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The Conference Board’s Global HR Leaders Academy welcomes experienced, mid to senior-level HR leaders with growing global responsibilities. Join us for a three-day intensive and experiential leadership workshop sponsored by The Conference Board, the very first Global HR Leaders Academy. For HR to take a pivotal role in building a truly global organization, the discipline will require a senior team of professionals who can develop HR organizations that can manage effectively across national borders.
Using practitioner-identified competencies and the enterprise-wide insights of The Conference Board, new and established global HR leaders who participate will develop and refine their strategies with the help of their peers and seasoned global HR executives. I had a conversation with an HR Executive recently about her business leader who needs an Executive Coach. Why is it that HR professionals quickly diagnose when a situation needs coaching but rarely do they raise their hands to ask for their own coach? Working through issues with my coach have been some of the most powerful dialogues I’ve had in my career.
I’ve had the privilege of coaching several clients this week on their leadership 360s. Performance reviews or periodic formal or informal feedback sessions are opportunities to recognize accomplishments and deepen relationships and trust that enhance performance.
Throughout my experience working with people from all over the world, one thing remains true – regardless of culture, nationality or language,  after the conversation, people do not always remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel. Whether you are a thinker or a feeler, the tone and feeling that you convey sets the impact, way more than the content of your message. It is so much easier for HR functions to review, analyze, solve HR problems for the business, it is harder for them to confront or handle their own problems. It is tough to be in HR, you are expected to know it all and solve most, if not all people problems.
There are times, though, when the HR function needs to carve out special time to openly and non judgmentally discuss their own problems and take appropriate actions with an experienced executive coach.
HR professionals recommend executive coaching to their business leaders for specific reasons. In my experience, HR professionals do not need to be convinced about the value of executive coaching, some of them are coaches themselves. HR holds up the mirror for their organization, you need to have your own mirror to reveal your own thinking, motives and flaws.
HR people are always multi-tasking, managing multiple priorities and deadlines.  I’ve never met an HR person who is not extremely busy, which sometimes could lead to stress. HR can quickly become the shoemakers children, instead HR needs to be the role model for the organization.
Through our coaching conversation, my client became more prepared and confident to speak to her manager.  I am so excited for her and can’t wait for our next coaching call. As  an HR professional, I found that much of my enjoyment and success on the job is a function of who I worked with.
With sadness, I heard this week that at 56, Jon went home to be with our Lord after a long courageous battle with cancer. For a consumer oriented practice, clients in a large metropolitan area may choose a lawyer based on geographic convenience to them.
To read the next posts click here:  Client Demographic Data, Attorney Demographics, Small Town or Big City.
You are able to maintain a business mailing address, a building directory listing and a phone line with reception services. It gives the outward appearance of a brick and mortar office, at reduced cost because you only use it when you need it. You can reserve an on-premises conference room to meet with clients or an office to work in, but you don’t have a specific office assigned to you. Since the concept works on the expectation that only some of the tenants will book offices at any one time, an office might not be available to you during peak usage. Because you do not have the same office each time, however, you will not be able to use your own printer or copier. Lawyers should be aware that modern copiers and printers have a buffer that temporarily stores images that are copied or printed.
Please stay tuned for my next 4 blog posts where I change  things up a little and discuss choosing the ideal geographic location of your office. While the reception area is usually nicely appointed, the individual offices may be rather small and plain.

In an office situation that includes non-lawyers, the personnel may not have proper appreciation for client confidentiality and other ethical responsibilities of lawyers.
You may not have the authority to train personnel about such ethical issues, nor do you have the ability to control turnover of personnel. Debra’s last post in this series will discuss the combination of  home office + office hoteling. To learn more about my Coaching services, contact me to schedule a FREE 10-minute consultation. Business coaching is attracting America’s top CEOs because, put simply, business coaching works. An experienced and well-trained coach can make all the difference in the world to your business, organization, or ministry. I provide career and leadership training, as well as sales and coaching services to entrepreneurs, business executives, sales managers, ministry leaders and CEOs.
I provide professional coaching services and sound wisdom based upon years of experience and quality training materials. Having been in both upper sales management as an employee and business ownership as a solopreneur, I have unique expertise in knowing what works and doesn’t work.
Business owners, sales managers and CEOs don’t have a lot of access to independent experts whom they can trust, ask questions of, or turn to. Thinking about starting a ministry and wondering how to get it off the ground like you originally envisioned?
Independent Insurance Consultant to numerous businesses paying combined annual insurance premiums between $100,000 and $3,000,000. Bi-vocational Senior Pastor of a growing, multi-ethnic church in California’s central valley.
Traditionally published author of a book that specifically helps people understand God’s plan for their lives. Owned and operated a commercial debt management firm that specialized in dental, medical and healthcare receivables. Previous Area Manager and top-selling producer for the world’s fourth largest insurance brokerage firm.
If you’re curious or want to know more about my coaching services, contact me via email to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation. Global HR leaders must navigate the cultural differences that affect organizational performance and managerial success, be able to successfully integrate new HR systems, create and implement strategic workforce plans that integrate with enterprise strategies, and retain, assess, and reward the global workforce necessary for the organization’s global success. They are used to solving other people’s problems, and are hesitant to face their own? As an HR professional, we emphasize the importance of honest direct feedback, quantifiable results and smart goals. Multiple deadlines, pressure, urgent issues of the day take over priorities while having long hours at work.
HR knows the answer to their problems, a coach will serve as a partner, hold up a mirror and guide them through resolving their own issues. Whatever your career or work challenges are, an executive coach can shift your thinking so you can come up with the appropriate actions and perform at your peak. These reasons could be to enhance current performance, develop future potential, acquire new skills and behaviors or any agenda that an executive may choose.
She wants to stay in the company, in her current location, but she is ready for something new.  Here is how we prepared for this conversation. Be confident and ask for what you need.  You will be surprised how helpful and supportive your manager can be once you share your career plans and request for specific assignments. For the other posts in the series, click here: Practice Focus, Attorney Demographics, Small Town or Big City.
Bruce’s previous 5 part series, What Kind of Law Office Space Should I Have?, addressed the different kinds of available law office arrangements you might pursue. If you have a practice that requires you to appear in court several times a week, often on short notice, a location near the courthouse can save a lot of time.
Someone preparing a will or seeking a divorce may feel stressed or intimidated if they have to go to a congested central business district to meet with an attorney.
Bruce’s 5 part series on figuring out the best location for your law practice, focuses on the home office + Office Hoteling.
Bruce on factors to consider in determining what kind of law office arrangement to have for your law practice.

You have cost efficiencies of shared space, and a full-time receptionist to answer the phone and greet clients. Professional management deals with most of the equipment maintenance, staff performance issues and problems with other tenants. You have your own direct telephone line, and the receptionist answers with the name of your firm.
To truly leverage your influence and get to where you want to be, you need a Coach who can reveal things to you from a unique perspective, encourage you to focus your time and energy on things that will produce results, and help you to maximize your strengths by correctly aligning your goals with your talents, skills and resources. These are my primary areas of expertise in which I help people, organizations, and Christian ministries succeed most in life.
I firmly believe that you will be encouraged, enlightened, and motivated by our time together, as well as better equipped to leverage your influence in order to excel in life with greater purpose. I provide sound business advice from an independent perspective that will prove valuable to your company’s sustained growth and bottom-line profitability.
Are you praying about going into vocational pastoral ministry and trying to figure out how best to go about it? I blog about leadership, write books on the subject, speak publicly on the topic, and can help you develop as a leader in areas such as productivity, time management, personal achievement and faith.
Join a small cohort of colleagues across diverse industries and  a practitioner faculty that will deepen your acumen, broaden your network, and prepare you for expanded responsibility in your organization on June 9-12 at the Conference Board in New York City.
My client sees a few possibilities in her career: Country HR Manager, Vice President Human Resources of a business unit, Corporate Human Resources role in headquarters. Today Debra starts a new series that discusses how to determine the actual geographic location of your office. A personal injury lawyer should have an office with easy access for people with mobility challenges. Part 4 addressed the executive suite, part 3 subleased space, part 2 shared office space and part 1 the home office.
As your Coach, I will provide strategic guidance that will save you time, relieve stress, and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
My Executive Coaching skills assist clients with a variety of issues pertaining to employee performance and corporate change. Being in bi-vocational pastoral ministry has given me a tremendous amount of experience which I use to help other Christian men and women understand God’s plan for their lives in ministry. As a Leadership or Transformational Coach, my clients hire me to help them gain clarity about their goals and dreams through a process of self-discovery, mentorship, as well as mapping out a specific plan of action for turning those dreams and goals into a reality.
Your spouse, partner or best friend can listen and suggest, but they do not know the unique situation you are in.
Using proven coaching methods, you can set up peer coaching or you can work with a trained group coach. The SBDC provides services relating to financial and business planning, marketing, and feasibility studies, among other matters. Can you open your office in the same building as an important industry association or near a popular meeting venue for the industry?
In sum, give some thought to the kind of clients you seek, and the ways that location may impact their choice of a lawyer. The SBDC will do marketing and demographic research for you based on the parameters you establish, for free. Even though most of your interaction with clients may be telephonic or electronic, some will still prefer to have their lawyer close by.
My clients hire me to motivate and inspire their sales staff in order to surpass sales goals and sustain longterm profitability.
By way of example, the SBDC can help a wills, trusts and estates lawyer identify an office building close to the neighborhoods that have the highest number of married couples with small children and an annual family income in excess of $150,000.
If you choose a building that lets you ride in the elevator every day or eat in the same restaurants with members of your target market, you will enhance your ability to develop relationships with potential clients. Our extensive menu of features, retailer roundups, surveys, proprietary industry reports, profiles, advanced trends and fashion visuals offers an overview of the entire accessories market unavailable from any other source.

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