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Chrysler Group LLC has announced a series of management changes to its leadership, starting with director of Southeast Business Center Al Gardner being reassigned, effective immediately, as President and CEO of Chrysler Brand.
In addition, Steve Beahm was appointed Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management, effective January 1, while Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of Dodge, assumes responsibility for the company’s Fleet operations. As the demands on team leadership expanded in the professional era and the captain’s role grew to include media management, public appearances and sponsor servicing (as well as on and off field leadership) we started to see the emergence of vice captains and even co-captains to share the leadership load.
Over time, the philosophy of leadership in professional sporting teams evolved into the current popular model of leadership teams. The leadership team has played an important role in professional sport providing players the opportunity to be more engaged with preparation and performance and to have some real input into the standards, values and practices of the team. But now we a face a new leadership challenge in sport – it is the era of coaching by collaboration.

In the past, players could be professional during games but then rely on others to set and enforce standards of professionalism in other areas. Successful professional teams demand the total commitment of individuals, each working to their own optimal individual performance levels to ensure that the team as a whole performs to it’s peak performance potential. Expert advice, ideas, innovation and inspiration for all sports coaches and team managers - from 'grass roots' through to elite and high performance levels.
2 Responses to The Evolution of Leadership in Professional Sport: from coach to captain to collaboration. Waynes coaching, thinking and teaching have influenced some of the World’s leading athletes, coaches and teams. The head coach made the decisions, took responsibility for them and that’s where leadership began and ended in professional sporting teams.

Players could have some weaknesses in different areas and rely on others in the team to take up the slack….but no more!
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It is the era of individualised peak performance – there can be no weak links in professional sporting teams.

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evolution of leadership theories pdf

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