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The Executive Leadership Council has announced its support for The Legal Defense Fund’s call for the federal government to enact nationwide policing reforms. Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and now Freddie Gray; these three cases are just the most recent, high-profile examples of Black males who were killed during questionable interactions with law enforcement officers in America. Greater oversight by the DOJ over the utilization of its law enforcement grant programs, to determine how such programs can be used to provide and support increased training for police officers in key areas. Increased funding and resources for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, to help strengthen its efforts to conduct thorough reviews of any police department believed to be engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination. The ELC also credits the work of religious and civil rights leaders and organizations that have been intensely focused on these issues for years, such as the Legal Defense Fund, which has used litigation, policy advocacy, and public education to ensure that African-Americans and other communities of color are treated fairly and without regard to race in the criminal justice system. History has shown us repeatedly that our ability to protect, serve and meet the needs of the least of us, determines how well and how high we rise and prosper together as a nation. Eric Campbell States She didn’t Take over the Yolanda Adams Spot *The new 4 hour show, Get Up! This week I was told that I was handpicked to interview one of the industry’s greatest success stories… Wendy Williams. The Church of God International Council of Eighteen is a body of 18 ministers elected from within the ranks of Ordained Bishops of the Church of God during the bi-ennial General Assembly.

At a minimum, such reform must include federal legislation related to increasing Department of Justice (DOJ) oversight of funding for police department training and strengthening the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division’s ability to identify and investigate patterns of discrimination and misconduct that can potentially surface at police departments across the country. The African-American business community cannot remain silent while members of our own communities and individuals who are our brothers, our sons and our grandsons are killed. We must also be mindful of how we support the good men and women in law enforcement who work to protect the lives of black men and boys, as well as others in our communities. Just as Lebron took his talents to South Beach, the Chicago native has taken his talents to Hollywood and beyond. The nonprofit foundation is providing administrative and program support for the Charlotte Executive Leadership Council. The Council of Eighteen serves with the International Executive Committee to form the International Executive Council, a body which establishes polity and directs the ministries of the Church. Thus The ELC pledges its support of The Legal Defense Fund’s call for legislative enhancements and increased federal oversight. The IEC also includes the moderator of the Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa and the national overseer of Indonesia.
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Members of the Council of Eighteen are elected for two year terms and may be elected to two consecutive terms. We are excited about this important collaboration.” As Black business leaders, The ELC is committed to continuing to speak and support measures that will strengthen the legitimacy of our justice system and the rule of law, and it knows the reforms it is supporting today will help it achieve these goals of inclusion and respect in America. Standing, L-R: Kevin Wallace, Niko Njotorahardjo, Raymond Culpepper, Nick Park, David Ramirez, Chris Moody, Bryan Cutshall, Tony Stewart, David Cooper, Victor Pagan, Kip Box, Thomas Madden, Mark Walker, Oliver McMahan, Dennis McGuire, Bill Isaacs, Jimmy Smith, Dwight Allen. Middle Row, L-R: Nick Park, Dennis McGuire, Niko Njotorahardjo, David Cooper, Tony Stewart, Raymond Culpepper, Jacob Nahuway (Indonesian representative), William Isaacs, Victor Pagan, Dwight Allen, Oliver McMahan. Top Row, L-R: Thomas Madden, Chris Moody, Jimmy Smith, David Ramirez, Mark Walker, Kevin Wallace, Kip Box, Bryan Cutshall.

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