this course for health practitioners, including GPs, Nurses, Midwives, Oral Health Professionals, Mental Health professionals and Pharmacists, you’ll get to see and experience the benefits of using the revised ABC pathway with each of your patients or clients.
These training modules are designed to assist District Health Board (DHB)and Iwi Relationship Board (IRB) members in their health governance roles. This course will help you demonstrate a sound understanding of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Intervention Programme (UNHSEIP) and is designed to allow newborn hearing screeners fulfil their annual assessment of competency exercise.

This is a training package on the Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) Prioritisation Tool. Event management is the perfect career choice for multitaskers with exceptional organisational skills, who can move at the speed of light and thrive under pressure! Special event planning can include many types of events, from conferences and sales meetings to gala dinners and awards. You will work on a product launch as part of your course and become completely involved in the intricacies and attention to detail required in the world of event planning. From concept to delivery, this comprehensive ebook details everything you should consider when organising a successful event. I have chosen to study the Certificate in Event Management as I would like to be able to plan pop-up events, festivals and other corporate events like conferences and trade shows. We regularly advertise marketplace to our members and with each month, there are more and more ads.
There is a growing number of courses available provided by different organisations for health workers either studying or working in different fields of practice.
You’ll get to read and apply practical advice and algorithms for the management of breast lumps, breast skin and nipple changes, nipple discharge and breast pain. This course takes authorised users of the NHI through the key things they need to know when interacting with the NHI through their provider system interfaces.
This resource aims to equip the workforce with information and resources to help manage sore throats and prevent rheumatic fever. This training provides a common and consistent approach to quality improvement in public sector organisations across New Zealand. This interactive course with a number of scenarios will provide you with opportunities to practice complying with the Health Workers’ Code. Other health practitioners can also use this course for meeting continuing competency requirements.
The module will support your knowledge of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and the HPV vaccine. Module 1 “Screening: Principles and Practice” includes a section on screening and screening initiatives and another on communication and choice. It introduces the background and purpose of the Prioritisation Tool, and gives EMS Assessors an opportunity to see it in action and practise using it.

Become a certified event planner with our online course and get started in your exciting new career. An ideal guide for anyone new to event management, you’ll receive a complimentary copy when you enrol in the Certificate in Event Management.
The assignments and projects are great as I am able to apply what I am learning to ‘real life’ event briefs.
These modules can be utilised to support new learning or as ongoing professional development. The learning is interactive and focuses on the user behaviours required in two main areas: maintaining optimal data quality with accurate and current identity data, and minimising errors in identifying patients thus increasing patient safety and reducing risk.
Improving Together will improve the way you work, helping you to deliver even better service to New Zealanders.
Module 1 is more interactive than the previous module, and all of the content has been updated including the self-assessments. I decided to study with The Career Academy because they were the only company who had an event management course besides the Level 7 one at Open Polytec or going to one of those conference event days.
There is also a lesser, but important, focus on use of NHI information for only authorised purposes. It will also create a better working environment, making your life at work easier and more satisfying by helping you to find simple solutions to work problems you face every day. The course is suitable for all NHI users, but on implementation, is targeted at GP receptionists and administrators who will start to interact with the NHI with the introduction of the National Enrolment Service (from Jan 2016). The Improving Together programme includes four e-learning modules which will provide you with an online introduction to quality improvement.
These tools are free and are based on simple processes and techniques that you can learn to improve the levels of service and care that people receive, while reducing workplace stress.

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