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Leading like a coach means letting go of the traditional notion of leadership as controlling and administering a part of the organization towards a better future and embracing a people oriented notion where leaders help individual's springboard on their respective strengths and talents to achieve organizational goals.
The Orange Academy offers a well-defined process, support structure, and validated tools and techniques to ensure reliability, sustainability, and broad-based impact for the development and transformation of leaders into competent coaches. Our coaches are well-skilled and have the experience to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Contact Bill Thomason for private NLP Success Coaching sessions, for NLP workshops and seminars to certification level or for business programs at (602) 321-7192.
Bill Thomason is available for coaching and training worldwide and has worked extensively throughout the US and Canada. Shire Coaching and Training has grown over the last 18 years to provide executive, business, and personal coaching, as well as group facilitation and training, to executives, business owners and individuals, both in Australia and internationally. Barbara Anderson is the Managing Director of Shire Coaching and Training and is a fully certified coach and trainer. Barbara started training and facilitating groups in the mid 80’s, and first trained as a coach with Results Coaching Systems, in Sydney Australia in 1999, and has been coaching professionally since that time. Barbara has an extensive background in Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Management, and Training and Development.
As an Executive, Business and Personal Coach Barbara has much to offer from the combination of experiences in her personal and business life.
My Personal Approach Being able to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential is a privilege. I've always felt a strong need to make a difference to the lives of my clients, friends and family. I like to take an interactive, practical and personal approach, and remove the fear we all feel when making significant changes in our lives.

All trainers hold the Certificate 1V Training and Assessment (or equivalent), and have experience in programs they run. All coaches have undergone extensive training and assessment, and have been coaching professionally for at least 2 years. Todays’ organizations and employees are facing unique challenges; individuals are working more with less income, employees are too content with their environment and this causes a culture of surviving rather than striving. Famizizi offers executive coaching and trainings to employees; this is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. We improve the skills of leaders by helping them increase their self-awareness, perceptions and analyze their strengths and weaknesses before helping other team members do the same. She provides clients with the skills, knowledge and attitude to be, do and have whatever they desire. Barbara has run workshops in the Australia, U.K, Norway, China, Singapore, New Zealand, India, and has coached or is coaching people in many countries from the Netherlands, France, and UK to Malaysia and Singapore, and one Captain of a luxury cruiser sailing the world! Over the past 18 years Barbara has worked with a range of corporate and small business clients as a Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach for their Business and Personal Development. She uses experiential learning and adult learning principals, which ensures participants can apply new skills, knowledge and behaviours to the workplace and life. Together, we create a road map to make your change happen, and I encourage you through each and every step. In addition to my work, I love to walk, sail, ski (both water and snow), swim, and generally keep fit.
This consequently results to stress, discontentment, lack of creativity and low motivations among people. We believe that you have all the resources necessary to achieve any outcome you want in life.

Anthony Grant (University of Sydney), The Coach Training Institute (CTI), Ren Coaching Model at the Top Human Institute, Shanghai, China, and various NLP workshops, and others, and read just about every book on the subject! I enjoy socialising, eating out, sipping wine (both colours), and spending time with family and friends. An atmosphere like that calls for extraordinary responses from the management of any organization that see their employee as an asset. The organization, an employee, and the executive coach work in partnership to achieve maximum impact. It is just that people tend to have some of their resources organized in a way that prevents them from getting the goals they set for themselves. I also love adventure and to travel and my friends say I’ve have been just about everywhere. Expect first to be heard and the tools to actually change unwanted behaviors quickly, easily, safely, and relatively painlessly. I am continuously undertaking my own personal development and I am committed to making a difference in others lives. I contribute financially to organisations making a difference in third world countries such as World Youth, World Vision, and the Hunger Project.

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