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The ROI of leadership is the ability to constructively improvise when a strategy fails to anticipate opportunities or obstacles.
So many business education programs center themselves around particular tactics, techniques or tasks to be employed under specific, controlled conditions.
Author and award winning journalist Tom Ricks once remarked that good strategy can fix bad tactics, but good tactics cannot fix a bad strategy. Successful organizations are those that can quickly progress up the learning and experience curves. We live in an age of specialization, and our natural preference is for the technical expert.
Education often conveys the image of people sitting in a classroom being lectured to by an expert. There are many opportunities to increase your odds of success for your business, and having an effective executive education is one of them.
Kevin Black, MA, MBAPrincipal and FounderKevin is a veteran army officer and seasoned entrepreneur, nationally recognized for helping leaders and teams increase their ROI through strategic leadership development services. To receive detailed brochure(s) of any of our programs, please view our program schedule, tick the appropriate box(es), and complete your details. NUS Business School has been ranked second among Asian business schools and 16th globally in the latest Financial Times ranking of customised Executive Education (EE) programmes. The customised rankings are based on responses from client companies, as well as data from schools. Among open-enrolment programmes, NUS Business School is ranked 64th, and was among the top 20 globally for faculty diversity and the mix of international participants. Over the past 34 years, the School’s EE programmes have attracted over 36,000 participants from around Asia and the world. NUS Business School is again one of only two Asian institutions, and the only Singapore university, to have made it to The Economist’s EMBA Ranking since it was launched in 2013. NUS Business School ranks #26 (up by eight spots from #34th last year) in the latest Amerciaeconomia ranking of Best Business Schools for Latin Americans. The yearly rankings by the leading publication in Latin America calls on the best schools in global rankings to participate in a survey oriented exclusively for Latin Americans. NUS Business School is one among the only two universities featured in the ranking, the other being Shanghai University (ranked #13). Khyati is the Community Relations Manager in the corporate communications department of NUS Business School.
EMBA ProgramsPart-time, Industry-focused  Our ground-breaking, part-time, Executive MBA programs offer the broad leadership and management foundations of an MBA, applied to the unique context and complexities of two of Canada's leading industries - mining and health care. Residential ProgramsHighly interactive, weeklong  Our residential executive programs for senior leaders enhance your ability to lead, innovate, and inspire. You must be enrolled in an HBS Executive Education program that offers the Mobile Nexus as part of the program in order to access this app. It will serve as your gateway to HBS-specific content and real-time information, such as a calendar of daily events, participant contact information, and last-minute announcements from HBS Executive Education program staff.

Educational App Store is an independent app marketplace and its services are not affiliated with Google Inc, Apple Inc or Microsoft Corporation. As business owners and leaders your primary responsibility is to elicit the best out of your people, especially in terms of innovation and creativity. Since strategic foresight is very difficult given a host of factors out of one’s control you must rely on the judgment of your leaders. Largely ignored is thinking, communication, planning and execution - the fundamentals that ultimately determine which tactics to employ, when and to what effect. Not surprisingly, research shows that “strategy know-how” is continuously the most sought after capability of leaders today. Your success as a leader requires you to elicit the best out of your people, especially in terms of innovation and creativity. Unfortunately many programs produce task-oriented tacticians who require constant supervision. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan has a long history of providing Executive Education to middle and senior executives on a global basis. The FT’s corporate survey gauges the quality of the design of the programmes, the quality of the faculty and whether the programmes provide value for money. We are the pioneer and only provider of open enrolment Mandarin EE programmes outside mainland China and Taiwan, with 92 runs of its Mandarin General Management Programme since 1982.
Having our programmes ranked among the world’s best is an illustration of how far NUS Business School has come since it was established 50 years ago, with the contributions of our alumni and students now felt globally.
With various indicators such as number of Latino students, salaries of graduating students and most common teaching methods, the ranking profiles schools most popular among the Latin Americans.
The press release for EMBA rankings is here. Find out more about our Executive Education programmes here.
If that is the case, you will be provided the specific credentials required for login, including Username, Password, Domain, and Program.
You will also have access to audio versions of select HBS cases and video segments to augment, enhance or support your case preparation. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Aim to develop them to act without direction, but within the general confines of your charter and strategy. It is the means of leading others toward large, common goals without becoming distracted by daily noise.
For example, some organizations employ the new trend of “gamification.” Participants compete in computer simulations that reinforce the assigned learning objectives. This professional has a broad frame of reference that looks for the big picture and integrates the specialists toward common goals. Fortunately we live in an robust information age that hosts a variety of media platforms that can be fantastic sources for learning.
An executive education must be challenging in order to grow professionally and organizationally.

This list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” supports developing the alternative: leaders that drive strategy at all levels. In Asia, our rich portfolio includes more than 20 high-impact, solutions-oriented program offerings. The School’s alliance with Stanford Graduate School of Business, for the Stanford-NUS Executive Programme in International Management is now into its 34th year. We will continue to stay close to the needs of industry, imbue in our students a holistic view of leadership, and develop future-ready leaders as well as impact knowledge,” said Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor.
Serving as a link to connect and engage with various communities, Khyati writes about stories that reflect the culture and values of the School, and all things related. With more than 100 programs offered annually, you'll find the topic that fits your need and schedule.For OrganizationsIs your company facing a unique challenge?
Here is a compilation of “Dos” and “Don’ts” to support you in increasing your odds of success.
Help them think and communicate in essentials, plan with contingency and lead with confidence. In short, seek to balance the qualitative with the quantitative, the general with the technical. Remember, there is an entire industry of non-traditional learning experts that want to build their credibility by making learning fun and interesting. Remember, if you’re not developing your people, rest assured your competitors are developing theirs.
If you don’t develop your people to question assumptions and sometimes ask the tough questions, then you’re stagnating. Ranging from 2 to 9 days, our programs are designed to provoke innovative thinking, actionable insights, and the dynamic exchange of ideas. How does it affect me and my team?” This type of awareness increases employee engagement, which in turn helps to establish a positive culture. It is this type of transgression of people’s time and patience that poisons healthy cultures.
Since the 1980s, we have facilitated more than 300 Executive Education programs in the region (open enrolment & customized training programs). In 2016, our open enrolment programs in Asia will take place in Hong Kong, India and Singapore. Over 10,000 executives have participated in Michigan executive learning experiences in Asia, be it open enrolment or customized training programs specifically designed for organizations.

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