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At INLEAD we believe that exposure to a range of Mega Events, 9 months of Industry experience and Mentorship of faculties from the Events industry is the ideal preparation for a Successful Event Manager.
The new millennium has witnessed the emergence of Event Management Industry as a highly organized and professional sector matching up with the escalating requirements in both personal and professional spheres.
INLEAD's Event Management and Public Relations program offers a wide range of Event Industry oriented studies enabling a student to prepare for a successful career as an Event Manager and PR professional. INLEAD Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development, 81-P, National Expressway - 8, Gurgaon, HR.

Career in Media, Journalism, advertising, Career Opportunity Media, Journalism, advertising. You may not get the full functionality of this website because JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Eligibility: Diploma in any animation course certified by an institution or an organization. The Industry has grown by leaps and bounds escalating demand for professionals capable of dealing with complex logistical issues involved in planning and execution of events from thought to finish.

Emphasis is laid on practical training of students through participation in Mega Events and on the job training. Skills of efficiently managing resources and time are most sought after and so is the aptitude of generating new ideas for media attention.

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event management degree salary range

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