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Some of the types of power in this week’s lesson commentary are very apparent in my office and it was fun to be able to put labels to some of the characters I work with. Filed Under: power and influence Tagged With: Influence, leadership, powerPresidential Power or A Conspiracy?
October 11, 2012 by vkh5009 Leave a Comment On September 11, 2012, I woke up to the news of an attack on the U.S.
When leaders conspire to keep the truth from their followers, it is usually about maintaining power or increasing influence? Further, FOX News Special Report stated that President knew about the attacks three hour after they occurred, but went to bed without knowing the status of the ambassador and our other lost men.
The  President then stated that as a nation of many faiths, we rejected the message on the video. Note at this point, internally, the state department has listed this as terrorism internally, however the White House and the State Department will continue to classify this as a response to a video.
At this point, almost a week after the attack, the extremist video (not poor security, not the buildup of strength of terror groups) is still being blamed for the attack. So, if not then who?  Political pundits have speculated that the current administration has to push forth the idea the al Qaeda is on its last legs, despite evidence to the contrary. Each of these tactics allows me and my clients to work through the project and the issues we face. October 10, 2012 by Leave a Comment  The essential job of a leader is planning, organization, direction and control while effectively utilizing organizational human, financial, informational, and physical resources (Furnham, 2007).
Psychometric profiling is a tool that many companies are currently utilizing to identify leadership positions.
Personalities of leader’s have been noted to have predictable effects on team performance (Hogan, 1994). Ones et al (Furnham, 2007) ran a meta-analysis on the role of managerial cognitive ability on followers and found intelligence as a powerful predictor of leadership success, particularly in complex organizations.
Based off of these findings, it can be seen that leader intelligence, both cognitive and emotional, as well as personality traits, can greatly impact organizational success.
Reward Power: Power derived from the ability to provide positive or negative reinforcement in exchange for desired follower behavior. Referent Power: Power derived based on the relationship between the leader and the followers. French and Raven actually presented 6 bases of power, with the one omitted from the lesson text being Information Power.
After reading this week’s lesson content and looking up the later study done by Raven to expand the theory as well as a few other websites on the topic, I decided that I would pursue the theory with my current supervisor team in an attempt to help identify, improve and enhance the powers each has or exhibits as well as to try and cultivate at least one that they are weak in or simply do not possess. I began by holding a session where I handed out a questionnaire that asked the supervisors to rate how well a given statement described them on a 5 point Likert scale. From these exercises, the supervisors were able to identify where their leadership power originated from and also where they could improve or cultivate greater power.
The organization should identify in greater detail for the associates precisely what authority and responsibilities the supervisors have, which should unify and in some cases, increase the influence of Legitimate Power. The supervisors should share their strategies for rewards to come to a uniform and cohesive policy that maximizes power and performance and reduces the likelihood of rewarding them too frequently. The supervisors should be mindful of how much they rely on Referent Power which can be fickle and to take opportunities to expand their bases of Expert Power which would generally be more stable. The organization should increase training and education opportunities for the supervisors to aid them in expanding their Expert Power.
Have you been witness to this event; your leader, your boss just lost his or her cool and went off into orbit yelling, screaming and bullying followers?
I want to connect ideas on marketing, training and personal development and make these ideas accessible for organizations and people so they perform better. I am blessed to have great support from my team at PCG Companies but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important. The moral test of society is how they treat those who are in the womb, the children, the aged, the sick, the poor, and the handicapped. Heartbeat International works to inspire and equip Christian communities worldwide to rescue women and couples from abortion through the development of neighborhoodA pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, and adoption services. Fortunately, at my office, these types of power tend to work well together, with minimal conflict.

Could the cover up have been authorized to elevate President .Obama’s foreign policy record?
A leader has the ability to strengthen a team and make an organization truly great or they can potentially de-motivate a team and cause severe, sometimes irreparable damage to a company, just ask former employees of Enron or Gulf BP. Leadership profiling is based on a group of questionnaires that addresses character traits, management techniques, strength and weaknesses, decision making styles, as well as other factors (Blyth, 2008).
Conscientious is related to perceptions of trustworthiness, organization and leadership foresight. It was noted that intelligence in particular predicts job performance well because it is linked to speed and quality of learning, adaptability and problem solving ability. It is important for companies to initially evaluate their own needs, as well as common situations that arise within their organizations, to determine specific roles that leaders need to play.
Part of my duties as an analyst has been working with workforce-level leaders (supervisors) to help them find ways to increase the job performance and organizational compliance of their subordinates (e.g.
People with legitimate power often have titles that convey their position such as manager or director –or even officer or judge in a non-occupational sense. Followers are led based on a leader’s ability to produce desirable or reduce undesirable conditions or consequences.
Followers are led based on the presumption that the leader’s expertise in a certain field or subject matter is greater than other group members and remains relevant to achieving a group or organizational goal. The organization has some avenues to pursue to improve the leadership abilities of workforce-level supervisors and the supervisors themselves are plugged in to their potential for leadership power. Shock and amazement will typically consume followers as they witness or fall victim to the leader’s behavior.
We know health care in the United States has become incredibly expensive due to government mandates and regulations.
These ministries provide life-saving help in a truly life-changing way by assisting women who are at risk for abortion with the life-affirming, practical support they need to choose life, then prepare them to parent or to place for adoption. In fact, I even had one client purchase the product and they did not have any rugs in their home all hardwood floors! Lynda has the most tenure with the company within the department and is our administrative assistant. As a result each person has a role in the forward movement of our tasks and company overall. If the President or the State Department felt like they were in danger of losing power, they might try to make the attack look less serious than it was. Hillary Clinton for pulling out two other security groups?  Perhaps, more importantly, how come the Libyan president knew more than the US President?
We all have power, it is whether or not we exert that power is when we have influence (Pfeffer). Poor leadership decisions in examples like these permanently marred otherwise respectable companies. These baselines can allow a company to pinpoint the characteristics that the ideal candidate will possess.
Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork Effectiveness, and Job Performance: The Moderating Effect of Job Context.
Followers are led based on the fulfillment of organizational, occupational or social roles, which are often reinforced via other forms of power afforded to the leader with legitimate power such as coercive or reward power.
Coercive power is often, but not always part of a leader’s role as it is assigned via legitimate power. Like coercive power, reward power is often, but not always part of a leader’s role as it is assigned via legitimate power.
Individuals that exhibit personality traits or behaviors that endear them to others such as charm, friendliness, demonstrable integrity, honor or sacrifice take on positions as role models or leaders based on social perception or personal relations.
Subject matter experts who have little or no legitimate power can have expert power, which means that sometimes a follower will have more expert power in a given area than the organizationally appointed or identified leader. A pro-life response to healthcare disparity is to provide free or reduced medical services paid for by non-profits and churches.
Tepeyac offers a full range of obstetrical and gynecological services while upholding the dignity and the intrinsic worth of each person.
In this case, he would have legitimate power because he’s my leader according to the organization.

She’s bossy and loud and makes it known how SHE prefers even mundane tasks to be completed. I don’t mean necessarily how to actually do the work but how to get the client to take some ownership on completing the project with me.
Commitment and consistency influence is another type of influence I have because my clients have all signed a contract in writing stating that they are committed to the project and will follow it through to completion. With each of my clients, I may exert one type of influence more than another because of a positive reaction or response that it receives, which brings me closer to my goal of completion. The issue that I would like to address with this article is how we can identify strong potential leaders early in the hiring process and thus more wisely commit company resources towards receiving a higher return on investment. Emotional stability is associated with seeming steady under pressure, ability to resolve conflict sand the ability to handle negative feedback. Thus this study found that intelligence is one of, if not the best predictor of leadership success. Further defining of these baselines can promote the creation of organizationally specific psychometric profiles that allow companies to hire and train to those specific needs that will ultimately strengthen their leadership. This usually begins with a discussion between organizational-level leaders (managers, directors) to elicit what types of problems or concerns are being experienced in terms of production or adherence from the workforce or to explore where we think gains in those areas may be found. So if some essential leadership traits are not seen, how does a person lead an organization to greatness? You are on a time out!”  Yes, perhaps every parent has uttered those words.  However, what about a leader someone that holds position and power? These types of services are being provided all across the country in urban, suburban and rural areas. We educate patients about their well-being and life-affirming reproductive health practices that foster healthy individuals, families and communities. The free comparative market analysis report was free, this could cost in the hundreds if a client had to order a limited appraisal of their property.
The President, the Administration, the State Department work for us-worked for the four people who died. Thus three of the big five personality dimensions are directly associated with promotion of team effectiveness (Hogan, 1994). An additional study found that emotional intelligence, which is defined as accurate emotional perception, emotional facilitation of thinking, emotional understanding and regulation, was positively related to team effectiveness in areas that require high managerial work demands (Farh, 2012). When there are no easily identifiable or specific thoughts along these lines, I am tasked with identifying a vector for meaningful increases in the behavior that leadership desires from the workforce.
When people get along and like one another, they are more likely to listen to one another and collaborate better with each other. I was fortunate enough to get done early last week with the rest of my studies so I dove into this week’s lesson a few days early.
He may suggest a change in behavior, but it is generally a suggestion and not a requirement; especially if I can make an alternative suggestion or explain why the original way was efficient.
Being a subject matter expert for the project, the client really does not know what exactly to do so there is a level of social proof influence as well. When I came across the section about the Taxonomy of Social Power based on the work done by French and Raven, it immediately crystallized something that I’d observed and known for quite some time but had, up until this point, been unable to successfully articulate to leaders.
As my boss, he certainly has SOME degree of influence, even if it’s infrequent, but legitimate power is more prevalent. He has the capacity to create change because of his organizational position, but lacks influence as behaviors are rarely actually changed. This made complete sense to me and it did tend to produce some manner of positive results for many leaders, but I have always used the mantra as more of a value-add rather than as a fundamental premise for improved leadership and workforce production. Instead of arguing the matter, the rest of us simply play along and change our behavior, filing her way.

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