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And good coaching will be about your whole life, because every choice we make invariably has an impact elsewhere. If you have a few thousand hours to spare, Google the word coaching and you'll come up with over 66 million possible answers. If you only have 2 minutes to spare, then know that for my part, coaching is simply all about you. Rather like these guys: check out this masterful work that captures the essence of simply connecting with people. Executive coaching is a fast-track development solution which enables senior and aspiring leaders to breakthrough to new levels of performance in Leading Themselves; Leading Others and Leading Business. Through transformative coaching conversations our expert coaches will help you find your own innovative solutions for moving forward. Each coaching programme is unique – reflecting the specific context and individual needs of our clients.

Mercuri Urval’s executive coaching programmes set out to ensure that the leaders’ priorities are in harmony with the organisation’s strategy, goals and values.
Not happy about your new car (although that's good too) - I just mean if the outside stuff is taken care of, what about the inside stuff?
We open the way for fresh insights and decisive action for change – enabling you to deliver high impact, high value results in a faster and more powerful way than you can achieve on your own. Our coaching clients include CEO’s, Board Members, Executive Directors, Future Leaders, Line Managers and Entrepreneurs – people who share a sense of urgency for making change happen. If you'd like to contact Andrew directly, feel free to send a message via the contact link on the following page. Self-driven progressOur methods are based on our pioneering Business Coaching approach, which in this context is applied by experienced executive coaches. Through coaching, you will move progressively from a limited problem solving focus to an empowering value-creation mindset.

We believe that executive development has to be self-driven, and that it only occurs through increased insight.
We also help them recognise and address their vulnerabilities.Objective and confidential adviceIndividuals hone their capabilities through objective evaluation, unbiased encouragement and practical advice in a confidential setting.
Since it is not enough that executives merely learn, we enable them to put new ideas into action. Our goal is to help individuals ”learn to learn”.Effectively coached leaders perform better. More than this, they are better equipped to lead change and will create higher value for their organisations.Find out more about our approach to Executive Coaching.

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executive coaching luxembourg

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