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The Executive Leadership Program will be led by Ruby Maini, who brings deep knowledge about what it takes to achieve executive-level HR leadership in today’s changing environment.
You will participate in interactive discussions, peer coaching and mini-case evaluations that will help you to lead your organization into the future. The HR + Technology Program is intended for senior HR and Technology leaders who are responsible for planning the strategic direction of their organizations.  By bringing together the best and the brightest, the program provides leaders with powerful and practical learning. She has consistently excelled at being a strategic business partner, visionary leader and operational team player in implementing entire Human Resources infrastructures from the ground up. Ruby and her talented team design implement and monitor strategies based on the company’s “Best in Practice” philosophy.
Ruby holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and also holds four other professional designations including the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designation, the Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) designation, the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, and the Compensation Management Specialist (CMS) designation. She is an active member of the community, acting as vice chair of the Governance Committee and the Board of The Whitby Mental Health Corporation, and as advisory council member in the York Board of Education; Board Member of the Technconnex. The Certificate in Christian Leadership prepares the student for leadership positions in the corporate world. First-time managers present a lot of eagerness, passion, determination, self-discipline, and of course those key attributes that helped them to become manager in the first place.
To be successful as a first-time manager, one should communicate, delegate, mentor, motivate, and solve problems on a team level effectively. Work Better Traininga€™s workshop is a highly interactive workshop designed for first time managers who want to develop their management skills and get on the fast track to achieve success.
Our focus will be on how to manage challenges with ease, how to establish credibility and authority, how to motivate employees, how to handle attitude problems and rule-breakers, how to curb laziness in the team, how to give constructive feedback. Top business leaders recognize that the changing demographics of the workplace effects both morale and productivity.
The challenge is not just for older workers managing younger employees.A A Ita€™s also about the challenges younger managers face helping older employees re-engage in their work and motivating them with fulfilling roles when they are on a career plateau, feel they are being overlooked and undervalued, or just getting by until they retire.
This extremely informative, entertaining, solutions-based session explores why younger and older people don't see eye to eye and what to do about it in the workplace. Define the workplace generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.
There is a possibility that participants might have different views on the concept and would not think that the attitudinal and behavioral differences between generations are as strong as suggested here. However in our opinion people in general are complex, and are affected by a range of different factors and these can often lead to sometimes-profound misunderstandings between people of different generations; if not understood and managed properly. At Stanford we encourage you to think beyond finance to big picture, organization-wide concerns.
Meet faculty director Ilya Strebulaev and hear how and why this comprehensive program uniquely blends finance expertise, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. Join Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Ilya Strebulaev to learn more about this exciting new program.

As innovative, upstart companies transform industry after industry, many of the leading firms of just a few years ago are now seen as laggards. In this session, you'll learn how managers can use the cultures in their organizations as competitive advantage, with an emphasis on thinking about culture as a social control system defined by norms that are linked to critical strategic objectives and can be managed through executive leadership. The Stanford campus is world renowned for its natural beauty, Spanish mission-style architecture, and temperate climate.
All of the topics were highly relevant with specific strategies to implement improvements back at my organization. Excellent program with top faculty members that provide you to think how and why you can and must see the bigger picture in finance and management. This is the only program of its kind to include one-on-one leadership coaching to help you assess and hone your individual leadership skills.
American Military University recently launched a Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Program, designed to help prepare chiefs of police and other key law enforcement command personnel for leadership roles. The Law Enforcement Executive Leadership certificate program is offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
You’ll also hear from a dynamic panel of CHROs and CIOs who will discuss their experiences in their organizations, giving you a valuable firsthand perspective. In working with clients, Ruby leaves her trademark of professionalism, sensitivity and insight.
Under Ruby’s leadership, the role of human resources has been elevated to strategic partner within many of her clients with whom she has consulted.
These initiatives have ensured that employees are highly engaged and have showcased exemplary performance resulting in exceeding financial targets and strategic objectives. Courses focus on leading organizational change, developing servant leadership, and implementing a variety of management techniques.
Real test of their skills is when they are faced with challenges and situation for which they are not trained for. It also involves the manager performing excellently on onea€™s own goals while dealing with senior colleagues efficiently. Our workshop will cover proven management techniques and powerful strategies from all over the globe, so that you can become a stronger, more confident manager.
You'll learn how to make better strategic financial decisions, build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, and develop a more effective leadership style to help lead your organization through globalization and growth.
His current research explores dynamic financial decision making, financial innovation, and financial structure of corporations. The one-hour session will introduce ECFO and feature a sample program session: Strategies for Sustaining and Financing Growth.
For business leaders, this upheaval is especially a concern because they often rely on the lessons of the past when making plans for the future. With more than 8,180 acres (3,310 hectares), Stanford's campus ranks as one of the largest in the United States.

Participants will take classes at this new state-of-the-art campus, which features tiered classrooms with extensive floor-to-ceiling glass, the latest in audiovisual technology, numerous breakout and study rooms, outdoor seating areas to encourage informal discussion, and an open collaboration lab that employs hands-on and design thinking techniques. I gained deeper insight into my own leadership skills, how I am perceived, and actions that I can take to improve my performance. There are many learnings from the program that I can begin to implement right away that I think will have a positive impact at my organization.
To complement this program, AMU is currently organizing a cohort, which will provide law enforcement students with like-minded, peer-based support through the duration of this certificate program. To complete this certificate, students take six (6) select courses in leadership and management.
To accomplish this she furnishes organizations with the HR resources that can be mobilized to accomplish this objective. When it comes to being effective first-time managers, they can only be as good as the support and training that the organization gives them.
Experience two 1-week modules on campus filled with dynamic lectures, guest speakers, a VC panel, and real business challenges.
You'll learn about emerging trends and challenges in finance such as mergers and acquisitions, globalization, and behavioral finance.
His work has been published in major finance journals and his research has received prestigious academic awards, including the Brattle Award, the Trefftzs Award, and the DFA-Fama Prize. Participants in Stanford's Executive Programs become part of a quintessential university setting, residing together, walking or biking to classes, and enjoying access to Stanford University facilities. These courses cover everything from police administration to developing skills for grant proposals.
Without proper guidance and training, the probability of making mistakes increases exponentially. Enhance your learning over the course of six months with webinars, two 360s, and multiple personal coaching sessions. And you'll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of aligning finance with strategy and leadership. He has also been awarded the MBA Distinguished Teaching Award at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as the Inaugural Masters in Management Best Teacher Award at the London Business School. Upon completion of this certificate program, the courses can be applied directly to a degree in criminal justice, management, or other relevant areas of study. This comprehensive, two-module program also includes enhanced content and coaching over the course of six months, giving you a unique opportunity to affect true change in yourself and your organization.

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